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New Profile Posts

  1. KayserNegro
  2. RamenEarter
  3. Sercrash
    yipyop ale-hop
  4. MajorJp
    MajorJp Ragnarok Online Prime
    i need to talk with a GM.*can u contact me plz?
    i have a very big issue with my game.

    thx in advance
    1. Andreevich
  5. HeyRon
    OG Loki Server PH Server User
  6. MarekTopia
  7. Nakano_Yusui
    Lost in this game......
  8. Acetyll
    Acetyll SaMaNoSuKe
    hi, i have a question bowcryer is working for farm actually?
  9. SpOnX
    Laugh and get stoned with me...
  10. Getrid
    Getrid Andromedae
    Hi I would like to claim prize
  11. LordOkakushi
    LordOkakushi Andromedae
    hi, it says to private message you here for prizes I guess
  12. AdlerBlitz
    AdlerBlitz Andromedae
    Good morning, im the 3st winner of the valentines day contest. How i proceed now?
  13. BlachaPL
    Thorne of Liberty waiting time
  14. aris919
    i dont remember my accounts in to the game ...any one help me gays?
  15. GVRplay
  16. GVRplay
  17. SombraVerde
  18. RickyNL
  19. DarioVR
    For Honor, for my Kingdom, for my wife, for my love....
  20. thexambex
    thexambex Yumi
    hi ! its on schedule fix wynn class ?