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Lootus's Shot/Craft Shop

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Lootus, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Lootus

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    ok. so i am going to start delivering orders according to mails/orders i get. i only take big orders cause i cant be arsed to go town for every 10k order. also, the point of this thread is to provide you with big amounts of shots - not to give you discounts.

    heres the packs i offer:

    50k = 250 adena per shot = 12.5m
    100k = 245 adena per shot = 24.5m
    200k = 240 adena per shot = 48m
    400k = 235 adena per shot = 94m

    20k = 970 adena per shot = 19.4m
    40k = 965 adena per shot = 38.6m
    80k = 960 adena per shot = 76.8m
    160k = 955 adena per shot = 152.8m

    feel free to mix around with sets if you want to get some other amounts than offered above.

    send me an ingame mail (not a whisper) with what you want. then i will send the shots with payment request within 24 hours. also, dont bother with asking for discount; in short, im not giving any since the discounts are in the packs already. i am usually online as well - unless i am sleeping^^

    also, the prices are subject for change since my crystal source engine is fluxuating as well. so please stop by here on this thread always before you order - even if you have ordered before - for new prices. i am not raising prices according to market prices but try to keep steady prices instead.

    lootus - aria

    craft shop will be added to this same thread after i get level 90.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.