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TheSyndicate recruiting

Discussion in 'Recruitment Hall' started by Zenoff, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Zenoff

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    Hello everyone,

    international clan TheSyndicate is recruiting players in the level range 40 - 60. Academy TheSyndicateII recruiting levels 20 - 40.

    The clan was created on 08.02.2018. Clan level is 3, XP bonus is at 6% (soon to be 10%). We are not CP based but we have nothing against CPs. We are not casuals but we are also not hardcore. We are all mature, social and fun to be around (or at least we like to think that).

    What we offer:
    Daily clan xp parties and easy grouping. High activity, unity lvl 3 or above, clan supplies lvl 4. A very friendly, fun and social atmosphere. Help with obtaining gear/level.

    What we expect:
    Be nice, be mature, be social (main requirement), have a team spirit and laugh at our jokes.

    Raiding, clan arena and everything else in L2.

    Recruitment list:

    Main clan - TheSyndicate (3 spots open - only mains allowed)
    Recruiting 2x 40+ Shilen Elder / Elven Elder.
    Recruiting 1x 40+ Overlord.

    Alt clan - TheSyndicateII (15 spots open - boxes and alts allowed)
    Academy to TheSyndicate is recruiting all in the level range 20-40. Clan lvl 3, 6% XP. The clan also houses our boxes and alts. New players who play key support classes which are needed in the main clan such as BD, SWS, BP, EE, SE and OL can expect help with leveling.

    If interested pm or mail Zenoff, Anvilmar, Fifonka, Vanitas or Kashiyuka in game.
    Thank you and have a nice day!

    13.03.2017 - Updated recruitment list and info.
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  2. Amenzul

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    We are still looking for new people, feel free to contact us.

    We currently have two « groups » : one around 40’ and one around 60’.
  3. Vanitas

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    I just want to add from myself one thing - this lot is the kind of clan that makes grinding fun. Even on Skelth :)