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Program checks the client Lineage 2

Discussion in 'Instructions Archive' started by Andriel, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. Andriel

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    1. Save the utility in the folder with the Lineage 2 client (in the root folder, not in the client’s “system” folder).
    2. Once launched, the utility deletes the "SysTextures\Crest.utx", "updater.cache.data", "Frost\updater.cache.data", "system\L2CompiledShader.bin" files automatically.
    3. Once launched, the utility starts searching for the virus that prevented l2.exe from launching.
    4. After you launch the utility, click the “Check files.cinn” button to check the client.
    5. If any invalid files are found, the utility will offer you to delete them when the check is completed. Click "YES!"
    6. Launch the check for Trash by clicking the “Search Trash” button. If trash is found, the utility will offer you to delete it. Click “YES!”
    7. The “Network Diagnostic” button starts network diagnostics.
    8. The “Process Diagnostic” button displays information about active processes in the system.
    9. The “Frost” button checks the possibility of downloading modules of the security system.
    10. Fix 'The game is not available in LIVE environment' error vi '4game-service' function.
    11. "Brightness" feature, fixes Lineage2 game bug at fullscreen/windowed mode, auto restore default desktop brightness. You can set the brightness of the game in fullscreen.


    download the new version: http://www.check4game.com/lineage2.en.html
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.