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Dwarf reports

Discussion in 'Guides' started by CM Fragola, May 23, 2017.

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  2. Fragola

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    As the Classic Dwarf reporter wants to stay kinda anonymous, I'll be posting his reports instead.

    Useless materials?

    It’s normal that when you start leveling your character you start getting a lot of materials that you think you will never use but still keep them in your personal warehouse just in case some day you do. This always happened to me but I always kept all the materials I get because I know that in the future I will need a specific material that was worthless when I was lower level but it will be a key material to craft something in the future. That happened to Thread.

    Back in the days when you couldn’t sell Thread for 1 adena over the vendor shop price because it seemed worthless and useless and you would just probably stick all the Thread in your warehouse and end up with 10k+ Thread well, those days are over. It’s common to see some buying shops buying Thread for prices over 150 adena each.

    With the average level of the server going up day by day and the little sneak peeks we keep getting from the next update, C and B grade over-enchanted sets are very desirable items, so people are starting to enchant all kinds of B grade sets to get ready for the next upgrade. While Thread is a useless material by itself, it is still needed to make Crafted Leather that is used to craft most of the B grade set pieces.

    While the price doesn’t seem very high or very expensive to afford we are facing an over 300% price increase comparing the buying shops in Monster Race Track to the vendor shop price.

    P.S. Please notice while this is a space for an opinion on economic matters, this is my vision of the market and not necessarily the absolute truth so feel free to discuss and input new ideas.

    - With love from your dwarf
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    What is happening with Crystals C Grade?

    For those who have been looking closely at the market, you may have noticed that crystals C grade have been suffering a great price increase to the point that it stats being hard to find them in selling shops. While there is no good explanation for this (or I can’t find one) other than a big whale doing market manipulation (that’s how I think it started), the prices seem too big here to stay. At first, I thought this was just another random bubble and that it would blow up soon enough, prices would come down to close the price they were before and everything would be ok, but I was wrong.

    Let’s take a closer look at what we can find on a random day of the server (12/05/2017):


    Using the function to find private stores (/findprivatestore NAME), we can see that the lowest selling price for crystals C grade is 2299 adena per crystal and the highest buying shop is 1801 adena per crystal.
    Comparing to the prices most of us experienced, where you could easily get all the C-grade crystals for a vendor price (1350), this represents a 70% increase in the price.

    But what does this means? How does this affect you in your daily grinding?

    Let’s start by the fact the most of the gear C grade should have a slight increase in price for those who are crafting. Also, the items from the Luxury Shop in Giran are now much more expensive since the trading coins are crystals C and D grade. But there is something that none of us can avoid… Soulshots and Spiritshots.

    This brings us the question: since soulshots are now also more expensive, that means our farming profits are decreased. Facing that should we keep buying from selling shops or craft our own soulshots?
    Since this is not a crafting guide and the objective isn’t to talk about the soulshot business, we will run one simulation for comparison between buying soulshots C grade from a selling shop in Monster Race
    Track and crafting your own soulshots.

    Crafting your own soulshots takes about 5 minutes of your time buying the Soul Stone required and the crystals C grade in a selling shop in Monster Race Track to craft soulshots C grade in a Dwarven Crafting Shop also in Monster Race Track. Current soulshot C grade price is 15 adena per SSC.

    I only managed to find one shop at this price, being all the others at 16 and 17 adena per SSC. We will consider from now on the Soulshot C grade price at 15 adena.

    If you consult the website https://l2wiki.com/classic/Soulshot_(C-grade) for the Soulshot C Grade you can see this:


    The cheapest place to buy Soul Stone is in the Giran Grocery Shop (when the castle is not Dark) and it has a price of 275 adena per Soul Stone.

    To craft the Soulshots we will be using a random crafter in town. Cheapest I found was 75 adena per craft.

    So that means that we need 15 Soul Stones, 1 crystal C grade and a crafting click to craft 476 C-grade Soulshots. That leads us to a total price of 15x275 + 1x2299 + 75 = 6499 adena per 476 Soulshots that means 6299/476 = 13,65 adena per C-grade Soulshot.

    We come to the conclusion that, with a minimum effort we can craft our own C-grade Soulshots in under 5 minutes, for a price 9% cheaper than the cheapest we found in town.

    Hope you all have a great week and great business inside our L2 world.
    ~ With love from your dwarf
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    To craft or not to craft? That’s the question!

    • How many times have you wondered if it’s best to craft something or if it’s better to buy directly?
    • How many times have you made a bad deal and only realized how bad the deal was 2 days after?
    • Have you ever tried to calculate what’s the best action to acquire a certain item?

    We all know crafting is a part of this complex MMORPG, but not many people have the patience for that feature so this mini-guide is directed for those who like to take the best of every adena they have and maximize profits/gear upgrades.

    I gladly share with you a simple version of an excel file that is intended to quickly calculate the crafting price of any gear you wish to study. While the spreadsheet is pretty simple, it is very important that all data insert is the most accurate possible so you can get the best results.

    Spreadsheet Functionality:
    As you open the file you will find 2 different worksheets:

    The first one named “Mats is the study of all the simple materials (on the left) and all the compound materials (on the right). I attribute a certain market value of a simple material and the compound materials are calculated assuming the values of the simple materials, for example, the Coarse Bone Powder price is equal to the price of Animal Bones times 10.

    While the spreadsheet is supposed to be for you and for you to play around with it, I do not advise you to mess with the formulas for the compound materials.

    The second worksheet is named “Crafting where you can insert the numbers of each material needed to craft an item. As you can see on the “Crafting” workbook you can insert either compound materials or simple materials. Do as you wish, just make sure you don’t add both at the same time cause then it would mean you would be duplicating materials amount.

    The total crafting price is displayed, in millions, below the item name.

    It’s not advisable to delete/alter the black areas since they contain mostly formulas.

    The only 3 areas that you need to do more than only inserting the number of materials needed are the area for “Recipe”, “Key Mats” and “Craft Click”. For the “Recipe” you will need to insert the number of recipes you need to craft in the white cell and in the grey cell you will need to do a multiplication of the white cell for the value of the recipe, you can write something like “=”, then click in the cell with the number of recipes, followed by “*” and then write the value of the recipe. In the end, it should look something like “=L248*150000”.

    In the “Key Mats,” it’s the same as the “Recipe” area, insert in the white cell the number of blades needed and in the gray cell execute the multiplication of the white cell for the value of each blade. In the “Craft Click” area simply input the price of the click if you are doing it in any Monster Race Track craft selling shop dwarfs.

    Add pictures if you want to keep track of what you have been doing and to keep the spreadsheet nice and clean (I download the picture at www.l2wiki.com/classic ).

    If you want to change the price of the materials for any reason, that should be done in the “Mats” workbook.

    • The prices of the materials are my point of view of the server’s economy. If you don’t share my opinion just change the price tags.
    • There is some compound mats price that may not be 100% accurate for several reasons, for example, High-Grade Suede is the combination of Coarse Bone Powder and Suede but, in theory, since High-Grade Suede is easily spoiled and has fewer applications than Coarse Bone Powder, the price is bigger than the market value. You can always expect the worst case scenario on the prices.
    • The list may be missing some materials. Please don’t ask me to add materials, just go on l2wiki.com/classic and do it yourself please, takes about 30 seconds.
    • A lot of people use crafting to make adena, please note that the estimated price of crafting something is only a guideline for making business.
    • The estimated price indicated is the combination of all the materials and actions that take to execute one crafting click or not the estimated price for the item. Please be aware that for example in B grade items the crafting success rate is 60% or 70% and, therefore, the estimated price of crafting is not the same as the item price. I will leave to you the math of calculating the item price from the crafting price.
    The link to the spreadsheet: >HERE<

    ~ With love from your dwarf​
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    Over-enchanting B grade

    New meta of the server seems to be getting B-grade sets over-enchanted to +6 since A-grade is still very hard to unseal. We can consider a B-grade set +6 a special item since it’s a very hard thing to get and requires a lot of investment but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

    We can’t really set a price on a set like that, because people will always ask whatever they want since they are unique items, but that doesn’t mean we can’t calculate the expected investment needed to get a B-grade set to +6.

    That’s exactly what we are going to do today.

    We are going to calculate how much investment we, in theory, need to get an Avadon Robe Set to +6.
    For this, we will be using this experiment https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/573910/ previously made and posted on the forums.
    We will consider from now on the enchanting rates as displayed in that experiment. Gloves and boots will be considered with the same rates as the circlet.
    First of all, we need to calculate the prices of each piece we are going to enchant and attribute a value to each enchant. That said we will consider the following prices:
    • Enchant Armor B-Grade – 450.000 adena each
    • Avadon Robe – 2.000.000 adena
    • Sealed Avadon Circlet – 1.080.000 adena
    • Sealed Avadon Boots – 530.000 adena
    • Sealed Avadon Gloves – 530.000 adena
    All the prices were considered and calculated from the tool that you can find in this link (previous Dwarf post): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11des-4xMY39PVRZgsda7JD0mWGahnD8zE8LiH45dks4/edit?usp=sharing. You can probably get better deals on some of the pieces but let’s stick with prices from this study.

    Reading the experiment with the enchant rates, we can calculate the chance of getting a piece from +0 to +6:
    • Avadon Robe +6 = 67,75% x 33,25% = 22,52%
    • Avadon Circlet / Boots / Gloves +6 = 72,50% x 31,00% x 24,50% = 5,50%
    And now with this chances, we can calculate how many pieces we need in average:
    • Avadon Robe +6 = 4,44 pieces
    • Avadon Circlet / Boots / Gloves +6 = 18,18 pieces of each
    Since this is a small study of chances on getting a set to +6 and we are trying to calculate the average investment required, we will keep all the decimal cases on the number of pieces.
    • Avadon Robes = 4,44 x 2.000.000 = 8.800.000 adena (8.8M)
    • Avadon Circlets = 18,18 x 1.080.000 = 19.640.000 adena (19.64M)
    • Avadon Boots = 18,18 x 530.000 = 9.640.000 adena (9.64M)
    • Avadon Gloves = 18,18 x 530.000 = 9.640.000 adena (9.64M)

    Total Gear Price = 47.72M

    Now that we have all the gear required calculated, we just need to calculate the amount of enchants needed for each piece.
    Since we are doing the math for an average case, we will need to calculate how many enchant it’s needed in each one of the cases.

    • Avadon Robe = (1 x 5 x 4,4) + (0,68 x 4,4) = 24,98
    • Avadon Gloves / Boots / Circlet = 3 x [(1 x 4 x 18,18) + (1 x 0,72 x 18,18) + (1 x 0,31 x 0,72 x 18,18)] = 269.60
    This means we need in average 24.98 + 269.6 = 294,58 Enchants Armor B-Grade that, at the price of 450.000 adena each, are worth about 134.540.000 adena (132.56M).

    Total EAB Price = 132.56M

    That drives the price of the +6 set to 132.56 + 47.72 = 180.28M adena

    Total Set +6 Price = 180.28M

    May the RNG god be with you.
    With love from your dwarf
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