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[Guide Contest Winner] NECROMANCER - Why you should play it

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Yolai, Feb 13, 2018.

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    You might be sitting here thinking: I’m about to start playing classic, which class should I play? Well, there are plenty of good classes like Spellsinger (high DPS nuker), Phantom Ranger (high DPS archer) and Warlord (AOE Stun Master), what is the only class that can be described as “Tanky Nuking Summoner with multiple high land rate debuffs”? That’s right, only Necro. Necro is everything you want in a Tank/Nuker/Summoner/Debuffer and if you’re not playing one, you’re playing the wrong class.

    • Skill Breakdown
    • Skill Leveling Priority List
    • Necro Strengths
    • Necro Weaknesses
    • Equipment
    • Dyes
    • Runes
    • Solo Leveling Guide
    • Group Leveling Guide
    • General PvP Guide
    • Olympiad Guide
    • Conclusion

    In the interest of making this an all-inclusive guide, and because Necro has several skills that are important to not max out in skill level, we’ll be taking a look now at a breakdown of specific skills, with a note in brackets of whether or not they should be kept up in levels with the character or not. Please refer to this section of guide for links to detailed skill descriptions.

    Curse Gloom: (Level 1) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Gloom_-_Necromancer This is the first skill that I’ll say shouldn’t be leveled. While Curse Gloom doesn’t have a 100% land rate, it is above 90%, and will land on enemies regardless of level – for example, my level 58 mage landed it 10 times in a row on my level 78. Gloom is also your main debuff so every target you nuke, for the most part, should be hit with Curse Gloom before you start nuking. 23% M. Def debuff is extremely strong, and with the cast time you should be able to easily drop it on every target you want to kill.
    Silence (Max Level Available) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Silence_-_Necromancer The main open PvP debuff other than Gloom. Silence has a higher land rate compared to Fear at, especially in open PvPs where https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mental_Shield_-_Prophet will greatly diminish Fear’s land rate. One of the main tools that make Necro strong in 9v9 and other small numbers PvPs.

    Fear (Max Level Available) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Fear_-_Necromancer Affectionately termed as the “OMG NECRO IS OP IN OLYMPIAD” skill, fear is a game changing skill in Olympiad and against unbuffed targets, however outside of Olympiad, especially against opponents with https://l2wiki.com/classic/Chant_of_Spirit_-_Doomcryer) and Mental Shield fear should be noted to be a very low land rate skill, not typically worth using unless you have epic jewelry like https://l2wiki.com/classic/Refined_Ring_of_Core and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Refined_Orfen's_Earring or you know your opponents are without Mental Shield.
    Transfer Pain (Max Level Available) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Transfer_Pain_-_Necromancer Not much to say here – Transfer Pain is what makes Necro more than a normal nuker. 50% of your damage is transferred to your summon making you significantly more tanky than a sorcerer or bishop.
    Anchor (Max Level Available) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Anchor_-_Necromancer Anchor is near instant cast debuff with an extremely high land rate against anyone without specific paralysis resistance. Anchor is extremely strong in Olympiad, and is one of a few skills that will somewhat consistently land on someone that is more than 5 levels higher than you. If you’re over leveled and playing Olympiad, anchor can often be what saves you from defeat.
    Mass Curse Gloom(Max Level Available) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mass_Curse_Gloom_-_Necromancer Typically a PvE skill, Mass Gloom is also occasionally useful on siege fields and in mass PvPs where your opponents are all flagged and clumped together.

    Curse Weakness (????) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Weakness_-_Necromancer The level of this skill remains a question mark for two reasons. Reason one is that like Mass Slow, you have limited uses for this skill and you will likely have SP problems. Reason two is that Curse Weakness is a skill you will use in Olympiad to break an opponent’s debuff talisman, and at max level costs over 75 mana. The mana cost of Curse Weakness at max level can occasionally cause some mana issues in longer fights. Although it doesn’t come up often, it is worth noting that unless you actually need weakness for something, it’s best to keep level 1.

    Curse Chaos (????) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Chaos_-_Necromancer This skill, has essentially the same role as weakness. It is used in Olympiad to break talismans, and has some limited uses outside of Olympiad.

    Forget (Level 1) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Forget_-_Necromancer This skill is essentially only relevant in Olympiad. Forget will stop summons from attacking you when it lands. Inside of Olympiad this is quite relevant, outside it might be useful once a week when you want to take a mob off of yourself.

    Curse Disease (Max Level Available) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Disease_-_Necromancer I list this as a max level skill, however it is one you will probably want to max a little bit later than others. While it has some PvP and Olympiad uses, it isn’t used all that often and thereby should not be a priority when you’re short on SP.

    Sleep (Level 0) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Sleep_-_Necromancer Honestly this is actually a strong skill, however pretty much every mage class in the game gets it, so it’s much more reasonable to have a class that isn’t as SP starved as Necro learn and utilize this skill. Necro doesn’t really have a use for Sleep in Olympiad and other classes should have sleep learned (either mages or WC/OL) so in my opinion, it’s not worth leveling

    Poisonous Cloud (Max Level Available) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Poisonous_Cloud_-_Necromancer Yet another skill Necro has with limited uses that it likely wants to level up. While it should be low on your priority list, it can be used in Olympiad to get extra DPS against targets that are in Ultimate Defense, Vengeance, or https://l2wiki.com/classic/Shield_of_Faith_-_Shillien_Templar, or it can be used outside of Olympiad to do damage to targets without killing them. The reason to level this over single target https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Poison_-_Necromancer is that Poison Cloud continues to be learned to 78+ whereas single target poison ends at lvl 72.

    Summon Reanimated Man (Level 1***) : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Summon_Reanimated_Man_-_Necromancer of all the skills on Necro that you need to be aware of, Reanimated Man is the most important. If you want to be EXPing in AOE, it is imperative that you leave your skeleton at level 1 so you can kill it for https://l2wiki.com/classic/Corpse_Burst_-_Necromancer

    Tier 1 (Keep leveled 100%) Silence, Doom, Anchor, Fear
    Tier 2 (Level if you have the SP) Mass Curse Gloom, Poison Cloud, Curse Disease
    Tier 3 (Level if you have excess SP) Mass Slow, Curse Poison
    Tier 4 (Level if you literally hate the idea of having all your important skills leveled) Sleep
    Tier X (Doesn't need more than level 1) Gloom, Discord, Forget, Weakness, Chaos

    Unlike most nuker classes, Necro doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses when it comes to PvP or Olympiad. While it may not excel in something like Mass PvP where higher DPS classes like Spellsinger and Spellhowler truly shine, it isn’t in any way useless in them and Curse Gloom is always relevant

    AoE Farming (8.5/10)
    Necro brings Corpse Burst – An unlimited target AOE with the same DPS as a normal single target nuke – meaning Necro will be your best possible AOE DPS in most locations that contain trains more than 16 mobs (the target limit for most other AOEs). For all locations, Necro also has Mass Curse Gloom to increase his fellow nuker’s DPS. As with PvP, Necro allows its fellow nukers to be much more efficient.
    9v9 PvP (8.5/10)
    Necro’s debuff capabilities make it proficient in any sort of PvP, and debuffs like Curse Doom, Curse Silence and Fear can make massive impact when you land them on good characters in low number PvPs. 9v9 gives you room to get off these spells without worrying too much about being killed while going for them, and Gloom as always allows a nice boost in DPS.

    Mass PvP (7/10)
    While Necro is not at its strongest in mass pvp, Curse Doom means Necro is the only class that can prevent tank classes from pulling or running in and UDing. Curse Gloom also allows a Necro in a party with good assisting to make even high health targets easy to kill. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Transfer_Pain_-_Necromancer also allows Necro to effectively be slightly further up and trade damage with high damage targets without running the risk of being 1 shotted like most other nukers.
    Olympiad (9/10)
    Necro is the only nuker class that is also proficient in Olympiad. Depending on level, Necro will typically stand somewhere within the top 5-6 Olympiad farmer classes, while all other nuker classes are stuck in the bottom tier of Olympiad. Olympiad in classic is mostly based on debuffs, and Necro has a lot of them.

    Single Target PvE (3/10)
    While Necro single target is benefited by the major farm skill https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Death_Link_-_Necromancer, because its main nuke requires https://l2wiki.com/classic/Cursed_Bone Necro is one dimensional in its single target farming. Necro has a sweet spot between the levels of 50-70 where CDLing will get very high EXP, but as the mobs begin to get harder and deaths begin to hurt more (70+) Necro has to be very careful and one unfortunate misstep can often mean a loss of 30+ minutes of farming. Necro also has the major downfall of being a nuker, which means you need a lot of boxes to non-stop farm without running out of mana, which is the main reason they sit at such a low rating. If you have out of party buffers that you can level with, Necro is much better than a 3/10.

    Levels 40-50 (1/10)
    Levels 40-50, while being part of the “Single Target PvE” section, unfortunately are weak enough that they deserve their own mention. While all other nuker classes get their major DPS skill at level 40, Necro unfortunately only gets https://l2wiki.com/classic/Vampiric_Claw_-_Necromancer at level 40, meaning the levels 40-44 typically require you to continue using https://l2wiki.com/classic/Blaze_-_Human_Wizard and while Necro is helped by https://l2wiki.com/classic/Death_Spike_-_Necromancer at 44, unless you have a lot of adena, you will likely still have to use Blaze until you hit the power spike level of 50 where you can pick up Curse Death Link. Unfortunately this means that Necro moves through levels 40-50 at a pace slower than almost any other class.
    Necro, along with every mage class, clearly has its main strengths outside of the single target PvE realm, however I still rank it above many other classes because the levels 50-70~ are a breeze and during those levels, because of CDL, Necro can farm at a rate faster than almost any other. While Necro ranks as “weak” to me in single target PvE, compared to other nukers it is notably better than both Sorcerer and Spellsinger because of Curse Death Link, and of course https://l2wiki.com/classic/Body_To_Mind_-_Necromancer and only truly falls behind Spellhowler which gets both CDL and a normal, resource-less nuke, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Hurricane_-_Spellhowler as well as an overhit which Necro lacks, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Shadow_Flare_-_Spellhowler.

    D Grade : Devotion Set, Knowledge Set, Staff Of Life
    Your class will have semi-infinite mana because of your pet, so your focus should be maximum DPS, and in the majority of solo spots I will point to, you shouldn’t be getting hit much or at all, so devotion shouldn’t be a problem. If you absolutely must have a D grade set, Knowledge gives the best stats in my opinion. For a weapon, you just want the best weapon you have available to you. If you can afford a Staff of Life or Ghost Staff, go for them. If not, Sword of Magic Fog or Goat Head Staff is just fine.

    C Grade : Karmian Set, Demon Set, Demon's Staff
    The important thing to recognize here is not to rush to get yourself a C grade weapon. While it may look nice, your spirit shots will double in price, which makes any subsequent gear you want to get quite a bit more tedious. The damage increase on your https://l2wiki.com/classic/Blaze_-_Human_Wizard skill will be noticeable but you won’t go from 4 shotting mobs to 2 shotting them, so be careful how you itemize here if you’re low on money. In my experience, the best use of adena is Dyes > Karmian Set > Demon Staff, so long as I have a top D grade weapon in my hands already.

    B Grade : Avadon Set, +++ Demon’s Staff or Staff of Evil Spirits
    Note: around the time you’re getting yourself into B grade, if you’re gearing all of your chars as you go, you want to start considering getting your rechargers into their end game gear. A +6 set on each of them (D Grade will do) and a MP Regen weapon will significantly increase their MP Regen and thereby allow you to farm for longer periods of time with more efficiency compared to a lot of gear option you might consider for yourself. Personally, around the time I got myself into an Avadon Set with a +4 Demon Staff, I’d be looking to get my rechargers end game geared.

    As with C grade, the trouble with upgrading your staff to B grade is that your shots will again nearly double, which will eat directly into your profits while leveling. If possible, you should consider going after an over enchanted Demon’s Staff in order to maximize profits, as your CDL should already be doing very solid damage even with a +0 weapon. The price of a Staff of Evil Spirits has been coming down, and it can be worth it to buy however if you’re looking for long term profits, an over enchanted C grade weapon is your best bet.

    Realistic End Game Gear : +6 Karmian Set, +7 Demon’s Staff
    I’ll not go into the crazy possibilities of what you can get in the end game with a Dark Crystal set or a +8 Ecliptic Axe, but a realistic expectation as you get 70+ and into end game content is to get yourself into a +6 Karmian Set with a +7 Staff and anything on top of that is icing on the cake. A nuker with this gear will be a threat in the majority of PvPs for a while to come.

    +12 WIT, +8 WIT +4 INT, or +8 WIT +4 CON.

    Whether you want to get the +4 INT depends on whether you want to be more PvE or PvP oriented. If you’re in a mode to PvE for weeks on end, the +4 INT will give you a small boost that can help in certain areas. Typically, while +4 INT absolutely does help, it isn’t the massive boost that some people expect, so don’t look towards it to double your damage output or anything. If you’re in a PvP mode, there are people that like to debate between +12 WIT and +4 CON. In my opinion, CON is not worth the drop in DPS when you’re playing on a necro, as you’re already a fairly tanky class. For overall gameplay, I stick with +12 WIT on my necro and always have. Important to note that for Olympiad, +12 WIT is an absolute must.

    PvE : for full PvE, ISS rune is your best bet as none of the other runes give you a significant advantage in terms of kill rate while CDLing.
    PvP : Super Feo, while extremely expensive (30kk+) gives you a notable boost in your crit rate (10%+) and for an end game PvP setup is absolutely worth buying. If you’re having trouble with adena, I would make do with a standard Wynn’s Rune.
    Olympiad : Typically you’re looking at 2 runes for olympiad. You can add a couple of extras if you want, however the main rune you want to have is a cast speed rune. Most people run a cast speed rune on an extra weapon so they can keep their main rune in their main weapon, and they can use that cast speed weapon when the goal is to get fear or another debuff of as fast as possible.

    Olympiad : Typically you’re looking at 2 runes for olympiad. You can add a couple of extras if you want, however the main rune you want to have is a cast speed rune. Most people run a cast speed rune on an extra weapon so they can keep their main rune in their main weapon, and they can use that cast speed weapon when the goal is to get fear or another debuff of as fast as possible.

    Overall : Assuming you’re sticking with 1 weapon for PvP+PvE and you have the adena to afford it, a Super Feo gives you the best bang for your buck as the crit rate will help in PvE as well as being the strongest rune for PvP. If you, as most people, can’t afford a Super Feo, your best bet, in my opinion, is to stick with a mana regen rune (ISS) as for general PvP a 3-4% cast speed rune or a very slight M. Attack boost won’t change almost anything. For Olympiad, you can have a cheap secondary weapon with a cast speed rune.

    First, I will reiterate that Necro is a very tough class to level solo if you’re starting from 0 with no help. While it isn’t impossible and I’ve seen plenty of people do it, you do need to have an attachment to Necro in particular if you’re going to have the dedication required to get to higher levels through mainly solo leveling. Most non-mage classes have a better time in that they don’t need multiple buffers kept up with their levels, and random parties are easier to find as single target 9 man farming is very realistic for archers and melees, but not highly realistic for nukers as they typically want to get AOEing with a 9 man party. This is not to say that you shouldn’t level Necro, obviously I love the class, but you should know what you're in for. If you have some high level supports for whatever reason, for example a couple of lvl 76+ rechargers, you can ignore this and the next warning.

    Now for the leveling setup, Necro also happens to be a class, along with all nukers, that needs quite a few boxes to level optimally. Again I will warn you to be certain of what you want to do if you’re planning on sitting with 1 buff box. My recommendation for “optimal” leveling will state you want 4 buffers, 3 of which keep up in level with you. This “optimal” setup will give you maximum DPS in farming and, for the most most areas, keep you from sitting down to regen MP more than once in a while as long as your rechargers have adequate regen gear.

    Prophet (Lv. 58)
    BladeDancer (Lv. 52)
    Elven Elder (within 6 levels of your nuker)
    Shilien Elder (within 6 levels of your nuker)
    If you already have high level rechargers, a 2nd EE would help in certain areas, but it shouldn’t be a necessity.
    BladeDancer (Lv. 52)
    Elven Elder (within 6 levels of your nuker)

    With the budget leveling setup, you will be lacking complete full buffs so your PvP readiness will take a very big hit, and you’ll very often be sitting to regen MP. Of course there’s a reason I call it a “Budget Leveling Setup”, and it is naturally not the best possible conditions, but it is doable if you’re dedicated. For this setup, you’ll need to be spending money on both cast speed potions and empower fish stews, so you’ll also be taking a slight hit on income, especially in the lower levels, but it shouldn’t break the bank too much.

    I'll put this here as my belief is a lot of people misunderstand this. The nice thing about mage is because you're going to be 2-3 shotting most mobs, you will almost always be making a profit in low levels and you'll make adena hand over fist when you're CDLing. Rather than focus on adena, my belief is that your best bet is to focus on EXP and allow the adena to come in slowly for the majority of levels. Perhaps in the levels 30-45~ you want to be focusing a bit on adena so you can get yourself into C grade, however at almost every other level I find it to be more efficient to just allow the adena to come while I focus on the EXP side of things. By the time you reach 78 if you only farm on the top EXP spots you will have more than enough for end game gear and fully geared boxes, so don't worry too much about everything else.

    You'll see a lot of people that sit in bad exp spots for a long period of time in their early 50s trying to get a +4 C grade staff, but in reality you're sacrificing levels for something you don't need for leveling and you'll get eventually anyways. For Necro, all you need is decent gear and low HP and you have all you need to level all the way up. Good gear is for PvP.

    Now on to the actual leveling, I’ll say that generally as a nuker you want to be focusing on areas where you 2-3 shot mobs as that is typically the best balance for MP and EXP. If you go to spots where you’re 5 shotting mobs, unless you have a https://l2wiki.com/classic/Refined_Orfen's_Earring or 5 rechargers, you will likely have mana troubles, and if you go to spots where you 1 shot them you’ll have trouble finding enough mobs.

    Typically, abandoned camp is a spot that you will probably be sad to leave, as the exp effiency here at the back area is very high compared to most other spots. In the early levels, you will likely have to farm closer to the entrance as the Ol Mahum Commanders will give you some trouble, but as you get to 25+ if you have decent gear, you should be able to handle the tougher mobs.
    There are a few options for where you can go past 32, but the 2 most realistic ones are EG in the lower area(Hangman Trees, and Corpse Trackers) or Plains of the Lizardmen on the lower level mobs (Archers, Soldiers, and Bloody Axe’s Escorts). EG should give you better EXP, however it will give less adena as the bats spawn adenaless special mobs. If you’re worried about adena, you can consider going to the plains, however I prefer to stay in EG for the majority of these levels.
    The choice between the 3 areas is fairly linear. If you have equipment, buffers and adena and all you want is EXP, Forest of Mirrors is by far the best. If you have buffers and gear and want a mix of adena and EXP, Plains of the Lizardmen’s high level mobs are your go-to. If you have mediocre gear or lack buffers, you can stick on the lower level mobs in Plains of the Lizardmen, or you can try out a new area in the Hardin’s Academy. Personally, I prefer to stick to the low level mobs in Plains of the Lizardmen. Important note here is that unfortunately 36-40 if you're leveling without any high level buffers will feel like it takes forever. Once you hit 40 you'll get a big boost with WIT dyes/gear, so I would consider leaving a few buffers behind and powering to 40 as fast as possible
    As with level 36-40, Plains of The Lizardmen will give you a mix of adena + EXP, and Forest of Mirrors will be by far your best bet for EXP but will almost certainly cost you adena.
    I include Sea of Spores here not because I believe it to be an efficient leveling spot in terms of adena or EXP, but because there are some people that like to go spell book hunting, and this is the area where you can do so. I would recommend against it and say that you should go to a spot where you can make good adena then buy the books, however if you must gamble on a lucky drop, you can farm on Rotting Trees for your CDL spellbook, and beside those you'll find some Rotting Golems which you can kill for a chance at the Death Whisper spellbook which sells for a good price.
    Once again, Forest of Mirrors is your best bet if you can afford it. aas you get higher in levels, it loses you less adena and by 45 you might actually be able to break even if you farm in a spot with a good mix of shamans and other mobs. Outside of Forest of Mirrors there are about 500 leveling spots that you can test out. Unfortunately however, there is a reason I rated levels 40-50 as a 1/10, and 45-50 might be a 0/10. You don't have a real nuke to do damage, and you don't have any good leveling spots that you can handle that make good adena and even decent EXP. Feel free to try out as many spots as you like because you will continuously come to the conclusion that the EXP in your current spot is terrible.
    50-58 (AKA You've Made it!!)
    At this level, you have a ridiculous number of spots you are capable of leveling at. Unlike other spells, Curse Death Link won't be failing unless you're farming on mobs that are massively outside of your level range (20+) so you can even farm on dark red mobs if you want to. My recommendation for EXP is Anghel Waterfall. The EXP at Anghel Waterfall is unmatched by almost any other spot in the game, and you should easily be able to pass 12kk exp/hour if you have the right setup. Unfortunately, Anghel Waterfall like most every other EXP based spot will run you a bit dry on adena, so you might not be able to farm here permanently. Seal of Shilen is effectively the same story as Anghel Waterfall, however I add it here because it can be a nice change of scenery if you're getting bored of the Forest of Mirrors area.
    If you're looking for a spot to get some adena along with your EXP, there are many options. I have seen people CDL in Enchanted Valley before, and I've seen people deep in Dragon's Valley as well, however in sticking with my earlier recommendation that you don't want to be more than 2-3 shotting mobs, my recommendation is Plains of Glory. You will gete soem good EXP, the mob density is fairly solid, and of course you get adena along with it.
    As mentioned earlier, Seal of Shilen is quite similar to Anghel Waterfall, however the mobs are higher level so you can stay there longer. again, if you're able to afford it, Seal of Shilen is your best EXP all the way until you level out of the area. If you're not able to afford it, you have quite a few options to get solid EXP and adena, but I'll point you to 2 of them : Plains of Glory, and Forsaken Plains. I've already recommended Plains of Glory and it's certainly a good spot, but if you're looking for a change up (and I'm sure you will given that 58-70 is a lot lf leveling) or you've begun to out level Plains of Glory, Forsaken Plains is a good option. You can also try out the lower level mobs in Blazing Swamp.
    Realistically, most people seem to agree that Blazing Swamp is the superior spot for these levels. You should already be geared for the most part and looking to get levels more than anything else, and Blazing Swamp's adenaless mobs are perfect for that. You should also be able to make a profit in the area given that there's nowhere with only adenaless mobs, so I would stick mostly to Blazing Swamp. Forsaken Plains can be good if you really need the adena or want a change in scenery, but it really doesn't compare.

    You might have been reading this thinking : I heard Catacombs are extremely strong in this patch, and yes you're right. Unfortunately however, Necros can't farm these spots reasonably unless doing it with an AOE party, so you're out of luck.

    There are many group setups that will work perfectly fine for AOE so I won't go into them specifically. So long as you have a tank, a healer, some nukers, and 3-4 rechargers, your group should be able to EXP in most good AOE zones just fine. The only note is that as you get into LOA, you definitely want a warlord to stun the mobs as well.
    In the sake of conserving paper (save the trees!) I'm not going to include a lot of "extra" leveling spots in the AOE section as I did in the solo section as you will be moving through these spots much more quickly, and in general you'll find that EXP and adena go hand in hand with AOE.
    Side note: I'm assuming here you're in a mage party not a random mix party. Mage parties really should only be AOEing so single targetting isn't something I'll talk about.

    As with single target nuking, Abandoned Camp has commanders which will give you very solid EXP as well as adena and can be trained easily. These mobs don't lose aggro much, and when they do you can kite and still nuke with any nuker that has windwalk and acumen.
    In my experience, the flame weakness of mobs in the Ant's Nest make them easy to kill, and while they do a ton of damage to nukers, they are extremely social so you should be able to hold aggro on them fairly easily. Some people prefer to stay at Partisan's Hideaway from 30-35 and then move on, however I think that Ant's Nest is a better spot for the whole way up.
    A ton of mobs, highly social (so won't fall off the train easily), good adena, and good EXP. Alligator Island is really everything you want from a leveling zone during these levels. I wouldn't recommend any other spot than Alligator Island until you have Corpse Burst.
    Note : Corpse Burst is the reason you want your skeleton to say level 1. If you level it up, you won't be able to do this
    This depends on your party's setup. Your goal here is to get to DV Second Bridge and level there until 57, however if you don't have a high level tank and buffers to support your party, you won't be able to go there right at 46. If your party is leveling from 0, you should likely stay in Alligator Island until you level out of the lower level mobs (Nos, Crokian Lad, Crokian Lad Warrior) at level 47/48, and then move to Enchanted Valley until 50-52. Enchanted Valley will also give you a chance to get some materials for top C grade weapons and potentially some drops of them as well.
    Easily the best spot for these levels, no question. Plenty of EXP and adena. All you need to worry about is your tank getting stunned and dying, but hey.. you're not a tank so who cares right?
    Again, this depends on your setup. If you have sufficient buffers and active players to farm on Drakes and Bloody Ladies, it is much better than your other option, however not everyone has these things so you might need to consider leveling on Thunder Wyrms, Dustwind Gargoyles and Succubuses for a little while.
    If you're looking for maximum EXP, ABG is your best bet. Dragon's Valley can be good for the adena and the exp isn't terrible, but since the slight nerf of DV drop rates since Antharas update, I would definitely prefer ABG.
    There really isn't much debate here. If you're trying to power level 1 character at a time you can try the Catacomb, but for full party EXP 3-way is top for adena and EXP, and once you level out of 3-way, Kariks is the best until you level out of that spot as well.
    At 77+ there really isn't any efficient farming spot other than the Catacomb. Giant's Cave and Forgotten Island are much too hard to AOE even wqith the perfect possible setup, TOI mobs have too much health to be good EXP or adena, and LOA is too low level. Your only real choice is to level characters 1 by 1 in the catacomb. It's annoying, but at least the EXP is nice (14kk+ exp/20min)

    Just to get a general idea of what a Necro’s role in PvP is, I’ll include each style of PvP and some general tactics that are important to be included. Important to note here is that the strength of Necro is its versatility. Necro has situations where it finds itself as one of the strongest classes in the game and some where it is not, however Necro doesn’t have any situation in PvP where it is truly weak.

    You’ll note that in these guides, I don’t mention fear. Fear is a relevant skill in many situations, however it’s important to recognize that against targets that have Chant of Spirit and Mental Shield, it isn’t worth casting unless you have some sort of boost – specifically, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Refined_Ring_of_Core and/or https://l2wiki.com/classic/Refined_Orfen's_Earring to give you some higher land rate. Without these, you will mostly be wasting time spamming this skill. With them, you can use it often.
    In 9v9s and any other PvP below 15~ characters, Necro finds itself in a very strong point. Necro’s role in these fights is as a hybrid debuffer and nuker. Necro can’t run around only debuffing, however you want to be finding openings where you can get off a good https://l2wiki.com/classic/Silence_-_Necromancer while DPSing other targets that are out of position – especially getting gloom off on assisted targets. You can also use your Curse Doom to prevent tanks from UDing and thereby make them easy to blow up quickly. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Transfer_Pain_-_Necromancer allows it to be a bit more aggressive than other nukers and get into position to use debuffs, but doesn’t make it invincible. The trick here is to find the balance between nuking and debuffing.

    As the numbers get lower and lower, debuffs become stronger and stronger. If you’re in a 4v4 PvP, you can lock down the whole fight with a clutch Doom and Silence on 2 important targets, so when you’re getting into these numbers you should be focusing on getting your debuffs off more than anything else. Necro can absolutely dominate these types of fights. Have fun.
    As expected, when the numbers get higher debuffs become a bit less important and thereby Necro becomes a bit less relevant. In no way is Necro useless in these fights, in fact it is still an incredibly important class, however you’re going to be doing a lot more DPSing and that is where some other classes are stronger. Typically in Mass PvP you’re looking to Doom relevant targets that are out of position (Especially tanks so you can blow them up before they get off Vengeance of UD), and get Curse Gloom off on any high health targets your group is nuking. Mass Gloom can be occasionally useful, and in the right situations can make a big difference. Important to note here is that while you can be slightly more aggressive than elemental nukers, you can still easily get picked off by a group that is assisting well, and in most PvPs there will be many tanks looking to pull any squishy.
    One of the most underutilized skills on almost any necro is actually the Corrupted Man’s Summon Nuke. your summon has a skill that, when it has summon spirit shots, will do anywhere from 40-70% of the damage of one of your own nukes, on about a 7 second cooldown. This means that you can actually noticeably increase your damage by using your corrupted man’s skill on targets you are nuking.
    Olympiad Guide
    Olympiad is another area where Necro shines. Olympiad is a debuff first, ask questions later field when it comes to L2 classic, and with the plethora of debuffs Necro has, it can farm more points than almost any other class.

    +12 WIT : Absolutely critical in order to get your debuffs off as fast as physically possible.

    Wynn Weapon : Again for the casting speed, it is quite important to have a weapon with casting speed on it, especially for matchups like Necro vs Necro where you will just be debuffing each other as fast as possible.

    Pet Shots : Apart from debuffs, Necro’s summon is one of its main advantages, so it’s important to keep it with shots in order to do as much work as possible.

    Talismans :
    One of the two main talismans that you’ll use in a majority of your fights, guard allows a character to resist up to 5 debuffs over 10 seconds. There are 2 types of this talisman, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Grey_Talisman_Box_-_Guard and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Yellow_Talisman_Box_-_Guard as there are with every talisman, and you’ll want to get both of those any time you register if you’re trying to farm against other farmers.
    The other main talisman you’ll want in Olympiad. Benefaction gives a 10 second UD. This one is a bit less important than guard and will probably be used in 1/5 of your fights depending on what farmer bracket you’re in. Very important talisman to have as some matchups like vs summoners are almost impossible to win without this. Again, you’ll want 2 of them if you want to do true oly farming. If you’re just casually playing for fun, I would avoid this talisman and just stick with guard talismans.

    This is one that you’ll rarely use, but can really save you in situations where you do use it. Denial will remove 1 debuff from your character, which means you can use it if you get anchored by a Necro, or by a warlock’s cubic, or if you’re silenced or rooted. This one is generally unnecessary unless you’re doing something like going for hero, but it can definitely win you games so if you can afford it, you want it.

    This is a unique talisman that you have to buy from the Olympiad manager for tokens and adena. It has a 1 hour cooldown and works very similar to a Refined Core Ring. Liberate will remove your debuffs so long as you are outside of fear or stun. It is critical if you’re looking to farm Olympiad consistently, even though it’s quite expensive.

    One of the things most people don’t realize about Necro is that its debuffs actually aren’t what make it as strong as it is. Of course, Necro’s debuffs certainly help, but one of the main reasons Necros can beat certain classes is that necro can get off 5 debuffs before almost any other class. This means that if Necro sits beside an opponent and they both cast guard, the Necro will break that talisman in 3 seconds, and win the fight instantly.

    The strength of Necro being in breaking talismans, means you will have interesting games against classes like Dark Avenger who have a faster casted fear if both of your talismans are off. You can have some fun games in trying to outplay such opponents. You also have many classes like Warcryer, Overlord, and Warlord who can get off a debuff in roughly the same time as you, so you run the risk of losing if you don’t put yourself in an advantage from the start. Of course your summon gives you an advantage over these classes, but they aren’t free wins.

    Breaking a Talisman
    You have 3 skill necessary to break a talisman : https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Chaos_-_Necromancer, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Weakness_-_Necromancer, and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Gloom_-_Necromancer. The sequence is Chaos -> Weakness -> Gloom -> Chaos -> Weakness. Weakness/Chaos being interchangeable, however there is a cool down so you can’t do something like chaos/weakness/gloom/weakness/chaos. You can also add in a skill like https://l2wiki.com/classic/Anchor_-_Necromancer after gloom for a very slight increase in your speed to break the talisman.
    You can see an example in the Necro vs Necro portion under "Matchups"

    I will try to include anything special in a specific matchup, but for the most part you will get Haste, Acumen, and Windwalk in every matchup and the others vary from there. Usually, it should be fairly obvious what to take, for example if you’re playing against a Spellsinger you want magic barrier and BTB, and in matchups where the cast speed counts, you want Berserker Spirit.

    I won’t sit here and explain every matchup, however there are some unique aspects to certain matchups that require some explanation.

    VS DA
    Your main goal here is to break his talisman. There are some strategies you can attempt in order to get there, but in reality the main goal here is to not let him out-juke you around pillars and waste your time.
    VS Necro
    An interesting mirror matchup. For the most part you end up going beside each other, popping a guard talisman, and trying to break your opponent’s talisman faster than he can break yours. There is a question here in whether you want to fear or silence after you break your opponent’s talisman… While fear if it lands and your opponent doesn’t get his off is a surefire win, fear also has a lower land rate than silence. If you’re playing an opponent who you know has no Core Ring, Denial talisman or Liberate talisman, Silence will give you a debuff that lasts 22 seconds while fear will wear off in 7, however more often than not you can’t know your opponent doesn’t have these things, meaning Fear is your best bet.
    It’s important to recognize as well here, the land rate of silence vs fear with level advantages. Silence will land semi-consistently on someone up to 5-6 levels ahead of you, while at those larger gaps, fear will almost never land. Take into account this knowledge when deciding which skill to use as well.

    VS Destroyer
    Your goal here is to wait out their https://l2wiki.com/classic/Guts_-_Destroyer and then kill them without letting them get into Zealot and Frenzy. This means you don’t want to be nuking them or attacking with your summon, but rather trying to delay them until a time when you’ll be able to consistently debuff them into death. Alternatively, if you land fear in the correct direction (into a wall), you can also 100-0 them if you have a good weapon in your hands. Pick and choose which strategy fits the game you’re in.
    There are many other interesting matchups, however these 3 are played somewhat uniquely and so deserved to have specific mention. Outside of this, you should be able to intuitively recognize what to do in any given matchup.

    Necro is a fairly nuanced class with plenty of different options for leveling, adena making, and potential playstyles for both PvE and PvP. In olympiad it can be one of the strongest classes if played correctly, and outside if can be as well. I would recommend Necro to anyone that enjoys playing a challenging nuker and doesn't mind having people get mad at them for playing what they believe to be an imbalanced class. In my opinion, Necro is correctly balanced in that it allows for a skilled player to do absolute wonders with it, while still punishing less skilled players for missteps and bad gameplay. Thanks for reading, and here are a few videos to end it off.

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