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L2 classic - Daily discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by turnON, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. JaimeLannister

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    When you show to bishops and tanks how refined QA ring and baium talisman really works :}
    I have to mension that its obvious you aren't as skillful on dagger as on archer but still enough with gear that produce 11k vs destro and 28k vs healer :}
    The set up with 2 x tanks is working awsome i would prefer Paladin like in Habber videos but still its very good. TK/PAL - the real tanks who are giving time (life touch/80-lvl skills/sacrafice/sof = immortality) to their dd-s to show class, instead of some angry kids playing cheap DA/SK arround, showing down complexes from the childhood. We can imagine with Exciting adventurer skill added to improved evasion (wich works proper now) and mirage.
    Very decent job to the healing tandem aswell ... so would be pretty hard to contest against such group ... ,,Only ninja can kill another ninja." they say.
  2. Tetsujin

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    :6: Well said.