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New Profile Posts

  1. tuffla
    tuffla Jezebel
    i want your vagina
  2. tuffla
    tuffla Jezebel
    i want your vagina
  3. tuffla
    tuffla Jezebel
    i want your vagina
  4. tuffla
    tuffla Jezebel
    i want your vagina
  5. Zeitgeist
    Zeitgeist xnttnotic
    could you give me some advice about farming adena? Evey way you know. I'm solo player and this kind of depopulation mixed to p2w more and more stronger, makes me very hard to go on. If you can tell me something more about making adena would be great
  6. remusn
    I love Lineage.
  7. Ногицунэ
    Я тут. Я здесь. Я везде.
  8. Artchem
    Hi, my dear eu-players. Public holidays will begin tomorrow in my country. Therefore I will be rarely online.
    1. Artchem
      Please, don't lose me, I will back and try to answer your questions.
      Apr 30, 2019
  9. Tholfes
    Why so serious?
  10. iVoid
    iVoid Artchem
    april event calendar when ?
  11. GirlScouts
    Comfort breeds weakness
  12. asterothY
    Master of none!
  13. HashtagHD
    HashtagHD Gabe-
    Hey i ask u something about runes for duelist in classic
    For pvp/olys: tyr???
    For pve aoe:???
  14. uBaHoB
    uBaHoB Artchem
    hello what's new for the tyrr
  15. TigrisOfSouls
  16. ailtonton
  17. robizeratul
    robizeratul SnoWyz
    hey man. I saw you made a post a while back(threads/657660/) about expert casting and feoh...

    Does that trick still work on the newest version or not worth it anymore?

    EDIT: It's 10% CD reduction right now and 20% cast speed. On the L2 wiki and older versions of the game(just checked) it shows 20%cd reduction...Is this build still worth it with only 10%? when was it changed?Didn't see in changelog
    1. SnoWyz
      Idk, if they fixed, but yeah it should still be worth.
      Mar 1, 2019
  18. Julian1302
    Forever ON!
  19. Mungiu
  20. Nerik
    hey, yo... SUP?