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New Profile Posts

    ALPABI GM Amarantha
    Hello can you help me about not being able to apply zombie card on my boots.
  2. configSEREGA
  3. machiasu
    machiasu Braxtyn Loyd
    Hello, I read your post, what is happening with the staff? It seems to me that we should contact Gravity Corp by fax, I am going to do it, to demand explanations for the licensing issue, to see if there is any point where we can exercise any right or claim.The server are bots and nobody care about that.
  4. KanohAgito
    I am new player and i loved the game sins the first day i played. I wish you to enjoy it as i do. Feel free to pm me. See you in Aden
  5. GhuNx
    Lumberjack is the true way to play with the blacksmith
  6. Lelo's
    Mustache is a must-have
  7. Gungor
    Goose > all
  8. Ciraja
    Ciraja KalDaka
    hi würd gern gemeinsam spielen aber weis nich wie man euch direkt anschreibt
  9. Cancan
    Cancan casillias
    I cannot run 4game launcher, it keep saying that Page load failed.
    Also cannot enter to:

    İ deleted %temp% and %windir%\temp folders And I still cant enter
    İ deleted launcher And reinstall but Same

    İ cant enter website from my phone also
  10. rodolfodth
  11. Xyothine
    Shooting for the Stars, Aiming for the Moon
  12. Paid92
  13. FIRS2021
    Не верь, не бойся, не проси....
  14. Aceエース
    My arch nemesis is everything wanting more than 3 characters for a "valid" name.
  15. brenshaw
    fnd a replica
  16. eee38012
  17. GM Amarantha
    GM Amarantha
    {´◕ ◡ ◕`}
  18. <EDEL>
    <EDEL> NanaMcFay
    Wünsche ein schönes neues Jahr...
  19. Chiharu
    Chiharu CM GodFather
    Le discord de Kaya est bien le Kaya#4247 ?
  20. sebek1964