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Important: Let's keep you safe

Discussion in 'Archive' started by CM Fragola, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Dear players,

    we're witnessing a lot of accounts hacking at L2 EU (Main Version) recently, so we've decided to enforce security for all L2 EU players (Main version).

    While Classic accounts are not enforced yet to have it in order to play, we strongly recommend you to turn it on as it ensures the safety of your character and your items.

    "Trusted PC" is a security feature that you can switch on yourself here: https://eu.4game.com/settings/security/. When it is on, only PCs from your trusted list can load the game. To make any PC trusted you need to add it to the list and confirm with code that can be sent to your email (less secure) or phone (more secure).

    If your email or phone listed in account info are not available anymore, please send a ticket to our support service to change them:
    https://eu.4gamesupport.com -> ask a question -> I have a problem with account or payment -> I want to change account data

    This is how "Trusted PC" feature works:



    Q: What if I want to secure several accounts, but only 1 mobile phone number?
    A: You can use email (we'd recommend gmail.com as it allows to link several email accounts to 1 phone number so that you can always be aware of the possible hacking attempts)

    Q: What if I don't get an SMS with a code?
    A: Check your phone's memory to see if there's enough space to receive a message. If this doesn't help, contact the support service and use an email as a way to verify PCs.

    Q: I play from home and work, using several PCs.
    A: You can link up to 5 PCs to your account.

    Q: Do I have to enter a code every time I play?
    A: No, you use a code 1 time to add PC on the list of "Trusted", then you can play normally. PC is removed from the list after 30 days of inactivity.
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