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New Profile Posts

  1. Senny
    Community Manager
  2. Artchem
    Hello, my dear players! I'm back!
  3. Capitao
    Capitao Yumi
  4. Capitao
    Capitao Yumi
  5. Capitao
    Capitao Yumi
  6. iNarelin
    Essence Blue
  7. Capitao
  8. Capitao
  9. xAlocer
    Vim para Apoiar meu Mano A colocar um pau no cu da 4game
  10. andthirteen
  11. Inner Light
    Inner Light Palkah
    I saw your guide to Sigel Eva's Templar In-Depth by Palkah, I found it great, very detailed, you could make one of the Shillen Templar Century plssssssssssssssss, I searched online and still can't find detailed information about that character and how to play it, Best regards
  12. Capitao
    Capitao Artchem
    3) dark elf / tanker
    The kamael tanker, already known for his excellent defense with shield, today I die for mob X1, the shilen knight has very low shield defense, comes the absurdity of being the same as a non-knight.
  13. Capitao
    Capitao Artchem
    2) dwarf / craft
    The same problem with spoil does not manufacture because it does not have the recipes, which comes from spoil.
  14. Capitao
    Capitao Artchem
    1) dwarf / spoil
    It makes no sense to have spoil skills if it doesn't work, or correct or remove.
    and we're talking about a farm-specific class that doesn't work.
  15. TEXXX
    Tyrr Grand Khavatari
  16. sarunkhornpar
    sarunkhornpar Amoore
    pm me on QueenOfNight or QueenOfdancE ( if you still want to buy formal suit)
  17. sarunkhornpar
    yes pm me " QueenOfNight "
  18. Amoore
    Amoore sarunkhornpar
    Hi u sell Formal? İ want buy it
  19. -Teru-
  20. Sougaiki
    No pain no game