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Laby's guide to Elemental Summoner

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Ptitlaby, Feb 5, 2018.

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    Classic Guide to Elemental Summoner

    • Overview of the class
    • I already played a summoner before Classic, what are the main differences ?
    • Summons, cubics and skills
    • Equipment and items
      • Weapons
      • Armor
      • Dyes
      • Miscanellous (Bracelet & such)
    • Playing as an Elemental Summoner - PvE
      • Philosophy
      • Where to xp
      • Nuke / Melee
      • Suggestions by level
    • Playing as an Elemental Summoner - PvP
      • Solo
      • Party
      • Mass PVP
    • Interesting quests / tips

    Overview of the class

    The Elemental Summoner is one of the three summoners of Lineage II, with the human Warlock and the Dark Elf Phantom Summoner. Summoners are a class archetype which can be identified by three major things they are the only one to be able to do at the same time: the use of summoned creatures as their primary damage source, the possibility to use buffs to enhance their summons, and finally the ability to summon cubics. Please not that the necromancer, which also has summons he can use, is considered as an hybrid between a summoner and a nuker (character whose primary damage source is magic skills). Necromancers don't have cubics, and don't have any skills to buff their summons.

    As a summoner, if you have to define your class with one word it would be versability. In PvE, you have very strong tools and skills to solo. You can either solo with magic skills, or physical melee attacks. In party, you can play as a melee damage dealer, as a secondary healer, or as a nuker with an unlimited mana pool. In PvP however, you will surely play as a magic damage dealer using https://l2wiki.com/classic/Aqua_Swirl_-_Elven_Wizard and Magnus' skills to inflict ranged damage. On top of that, you will be a very strong Olympiad farmer due to your various skills, buffs, and the fact that you tank more damage with https://l2wiki.com/classic/Transfer_Pain_-_Elemental_Summoner

    This guide won't give you the perfect recipe for success. It will not tell you to buy X, level up Y skill, do Z and voilà, you are the best player in the server, hero since immemorial times and un-defeatable in PvP. Read this guide more like an essay of the class core's principle, its philosophy and a breeding ground for ideas. You are more than welcome to comment on it, discuss ideas, bring up different opinions. How can we all improve if we are all thinking the same ? :)

    I already played a summoner before Classic, what are the main differences ?

    The summoner class received many QoL (Quality of Life) since its original release and various patches before, and some changes are exclusive of classic, a quick list would be :
    • All summons and cubic requires https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spirit_Ore, available in any grocery shop. You don't need D, C or A grade crystals anymore
    • Summons don't take any of your xp.If before having Mirage the Unicorn reduced the XP gained by 90%, this is not the case anymore
    • You can use a summon skill at anytime, the new summon will replace the old one. You don't have to be out of combat, or without summons for that
    • You get Magnus the Unicorn at level 77
    • You continue to level up https://l2wiki.com/classic/Aqua_Swirl_-_Elven_Wizard after level 40
    • Due to the current metagame, Melee attacks are the way to go in PvE since all weapons can be enhanced with an https://l2wiki.com/classic/Othell’s_Rune_-_Stage_1 Going melee with your summon is viable
    • Also due to the current metagame of L2 Classic, heals scale with your weapon M.Atk. Being a on-the-side healer in a party is also viable in some situations

    Summons, cubics and skills

    The skills of the Elemental Summoner can be split in several categories : the summons, the skills related to summons, the cubics, your passive, and various skills. Let's dig into that

    A few words about summons. Summons will get buffs casted on their master. If someone buff Acumen on you, your summon will also get Acumen. You can remove their buffs anytime using shift click, just like a player. Before level 40, when you are still an Elven Wizard, all summons will have a long cooldown of at least one hour. Once you start learning the summons skill as an Elemental Summoner, skills will have a short cooldown of several seconds (think ten). Summons do not expire. When you are login in on the server, your last summon will be resummon for free. You can resummon them at anytime, even they are alive, dead, debuffed, stunned, slept or in whatever state you can think of. When you resummon a summon, it will be clean of any debuff and will have full HP/MP.

    The biggest thing to know about summons is that they need their targets to be immobile to hit it physically. If a target is running non stop, even if you running speed is superior, the summon will reach its target, stop, try to hit. If the target is fast enough and is already out of auto attack range, the summon will not hit and start runnig again. Auto-attacks are considered as blunt attacks, so https://l2wiki.com/classic/Spike_-_Warsmith will boost your summon DPS aswell

    We are some lucky players, our awesome community manager @Fragola listed all servitor stats through various levels in one single table, available in this post. Overall, at the same level, all unicorns has the same base stats with various tweaks.

    Please note that before level 40, when you are still an Elven Wizard, all summons will have a cooldown of several hours.

    Last, but not least, you can increase your summon damage using https://l2wiki.com/classic/Beast_Soulshot and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Beast_Spiritshot . Those can be summoned but are extremely expansive, making them useless in my opinion until level 52 or 56 at least. If you want to use them, just count how many hits you need to kill a monster and the average adena dropped.


    Mirage is what was historically considered as a "PvP" summon due to its low summoning cost, using its strong single target nuke to inflict damage on kiting opponent. Today, its summoning cost is the same as Boxer's. It's low physical attack make it less suitable for PvE than other summons


    If Mirage is considered the magical summon, Boxer is the physical one. Having the same summoning cost as Mirage, it has a stronger P.Atk making it decent for melee xping. However, Boxer's strong point is really its skill, Master Recharge. This is because of this skill that you can be considered as having unlimited mana. Use Boxer to recharge you on cooldown (~6 seconds) and each time Boxer's is out of mana, resummon her so she is again full of MP.
    Before level 40, you will be able to get unlimited MP starting at level 25 without having to resummon Boxer (which you can't due to the high cooldown). This is due to the fact that https://l2wiki.com/classic/Servitor_Recharge_-_Elven_Wizard will make you recharge your pet with a 1:1 ratio (You spend 40 MP to recharge 40 MP). Boxer will also recharge you with a 1:1 ratio, but when you start learning https://l2wiki.com/classic/Higher_Mana_Gain_-_Elven_Wizard, you will get some bonus MP. MP will be created "for free", ergo unlimited mana.

    Merrow is basically a better version of Boxer with more speed (180 unbuffed, more than any class ingame) and a higher M.Atk which helps heronly skill, an AoE Water attack. However, she is trading that for less HP than its counterpart, making it slightly weaker if not killing monsters fast enough. It's strong speed make it very convenient in open areas when xping
    • Pro : ++ M.Atk, + Speed
    • Cons : - HP
    • Skill : Hydro Screw. An AoE nuke of the water type, hitting the target and other targets near it. Its power is however low, starting at 26 Power at level 40, and going to 51 at level 70. It's a nice skill helping you in some AoE Party, but it's damage is not enough to justify taking you in party as a main AoE damage dealer.

    You will learn Magnus at level 77, making it your life goal. Once you learn it, you will never go back to an other summon. Magnus hits like a truck on steroids, run as fast as Merrow, has more M.Atk than any other summon, more P.Atk and P.Def than other summons aswell, and have two awesome skills : Tidal's Wave (a very strong AoE nuke) and Whisplash, a physical stun.

    • Pro : ++ P.Def, ++ M.Atk, + Speed
    • Cons : None
    • Skill : Tidal Wave. An AoE nuke of the water type, hitting the target and other targets near it. Its power is extremely strong, around 228 range at level 77. It's a great skill being strong enough to justify being invited in nuker AoE parties, and it's totally devastating in sieges. It has a nice tendancy of making a crit :)
    • Skill : Whisplash. A physical stun with a quite decent landrate. Single target only, but already great !

    Cubics are uncontrollable entities that will hang around your head for 15 minutes (900 seconds exactly). They will trigger randomly, with a cooldown between each action. Any class can have by default one cubic around her head, and as a summoner you will be able to have two (at level 44) and three (at level 56) cubics at once due to https://l2wiki.com/classic/Cubic_Mastery_-_Elemental_Summoner.


    This cubic is extremely straightforward, it will heals the party member which the lowest percent heal, summons included. If you can afford it, it'll be a convenient help, but it's high cooldown between heals (at least 13 seconds) won't really help you handle a zone just because of it. Its heal power increase when your skill level increase, starting from 201 HP at level 40 to 382 HP at level 72. The less HP you have, the higher the chance for the cubic to trigger will be.

    Current HPChance to trigger
    90 - 100 %13 %
    60 - 90 %33 %
    30 - 90 %53 %
    This cubic can trigger 20 times with a 13 seconds cooldown, and then its cooldown will increase to 65 seconds.


    This cubic is a water dot (Damage on Time), reducing the target's HP over time. It starts at 102 HP lost per second at level 40, and goes up to 164 HP per second at max level and will stay for 15 seconds. An in-depth experiment has been done here showing that neither weapon, INT, WIT nor magic accuracy change its land rate or damage. Simply put, if you want it to land level it up. It will also only trigger if your target has more than 1k HP left

    The DOT will have a cooldown of 30 seconds between activations until it has triggered 10 times, then it'll be around 2m30 between each trigger.

    As far as I know, this DOT is not considered as a poison nor bleed skill, therefore it can only be removed by https://l2wiki.com/classic/Cleanse_-_Cardinal

    Summon related skills

    Passive skills
    Other skills
    Equipment and items


    As soon as you start the game
    Simply use your magic and and next the https://l2wiki.com/classic/Red_Sunset_Staff_(Novice) you will get from one of the starting quest.

    From level 20

    If the Newbie Box event for newbies is still up, the https://l2wiki.com/classic/Newbie_Kit_-_Lv._3 will give you a free https://l2wiki.com/classic/Saber*Elven_Sword for 30 days. This weapon however has a weak M.Atk, and use soulshots / blessed spiritshot two by two. As soon as you can afford it, buy a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Goat_Head_Staff from Giran Weapon's shop. This weapon is not too expansive, has a very decent M.Atk and can sometime be found cheaper in the trading area (MRT).

    Rune : You should get to level 40 quite fast, I don't see the point of spending adena to add a rune on your staff yet. Save your little adena !

    Over-enchanting : Same as the rune, keep your money !

    From level 40

    Your goal is to get your hands on a Top C mage staff as soon as possible : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Deadman's_Staff, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ghoul's_Staff or https://l2wiki.com/classic/Demon's_Staff. Those will help you when nuking, healing and being cool. Don't buy any lower C grade weapon except if it's at crystal price since it's not really worth anything else.

    Rune : You can either go for a Feoh's Rune or an Iss Rune here. However, the Feoh Rune will be totally useless if it doesn't make you nuke less. For example, you need two nukes to kill a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Manashen_Gargoyle, each nuke taking away 60% of life. 60% + 60% = 120%, Monster dead, awesome. If a Feoh's Rune is bumping your damage from 60% to 70%, you will still need two nukes to kill the monster, saving exactly no adena and no mana comparing to no rune. In comparaison, a simple https://l2wiki.com/classic/Iss’_Rune_-_Stage_5, which often comes cheap, will help you anytime regening a bit more mana

    Over-enchanting : Here things start to get interesting. Getting your staff +3 should be a priority. Getting it +4 is a gamble with 50% success rate. Your call, I find it cheaper to buy one directly at +4

    Would you wish to go melee, grab a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Crystal_Dagger and any shield. Your dps will overall be higher than if you would use dualswords or a blunt / sword due to the base critical rate from the dagger.

    Rune : Don't go melee until you can add an https://l2wiki.com/classic/Othell’s_Rune_-_Stage_6 on your dagger. This rune line is extremely strong, allowing virtually any class to be able to melee efficiently. It will bump your critical rate to 300/400 easily, more even if you have buffs, which will make you hit around 20/25% stronger. An Othell 6 is enough to reach 500 critical rate (the hard limit) if you have a Swordsinger in party with https://l2wiki.com/classic/Hunter's_Song_-_Swordsinger

    Over-enchanting : Any added P.Atk will be a great addition !

    From level 52 and beyond

    From there, you will generally follow the same schema as before. A two handed mage staff while nuking, and a dagger while going melee with your pet. Go for the highest M.Atk / P.Atk you could find, and enjoy it. At level 52, you could either go for an overenchanted Crystal Dagger, or directly buy a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Demon's_Dagger.

    A compromise exists between the nuking and melee world as the https://l2wiki.com/classic/Twilight_Knife, a dagger with a low P.Atk and high M.Atk. While viable, I consider it as a temporary or poor man's choice : by trying to do both things at once, you end up doing nothing good, barely average.

    Olympiads Weapons

    When doing olympiad matches, you will need :
    - A two handed mage weapon, preferably with a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wynn’s_Rune_-_Stage_10 or higher
    - A weapon with a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Yul’s_Rune_-_Stage_7 or higher, so you can outrun several melee classes, including Titans. Let Magnus nuke them while your kite !

    Also, reaching end game when you are able to simply farm augments with High Grade lifestones, you can stock up several https://l2wiki.com/classic/Divine_Tome in your inventory with some active skills augments. The full list of available skills you can get through Item_Augmentation is available on the wiki, the most notable ones for olympiad being buffs :
    • Celestial Shield (Active: Instantly makes you invincible.)
    • Cooldown Reduction (Active: Temporarily decreases recovery time for magic.)
    • Clarity (Active : Temporarily decreases MP Consumption for all Abilities.)
    • Wild Magic (Active: Temporarily increases your Critical Rate for magical attacks.)
    • Duel (Active: Temporarily increases your P. Atk. in PvP.) This one need to be checked against its translation, it is usual for Lineage II to call "P. Atk. in PvP" the PvP Damage bonus, affecting all attacks , physicals or magicals.

    As you may have read before, you have to consider two fight styles as a summoner: melee, or nuker. This will also affects the armor and weapon you need to buy in order to shine. In theory, you could need little to nothing: your summon could be your primary source of damage, you are simply there assisting it. It may work in theory, but it will be slow, hard and a totally different playstyle. You have various tools which can help you level up easily until level 52, here are some suggestions.

    As soon as you start the game

    One of the simplest and most useful set you can use on any robe user is the Devotion Set . Use the three parts (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Tunic_of_Devotion, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Stockings_of_Devotion and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Leather_Helmet) and get a nice casting speed bonus. You will get a free set at level 10, during 7 days, which is more than enough time to farm a bit of adena (around 50k) to buy one and use it until level 40. The set can by bought almost anywhere at different cost, but it's also quite frequent to drop some parts while xping. Spending some time in https://l2wiki.com/classic/Neutral_Zone while leveling is, in my opinion, a good idea.

    For boots and armors, just fill your equipment slots with whatever items you lay your hands on. Don't invest there any money as you will soon discard it

    From level 40

    If you chose to level up as a nuker, a simple upgrade from the Devotion set is the Karmian Set. Same casting bonus as the Devotion set, but you also get a small P.Def Bonus. More importantly, you will get an increased MP Boost from the various part. Please note than in addition to the https://l2wiki.com/classic/Karmian_Tunic and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Karmian_Stockings, you only need the https://l2wiki.com/classic/Karmian_Gloves to get the set bonus. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Karmian_Boots are just an other set of boots being aesthetically pleasing, but you can replace them by any other C grade items. Just like before, fill the non-part items slots (Helmet, Boots) by any C grade stuff you will end up with. Having a bit more P.Def at this stage will help you overall.

    +6 Set : a +6 Karmian set is a good investment since its primary bonus (Increased MP Regen) is beneficial to all robe classes, therefore it's not too hard to resell one. However, since you have basically an unlimited mana pool with Boxer the unicorn, having increased MP Regeneration is, while always useful, clearly not the best upgrade you could get

    However, if you decide to go melee with your summon, your best bet is the Plated Leather Set . This light set is the best set, hands down, for any class going melee who does not need to tank the monsters. +4 STR is one of the best damage boost you will get until A grade armors. Unlike the Karmian set, you will get the set bonus when wearing the https://l2wiki.com/classic/Plated_Leather_Boots with the main body parts. As usual, fill the other slots with anything you get.

    +6 Set : The +6 PL Set will give you a nice HP regen bonus while standing and sitting only. Therefore its effect won't help you much. However, the increased P.Def will always be a good thing, the MP regen will compensate the fact that you don't have the bonus from https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mana_Recovery_-_Elven_Mystic . Basically, get one if you think you are going to melee a lot and can afford it. The set is harder to craft/drop than the Karmian set, and around four times more expensive.

    From level 52

    If each class in Lineage 2 need a signature skill or item, the Blue Wolf Light Set would be the one for the Elemental Summoner. This set has it all : P.Def bonus, Casting Speed Bonus, MP Recovery bonus, Stun Resist bonus. There is little to add, this set is just perfect for basically any summoner. Get one as soon as you can

    +6 Set : Get one as soon as you can. Enough said.

    At this level, you can still play as a nuker efficiently. You can start mixing pieces between several sets, using the Karmian set from earlier days where you add a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Blue_Wolf_Helmet#Robe and a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Blue_Wolf_Boots#Robe. You will therefore get the two-pieces bonus from the Blue Wolf Robe set, +5.26% MP Regeneration. Is it game changing ? No. Is it important ? Yes, since every little bonus in Lineage II adds up :)

    From level 61

    So far, this part is all theory. Unsealed A-grade armor sets remains elusive and almost impossible to get for the random player. Would you be able to get your hand on one, just go for the Tallum Robe Set or the Dark Crystal Robe Set. Both sets will give you a nice +2 WIT bonus, the Dark Crystal Set will give you a P.Def bonus while the Tallum Set will give you a M.Def bonus. Since you will surely use those sets mostly in PvP, the Dark Crystal set has an edge here with a speed bonus and a paralysis bonus (bye bye Lightning Strike ... if only).

    +6 Set : What's the point of unsealing A grade armors parts if they are not already +6 ?

    There is little to say here, simply go for the best you can afford.

    If you are playing as a nuker from level 40, I suggest you going +8 WIT -10 MEN with two sets of https://l2wiki.com/classic/Greater_Dye_of_WIT_(Wit_4_Men_-_5). The cheapest place to buy them is Giran. Going +12 here is not really needed since you will be limited by https://l2wiki.com/classic/Aqua_Swirl_-_Elven_Wizard cooldown.

    If you are playing as a melee, just go full STR. In Classic, reducing DEX will not reduce your speed, and the loss in critical rate will be easily offset by a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Othell’s_Rune_-_Stage_6 or greater. The loss of evasion and accuracy is negligible. You can also buy 30 https://l2wiki.com/classic/Greater_Dye_of_STR_(STR_4_DEX_-_5) in Giran and build them

    At 76+, I can simply theorize that going full WIT is the best choice, decreasing the casting time of https://l2wiki.com/classic/Aqua_Swirl_-_Elemental_Master and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Servitor_Heal_-_Elemental_Master. It will also helps you land https://l2wiki.com/classic/Warrior_Bane_-_Elemental_Master and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mage_Bane_-_Elemental_Master faster during Olympiads. Simply go for +12 WIT -12 MEN with Best Dyes which you can buy in Aden

    There are several other items you can add to your character to give you this much needed edge in PvP and PvE.

    Bracelet of Duty

    In order to equip various Talismans, you need a bracelet for that. So far the only available in the game is the https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bracelet_of_Duty_-_Lv._1 which you get as a reward for joining a clan for the first time. You can then improve your bracelet up to https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bracelet_of_Duty_-_Lv._6 using https://l2wiki.com/classic/Daily_Coin. At level 6, this bracelet will give +1 to each main stat (STR/WIT/INT/CON/DEX/MEN).

    You will get some daily coinsfrom your clan activity, some from Clan Arena, and some from olympiad. It is not possible to buy the coins neither the Bracelet, so it's a matter of time and dedication.


    In order to equip one or several Agathions, you need an Agathion bracelet. Such items were recently buffed such that the level 3 and 4 bracelet are giving extra statistics

    Talisman of Insolence

    The https://l2wiki.com/classic/Talisman_of_Insolence_I is a special talisman you can buy from Baggins in Giran. This talisman will add a flat bonus to your stats, meaning that its bonus won't be affected by buffs. This talisman can be upgraded up to level 6 for increased bonuses :

    Each upgrade is a gamble, when you have a high change of staying at the same level or even go down one level. An experiment has been done about it, trying to estimate the success rate for each stage. On average, it costs around 300m to get a Talisman to level 6. Don't forget that it's a statistical values, meaning you can do it directly at once, or fail a dozen of time to simply get level 3. Here is a table which give you the average try cost and the value of each stage :


    Once you have a level 6 Talisman, you can upgrade it to a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Talisman_of_Baium with a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Baium’s_Soul with 100% success.

    Playing as an Elemental Summoner - PvE

    Solo : Nuking or Melee ?
    Simply put, play as a nuker until level 52, or even 56/61, then it's easier for you to go the melee route.

    Party : Healer, Dps, Mage. All in one
    To be filled later :017:

    Buffs and buffbox(es)
    So you decided to find some friends, especially those playing supports. Or may be you decided to create your own buffbox, a character you will play with your summoner so it can be better with buffs. The question you are asking now is, which one do you want ? Sadly there is none which is a perfect fit

    One of the best buffer in the game, you will only miss Vampiric Rage and Empower (for yourself). Both can be bought at any Fishing Guildsman. Buffing a full party if you decide to invite some friends will also make you scream in despair. As an added bonus, you will still have https://l2wiki.com/classic/Resurrection_-_Cleric giving back 20% of XP.

    Like the prophet, you will miss Empower. However, you are trading Berserker Spirit, Bless the Body and Bless the Soul for Vampiric Rage. Buffs are also learned later in the game compared to the prophet for example. On the plus side, you will be able to buff full parties extremely fast, and everyone will like you

    Elven Elder
    May be the worst choice for a summoner. While https://l2wiki.com/classic/Clarity_-_Elven_Elder and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wild_Magic_-_Elven_Elder would help you while nuking, you won't get those buffs until late, when you will stop nuking and prolly go melee. On the other side, you are missing Haste, Focus, Death Whisper, Guidance.

    Shillien Elder
    A strong choice all around, you may be missing Haste but you are able to buff it yourself to your summon with https://l2wiki.com/classic/Servitor_Haste_-_Elemental_Summoner . Empower and Recharge are a nice bonus while you are nuking at the early levels. If you need Zerk, you can get it from any Fishing Guildsman . There is no way for you to get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Greater_Shield_-_Prophet and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Greater_Might_-_Prophet

    To sum it up, in my opinion a prophet is the simplest thing you could get with you, buying https://l2wiki.com/classic/Fish_Stew:_Empower_Lv._1 or https://l2wiki.com/classic/Fish_Stew:_Vampiric_Rage_Lv._1 from Fishermen. The second best choice would be a Shilien Elder in my opinion

    To top it all, you could wish to add a Bladedancer and a Swordsinger, in this order. A bladedancer will greatly increase your DPS, magical and physical. The Swordsinger will surely increase your survivability and give a boost to your summon with Song of Hunter, but because of their low base critical rate, it won't help much.

    Playing as an Elemental Summoner - PvP

    Small-scale PvP
    To be filled later once the contest is finished :023:

    Mass PvP
    Same as above !


    You are strong. Once you get 77 and learn Summon Magnus the Unicorn, you are one of the best olympiad farmer class in the game. This is due to several factors, the main one for me being the fact that you are tanking quite efficiently with Transfer Pain, you have a single target nuke which, while being a bit weaker than a spellsinger spell by 30%, still hits hard, and Magnus itself will be strong due to your selfbuffs. At level 77 and 78 you are going to learn Prophecy of Water (Wizard Spirit) and Chant of Victory (Final's Spirit) for your summon. Both will strongly increase your summon stats, and I particularly like Wizard Spirit for its boost to Magical Critical Rate.

    As mentionned above, Magnus the Unicorn has two strong skills which can be simply listed as a single-target stun, and an AoE nuke hitting strong. If you are in an arena without obstacles, you should not have a lot of problems using Tidal's Wave (the AoE nuke) to hit your target. Otherwise, don't forget that even if Magnus has a great speed stat, she needs her target to be still for a while in order to hit with regular auto attacks. Any class able to kite Magnus efficiently will reduce your efficiency by quite a bit.

    Also, you also have a nice heal using Battle Heal when you have a mage weapon. Need to tank a bit longer ? You can burn and tank for a while :)


    Summoners are one of the most versatile, profound and interesting class to play in my opinion. Our skillset allow us to farm olympiad quite easily, our possibility in PvE and PvP parties are multiples, and you never know what are the limits of your class. Would you wish to know more about summoners in general, I can only recommend you @Hypnocrit guide about Phantom Summoners. Until then, you may be interested to know that futures updates will bring us https://l2wiki.com/Summon_Friend_-_Elemental_Summoner and https://l2wiki.com/Summon_Seraphim_the_Unicorn_-_Elemental_Summoner. Seraphim will be available after level 76 and still comes with its party buff, especially the one decreasing skill reuse !
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    So here it is, I wish I took more time to talk about the PvE aspect, but the locations are not so different from the other classes. This part will be updated later once the contest is finished. As I said, more than a guide, I wish for this to be a place to talk about anything affecting the class.

    A big thanks to @enereS , @Mr_Kzimir,@Budinoide and @Amenzul who helped me to keep the motivation for this guide :)
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    a tdlra from me, but good guide for new players.
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    I am wondering how much dex cuts att speed if u do it -15. Any stats?
  5. Nancie

    Nancie User

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    Do warlocks get to learn blaze all the way up to 7x like ES learns aqua swirl?
  6. Ptitlaby

    Ptitlaby User

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    Yes they do !
  7. Zodac

    Zodac User

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    or just play warlock with SE and bd.
  8. Nancie

    Nancie User

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    this is what im doing!

    im nearly lvl 52 but not sure where to go at 52.. and do i play melee or nuker
  9. WarlockL2C

    WarlockL2C User

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    i went on EV, cuz of adena :D, but i was on bd hexing mobs and wk with pet were on macro, assist ;)
  10. Italianomedio

    Italianomedio User

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    Seem guide useful at 95% for WLK too, isnt it?
  11. Ptitlaby

    Ptitlaby User

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    Many concepts are the same yes :)
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  12. Rizzer

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    LF similiar guide for warlock : )
  13. Copeland

    Copeland User

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    Very similar. Warlock gets p.crit.dmg buff that stacks. It's so op people box a WK just for that.
    PvP you get para cubic and aoe root from King, not op since not many live WK other than the ppl who love(???) the look of human mages in BW light. :confused:

    What I came here looking for was a places to hunt section, but instead it's 1. roll sum, 2. have boxes, 3. ???, 4. profit.