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Tips for Begginers: 5 tips to optimize adena.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Popita, Jan 24, 2017.

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    About all Popita´s tips:
    -Some are obvious, of course.
    -Some depends on paying 2 accounts (main + box).
    -Some depends on keep computer on when you are not exping.
    -Some depends on how much time you can spend in checking market.
    -Sorry if my English is not the best.

    Tips for Begginers: 5 tips to optimize adena

    Earning adena in Skelth is hard, so hard, due to natural Classic features and also due to the great job from Skelth GMs banning bots. Apparently, there is a lack of adena cash and it makes hard any transaction that involves big amounts of adena.
    This is good, of course, this is the natural behavior of the game as it was developed.

    If you start to play at this moment, the best you can do is not wasting your adena.
    By the way, there is not L2 Store on this server.

    -Use them only for emergency. Read Tip#2 and Tip#3 to complete this tip.​

    TIP #2 - FISH STEW: Vampiric Rage (melee chars) / FISH STEW: Empower (mages)
    -You can get this 20min-buff through Fishing Guildsman for 10 Blue mackerel each.​

    -Players also sell stews directly at 3k-4k, but it´s cheaper if you use your own fishes (you must be lvl 20+ to start fish) or if you buy fishes to players and go then to Fishing Guildsman (check prices, but usually people sell Blue Mackarel @ 250adena, so a stew would be 2.5k). Not a big difference, but notice that you will use one stew each 20min for long.​



    -After latest big update, green mobs have no xp/drop penalty. Yellow and red mobs give “more xp” but you will kill them slower if they became hard to kill and you will spend more shots/potions. Get maximum profit, kill those easy green mobs.​

    -If you are a nuker, also bear in mind that your skills can fail against yellow/red mobs because of level difference.

    -Blue mobs have penalty, don´t kill them.​

    -In this post from Fragola you can see penalty chart: https://4gameforum.com/threads/624398/

    TIP #4 – CRAFT YOUR OWN SHOTS. Craft a big bulk and you will earn adena in long time.
    I will speak only about D shots.​
    -Low-D and Mid-D stuff is hard to sell in market, and NPC shops give so little adena amount. The best option if to find a dwarf that crystallize for you (maybe he ask you for 3%-5% fee, not bad deal), and then re-use your D crystals into shots.​

    It doesn´t worth to buy Soulshot D over 8 adena (8 adena is ok).
    It doesn´t worth to buy Blesssed Spiritshot D over 43 adena (43 adena is ok).

    Check this:​
    -Use your own D Crystals or buy @ 300a (shops in monster derby track).​
    -Buy Soulstone @ 275a / Spirit Ore @ 440a (Giran´s Grocery. Giran is the cheapest).​
    -Craft SSD @ 50a / BSSD @ 100a (workshops in monster derby track).​
    -Summarizing, you can get SSD @ 7,62 adena and BSSD @ 42,2 adena just buying D crystals @ 300a and crafting by yourself.​

    I must focus on this point. This advice is the one that can give you better profits.

    -It´s better to keep materials and sell them when it´s prices rise. I know you will need quick adena sometimes, but the sacrifice of waiting worth.​

    -Check Monster Derby often. Track the prices and put your own sell-shop if needed. Check NPC shop prices to avoid selling under minimum benefit.​

    -This is a quick summary about materials at this moment (January 2017).​
    (Material [recommended price to sell]: and some description)​

    -Stem [90]: always cheap. Needed for Metal Hardener so more useful than Durable Braid.​
    -Durable Braid [225 in NPC]: **** material. Sell this material in shop if you need money.​
    -Suede [135 in NPC]: **** material. Sell this material in shop if you need money.​
    -Silver nugget [300]: too many in market. If you can´t sell to players, sell in NPC @ 225.​
    -Thread [100]: **** material for long time. Now is valuable due to less players farming in low level areas.​
    -Cord [470]: crafted with thread, so it´s price depends on it. Used only to craft Crafted leather.​
    -Iron ore [190]: usually cheap.​
    -Varnish [550]: so volatile price. Keep it if players pay less than 400. Its price goes up and down periodically.​
    -Steel [2200]: stuck price for long time. Dropped in tons in high level areas. Notice that crafting steel doesn´t worth, 5x Varnish + 5x Iron Ore is always more expensive. So if you need Steel, buy it directly, do not waste your Varnish (Varnish is need also for Varnish of Purity)​
    -Coal [450]: so volatile price as Varnish, but it has been stuck for last months.​
    -Charcoal [450]: as Thread, **** material for long time, but then its price rises suddenly due to less players farming in low level areas. Used only for Cokes.​
    -Cokes [2700]: 3x Coal + 3x Charcoal. Cokes price depends on its basics; Cokes is not dropped so much (it happens with Steel, but not with Cokes).​
    -Animal skin/Leather [100/600]: forever stuck price. Only for craft Crafted Leather.​
    -Crafted Leather [7500]: its price depends on thread and coal, so it has been changing along time. Never over 10k and never under 6k.​
    -Metallic Fiber [315 in NPC]: mostly useless, few needed for B grade crafting. Sell in NpC is you need money.​
    -Animal Bone/Coarse Bone Powder [650/6500]: tons required to craft anything, always needed. Keep them and wait to sell at maximum price.​
    -Stone of Purity [25000]: always needed. Keep them and wait to sell at maximum price.​
    -Oriharukon Ore [4000]: expensive at beginning, but now is cheap due to high drop in any area.​

    EXTRA TIP - Invest in your weapon first.
    Better weapon = better xp = better adena earning along time.​
    You will need armor, of course; and I know topD weapon is a far-away target, but try to focus on it.​

    About D weapons:
    You can buy “TopD-shop” weapons in Giran. About 1.5kk. Not bad, but notice that it will be harder to sell later than actual TopD weapons.​

    Actual TopD weapons, I mean:​
    (there are several more)​

    It´s price is about 2,5kk and 3kk. Bear in mind:​
    - In the past, they were common and you can find them in Monster Derby Track, but now maybe you have to shout to find someone selling it.​
    -I don´t recommend to craft TopD weapons. Of course it would be cheaper, but keys of each weapon are almost not-farmed at this moment and you will not find them.​
    -Bonebreaker is the most common and Mithril dagger is perhaps the most uncommon. If you want to be a dagger, you will xp well even using a bow (sometimes melee chars use bow because you don´t lose time walking from mob to another).​
    -Atuba Hammer and Atuba Mace have same statistics.​

    About D armors:
    -Remember, its better to invest in a good weapon. With a good armor you will get less damage but killing mobs quickly will have same effect.​
    -If you are a melee char, use Brigandine Set, of course. You can get Brigandine Helmet for 350k from players and chest+gaiters from Giran armor shop (about 600k). Brigandine boots and gloves are not topD, so don´t let people to sell you as if were topD.​
    -If you are dagger/archer, use Brigandine Set too. Forget Manticore Set, it´s better to have a decent PDef.​
    -If you are a mage, try keep Devotion Set as far as you can. Its +15% casting will help you. If you receive too much damage, change to Mithril Set. You can get chest+gaiters in Giran shop and gloves from players @ 250k.​

    About D jewelry:
    -Don´t spend money on jewelry. You will get some drops often, use them. You will only need jewelry if you do pvp or fighting against nuker mobs.​

    That´s all folks. I hope this guide can help you and others new players.
    Check forum for new guides and advices from other players.
    Skelth community will help you!

    Have fun!
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    Thanks a lot for this great post.
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    Good job popi.... !!!
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    Popi for GM!
    better for forum moderator!! (easier I think xD)
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    Nice. But update weapon in shop, cause u clan put dark and now will cost 15% more.
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    Nice guide, but you forgot to mention Moon knight quest at level 25 for free D grade armor set. New players should know about this, because they can easily manage to save 1M adena by not buying Brigandine set. Moon [Heavy] Armor set +3 has same p.def like Brigandine set +0 and you can spent saved adena for buying elven jewelry in Giran jewelry shop or for TOP D weapon.

    Recommended price for buying EAD is between 8-10k adena for scroll (You need 15x EAD for heavy set). It's not bad to spent like 150k adena for set, which can be compared to Brigandine set +0 by p.def.

    Link to the quest:

    I recommend to all mage classes buy Knowlegde set, because of +10% m.atk (whole set is avaible in Giran armor shop). Higher damage means spent less adena for gaining experience.

    PROS of Knowlegde set:
    1, Higher magic damage to monsters.
    2, Higher mana bonus and p.def from D grade set.
    3, You can efficiently use your mana and kill more mobs per buff round, before you are forced to sit and regenerate your mana.
    4, Use less spiritshots per buff round (Depends on your play style as well. Finish low hp mobs [10-20% HP left] with your weapon to save extra shot and mana).
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    Thank you for this guide. I haven't played lineage in 6+ years, and that was mostly high rate private servers, so all of this is new (and enjoyable for me). I ended up making a dwarf to spoil, and lvling a future prophet as a box as my first chars.

    Only temptation is selling my mats I have accumulated so far, and funding a D grade weapon. Right now I'm still lvl 17 (spoiling varnish), so I have some time till then.
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    Thank you a lot for the guide mate :)
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    That guide is really useful for past, now and for future, can GM stick it?
    Thank you
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