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[Guide Contest Winner] Road to Shillien Saint By Wisnia and Rick.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Wiśniaa, Feb 27, 2018.

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    Road to Shillien Saint By Wisnia and Rick


    1.Introduction of the class
    Shillien Elder is a really good looking Offensive Support class. Due to the ability to CC opponents with https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dryad_Root_-_Shillien_Elder and enhance the damage output of melee weapon users along with some healing capabilities places that class in this category.

    The class is highly dependent on a group, but because of the buffs/debuffs it is highly sought after considering it is vital for both Mage and Melee setups. The Shillien elder also has the ability to use a melee weapon to xp solo with the use of a heavy/light armor and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Stigma_of_Shilen_-_Shillien_Elder to boost the dps.

    2. Playstyle on PVE

    In a Aoe group the primary job of an SE is to https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recharge_-_Shillien_Elder the main damage dealers (Mages/Tyrants), provide off heal support (with greater heal and greater group heal) in case it is needed and cleanse debuffs (like paralyze from certain mobs) using purify.

    Depending on the zone it can also be used as a puller, utilizing either https://l2wiki.com/classic/Stigma_of_Shilen_-_Shillien_Elder or https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wind_Shackle_-_Shillien_Elder to provoke non-aggro mobs.

    In a Melee group the SE provides extra DPS with the use of https://l2wiki.com/classic/Stigma_of_Shilen_-_Shillien_Elder, alongside with damaging the mob utilizing a melee weapon. In certain zones where fear is needed to be able to tank the mob, the Shillien elder can also provide https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dryad_Root_-_Shillien_Elder to prevent the mob from aggroing more packs of mobs.

    Soloing is not the strong suit for an Shillien elder for sure, but with the use of a good weapon and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Stigma_of_Shilen_-_Shillien_Elder the SE can solo mobs with a decent speed, healing when needed. It is not advised to utilize your magic skills to kill the mobs since it gonna deplete your mana pool very quick.

    3. Playstyle on PVP

    Mage Party
    The primary job of an SE during pvp is to provide off-heals to the party and recharge the Bishop and mages when they run out of mana in a prolonged fight. It is very important the use of https://l2wiki.com/classic/Battle_Heal_-_Shillien_Oracle during PVP due to the slower cast speed and it can provide the time needed for the Bishop to get his cast off in time.

    The SE can also root the pets and melee characters that are sticking to the mages in order to protect and create space.

    Melee Party
    In a Melee party PvP the job of an SE is similar, provide off-heals to help the Bishop, but it also can assume an more offensive role, by using https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dryad_Root_-_Shillien_Elder to pin enemies in place so the melee party can do uninterrupted damage to the target. The https://l2wiki.com/classic/Stigma_of_Shilen_-_Shillien_Elder also provides a big boost on damage since it also works on ranged skills that some classes utilize (tyrants and gladiators for instance).

    Because of this it is really important that root and stigma is cast on the Main Assist target to help burn down the enemy faster.

    In both play styles the SE can provide almighty beast damage with https://l2wiki.com/classic/Might_of_Heaven_-_Shillien_Elder as his high base int provides a good amount of matk. But it is vital that this is done only when all other roles are not needed. This is how Wisnia earned the nick “Fastest windstrike in the west”, just don't forget to heal, that's how Strekoza dies sometimes.

    4. Lvling 1-76

    Stage 1 - 20
    At this point you gonna be leveling as a mage class since there is no difference between both. Use the equipment noted in the leveling gear section and follow the questline for starters to get some jewels and weapon for free.

    Some good spots for this are:

    1-10 Kill mobs outside Dark Elf village, moving deeper as you level
    10-16 Kill Festering bats at Swampland. This is usually one shot on them since they have wind vulnerability
    16-20 Kill Ruin Imp, Scavenger Bat, Ruin Bat, Monster Eye Watchman, Ruin Imp Elder on Ruins of Agony, this works well since all those mobs have wind vulnerability (In Ruins you also get herbs that buff your xp gain).

    After you hit 20 (or 19 and 40%) do your quest for class transfer (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Path_of_the_Shillien_Oracle).


    You are now a Average Good Looking Shillien Oracle!

    Stage 20-40

    At this point you get access to the main healing skills (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Heal_-_Shillien_Oracle, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Group_Heal_-_Shillien_Oracle and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Battle_Heal_-_Shillien_Oracle) so this is when you can take the Solo route or Group route:

    If you want to solo (which is a harder path but doable) check if your server has newbie gift’s (Currently Innova team presents them as you create a character). At level 20 you will get a Dual D grade for 30 days along with soulshots, those duals are enough to kill single hp mobs without any issues. Nuke when you have MP, and when you run out, smash those mobs!

    20-25 Go outside Dion towards Execution Grounds and kill hobgoblins, Tumran Bugbear, Monster Eye Searcher and Monster Eye Overseer, use https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wind_Strike_-_Dark_Mystic and your duals to kill these mobs (or a melee weapon if duals are not available).

    At 25 there is a quest that gives you a D Grade armor set. Its called moon knight (https://l2wiki.com/classic/Moon_Knight). If you plan on going solo path, get the Light armor set so you have extra pdef and attack speed from your light armor passive (Take 1 level of the passive only for now).

    25-37 Go Execution Grounds, this gonna be your bread and butter place of XP, has undeads so you can use your https://l2wiki.com/classic/Disrupt_Undead_-_Shillien_Oracle skill and the mobs are easy and plentiful. The mobs you wanna kill are:
    Neer Crawler, Neer crawler Berserker, Amber basilisk until 30
    Strain, Ghoul, Corpse Tracker until 34 (the Corpse Tracker and Ghoul have a chance to spawn a green named mob that gives extra xp and is slightly harder)
    Corpse Tracker, Hangman Tree until 37

    If you get bored of Execution Grounds and want to switch places for a while another place would be Cruma Marshlands or Ant nest, be advised that https://l2wiki.com/classic/Disrupt_Undead_-_Shillien_Oracle can only be used on the Mist Horror Ripper in Cruma Marshlands, for the rest you must Attack them with a weapon.

    35-40 Now you can finally go and get some well deserved fresh air in Hardins Academy, kill the following mobs:
    Guardian Basilisk, Road Scavenger, Windsus, Grandis
    Fettered Soul are strong but if you can take them down it is a very good source of xp

    While soloing you should keep an eye out on the Party Finder (bottom left corner to the right of the clan button). You may find a raid boss group looking for a healer (and at level 32 even recharges). It is a nice break from the grinding and good xp.

    After you hit 40, spend some time in Ivory Tower Crater hunting Manashen Gargoyle, they drop the much needed Death Whisper Spell book. For the Stigma of Shilen Spellbook that will be at Forest of Mirrors killing Harit Lizardman Soldiers, but for that you will require help. Check Player Shops for the Stigma of Shillien Spellbook if you want to learn it right away.

    This path is definitely easier if you find a Constant Party or just a group of people that play together. At early levels your job gonna be providing heals and once you hit level 32 you will be able to Recharge characters too, offering spots both on melee and mage groups.
    The places where you gonna level gonna depend heavily on the group you find, so it is hard to list all but some of the places are:

    Aoe: Orc Barracks(20-35), Abandoned Camp (20-32), Partisans hideaway(20-32), Ant nest (30-40)

    Melee: Orc Barracks(20-35), forgotten temple(20-35), Ant nest(30-40)

    At level 40 go do your 3 class quest transfers, there is a lot of guides to do all 3 at once (each step is laid out to minimize teleports, reducing travel time).


    You are now a Shillien Elder! (And you gonna be for a long time!)

    Stage 40-76+

    Now while it is possible to solo if you make your SE a melee character utilizing https://l2wiki.com/classic/Stigma_of_Shilen_-_Shillien_Elder it is not advisable since it will be slow and not worth. You gonna find parties now (if you don't have your own already), since now you bring a lot to the table, either for single target groups, Aoe groups or even the duoing with a mage. You are a support class, so support people! Remember you don't need a full party from now on to xp, your recharge will go a long way with mages (they will love you for it) and melee will worship you with your Stigma!

    Now for some xp spots we gonna list a few that are worth mentioning:
    Alligator Island (40- 48), both styles work here, either holding a camp providing heals or doing aoe with a mage and a tank. Group up with a warlord for great Duo xp!

    Cruma Tower 3rd Floor (40-48), either single target the mobs with Stigma, or provide mp for a mage doing aoe on the Porta/Krator.

    Cruma Tower 2nd Floor (45-52), single target or aoe (for the aoe part it will require a bit more players, since its harder for a mage to control the fast running mobs. You want mainly a tank or a warlord here also).

    Forest of mirrors(40-57), every composition works here, be it single target melee, mage or aoe. The shamans give double xp but provide no drops at all, so you might hurt on adena if you choose to hunt here at this level. It is by far the fastest place to xp.

    Enchanted Valley(50-62), Good farming place with decent xp and very good adena drops. If you are hurting for adena this is a very good place to farm. Find a Spoiler and make some good adena there!

    Tower of insolence 1st Floor(50-56), this place is for melee characters and aoe only (need a warlord), the hp pool of the mobs prevent it from being efficient for single target mages. The mobs are strong and hit very hard so your heals (and Vampiric Rage) will be very welcome!

    Tower of insolence 2nd Floor(56-60), same as floor 1, but the mobs are slightly stronger.
    Fields of massacre/Seal of Shilien(58-68), on both places you gonna be looking for the doom knight, has no drops but gives double xp similar to the Forest of mirrors Shamans. Aoe or single target (both melee and mage) are perfect for both spots.

    Ancient Battleground(60-72), suitable only for aoe, as all the mobs here are group mobs. The level range is pretty big so make sure you are in the correct zone (the zone close to Tower of Insolence is the lower level area, while the zone close to Blazing swamp has the higher level mobs). Good xp and adena for aoe groups due to the quantity of mobs available.

    Catacomb of forbidden Path(58-71), perfect for melee groups, very good xp and drops. It is possible to do aoe but can be risky as the mobs are hard if you are on the lower end of the range.

    Antharas Lair(65-76), a very good spot for aoe, plenty of mobs with good xp. Single target also works but will be slightly slower because all mobs have very high HP.

    Blazing Swamp(68-76), Either do Aoe or single target, just as Forest of mirrors the Hames Orc shaman here gives double xp but no drops. This place works very well if you have a Phantom Ranger one-shotting the Shamans with Fatal Counter while you provide the MP for it!

    Catabomb of the Witch(70-80), Also perfect for melee groups, Aoe is also possible but same as the other catacomb, a bit dangerous.

    5. Equipment

    Blue wolf Robe Set (PvE Set)

    Gonna give you everything you need, including MP Regen. If you are not short on adena going +6 on the set is a very good idea since it gives you +6 mp per tick when standing still.

    Blue wolf Light Set (PvP Set)
    You want this set for pvp, since your cast speed loss is not major because of your Light Armor passives. It will also give you MP Regen and it is comparable to wearing a Robe set. If you are not short on adena going +6 on the set is a very good idea since it gives you +6 mp per tick when standing still.

    Majestic Set (PvP Set)
    You want this set for pvp, since your cast speed loss is not major because of your Light Armor passives. It will also give you MP Regen and it is comparable to wearing a Robe set. If you are not short on adena going +6 on the set is a very good idea since it gives you +6 mp per tick when standing still.


    Black ore Set or Majestic jewels set
    Here is a matter of preference. If you have access to A Grade Jewels go for it, if not enchanting a Black Ore to +4 will give you the same amount of MDEF.

    Use a doom shield for extra PDEF on shield blocks.

    Demon Dagger (Othell Rune on it)

    This is a weapon if you intend on doing damage along your party, mainly for melee parties.

    Low D Grade weapon (Iss Rune on it)
    This is the weapon you gonna equip when regening MP.

    Low D Grade weapon (Yul Rune on it)
    This is the weapon you gonna use when you need extra move speed.

    Healing weapon - Sword of Valhalla or Homunkulus Sword (Wynn rune on it)
    Here you can choose, if you are low on adena and don't want to spend a lot of it on Blessed spirit shots the Homunkulus does the trick, being cheaper than the Valhalla. You want Wynn rune on it to get faster casts of your heal.

    At this level range you can use Devotion Set and whatever magic weapon you can find, since your play style will be of a nuker.

    At this level range the Moon Knight Armor set is enough. Mithril Set is also a valid option since it gives you speed for convenience.

    As for weapon if you have the adena you can go for a Sword of Magic fog. If not stay with the weapon you used during your early levels. Your primary way of XP will be in a party, but if you don't have one, you can also utilize a melee weapon along side with a light armor set for extra dps.

    At this level range you can go either Divine Set (for MP) or Karmian Set (for Cast Speed). Gonna depend on your needs/Party needs.
    As for weapon you can start working towards your homunkulus Sword with a wynn rune as it can be used for later levels as well.

    This is where you want to start getting the equipment listed above as it will suit you until level 80.

    These are equipments only if you have major adena or access to end game epic bosses (Zaken mainly)

    Majestic Robe Set
    Will give you a very nice boost on PDEF, MP Regen, and stun resist, but it is very costly as it requires Cloth Pieces to unseal the set.

    Sword of miracles
    Good A Grade weapon which allows you to use a Shield. It is costly to add a rune to it so be aware. Blessed spirit shots are also hard to find so be aware before planning to go this route.

    Optional Items:
    The rest of the items are optional as they cost quite a bit of adena, but everything Helps. I’ll list some of them here:

    Clan bracelet lvl. 5 - Gives +1 on several stats.
    Agathion bracelet lvl 4 - Gives +1 on some stats and resistance to various types of CC
    Talisman of insolence (any level) - Gives you a decent boost on basic parameters

    Appearance items:
    Dandy’s Home Run Ball - It is a pure waste of a xp boost, but if you want to turn heads wherever you go pop this item.


    6. Tattoos (40-76, 76+)

    In both level range, the best set up is 2 +4 WIT - 5 MEN (or -4 MEN if third class) and 1 +4 CON -5 STR (-4 STR if third class). Due to the low cast speed from base stats of the SE, it is important to boost wit so your casting speed is fast enough during pvp and clutch heals. The CON comes to help your survivability on the field.

    It is possible to run 2 +CON dyes but it will impact your casting speed especially if you decide to use light armor instead of a robe.d

    The impact of MEN on mp regen and mana pool is negligible and is often offset by the mp regen on most used sets like BW robes or BW Leather Armor, hence why it is ok to go minus on it.

    7. Olympiad

    Ok! Lets get started!

    Regarding the buffs you gonna take at the start, you will always have this set of buffs no matter the match-up.

    Bless the Body
    Bless the Soul

    After that buff yourself with WindWalk, Empower, Wild Magic, Mental Shield, Kiss of Eva, Shield and Concentration. Against Bishops, Elven Elders, Shillien Elders, Prophets and SpellSingers buff yourself with Holy Attack Resistance as those classes have Holy based spells.

    For talismans you gonna want at least one guard and one Benefaction.

    I am going to list the match-ups and the difference in buffs now.

    Archers (All types)
    Against archers your main playstyle will be bait the cast on Stun shot/Fatal counter by removing line-of-sight using pillars (or if its the wide open arena, use the doors). After dodging the initial cast and getting it on Cooldown, get a Root of on the archer and Line-of-sight again. Get Wind Shackle after that and you gonna be good to nuke with Might of heaven and going back to cover before they finish the cast again.

    Very important to recast root as soon as possible, so ideally you want someone watching your match and informing you on time of Root. If that's not possible do your best to count 15s while doing the damage.

    If you are running talismans pop your benefaction and guard before engaging on the initial root to make it safer.

    If the archer mirrors you on talisman usage just kite during the duration and then proceed with the game plan.

    Mages (Necro, Spellhowler)
    This is a hard match-up for you, you won't have the damage to go toe-to-toe with them and even with mental shield there is a high probability that either fear from necro or silence from Spellhowler will land.

    You can use two guard talismans to try to burst the Spellhowler before running out of Guard talisman but this won't work on the necro as Transfer Pain makes them extra tanky.

    Another option is to get damage early on and then proceed to kite for 5 min and run the match time to win by damage.

    Honestly, this is a match-up you are expected to lose, so getting a win here is big!

    Mages (Sorcerer, Spellsinger)

    This match-up will be played similar to the Archers Gameplan. The difference is that you can't slow down their cast speed so you will be always trading shots with them which in turn can hurt on a crit. Always keep your HP at full, don't be greedy and try to nuke twice, and keep the root constant.

    Whenever you have the root on them, take your time to heal, avoid using battle heal at all costs as it is very costly in MP. Have the amount you heal for in your head and judge if you need a regular heal or a greater heal to save your MP. The use of Self Heal here is also a tool, considering you buff yourself with Wild Magic a crit is probable making it a very good heal per MP cost (Super efficient).

    Healers ( Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder, Prophet)

    In this matchup you want a Dagger with an othel rune on it. This is because there is a good chance you will run out of MP before the opponent. So take advantage of your stigma of shillien and put the pressure on them, forcing them to heal more often than doing damage to you, while keeping all your MP towards keeping yourself alive.

    Buff yourself with might, focus, deathwhisper in the beginning and pop your talismans to apply pressure on them. Root can land but since they all have mental Shield it will be resisted fairly often so try to not rely too much on it.

    (Tyrant, Destroyer, Gladiator, Tank in general, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith, Blade Dancer, Sword Singer, Warlord)

    This match-up will all be based on Root, get the root off, stay in a distance and nuke it. Against high hp targets like it is viable to do damage and then keep them rooted until the end of the match as it may be too costly to damage their entire HP pool (like warlords who can revive and be full HP again). Wind Shackle is a good debuff here as it will slow down their attacks.

    If against a class with pet’s, have a macro to target each one, the pet, and the opponent, this will make your life easier.

    Some specifics for the classes:

    The hardest match-up from all melee. They will start at 60% hp allowing them to start the match with Guts on, preventing you from Rooting them. You have to run and kite until Guts is off before you can try to CC them. After its off be aware of the 30% mark as they will pop Zealot, which will also prevent them from being CC’d. Use a Yul weapon with prophecy of wind to outrun them in this stage.

    Similar to all other classes, just remember you have to keep the pet rooted also as it will do a lot of damage to you if left unchecked.

    Kite and Line-of-Sight him until lionheart wears off, then proceed to root them and stand at 400 range as that will negate both the ranged stun and the close range stun. Nuke and keep reapplying Root. If you start getting low on MP and is winning on damage, keep rooting and let the timer run out.

    Dark Avenger
    This will be a very hard match-up also because of the fear. You will get resists because of the Mental Shield, so make sure you root both him and the pet, and proceed to do damage. It is a viable option depending on the arena to kite and Line-of-sight after winning by damage.

    Summoners (All Types)

    Yeah… this match-up you might as well sit in the corner and cry. There isn't much you can do, since their ability to cleanse the pet and high amount of damage that will be inflicted to you. Your best strategy is to avoid signing into oly while they are not registered already.
    You might try to separate the pet from the summoner, and get a root off, then run to the summoner and force him to heal himself so he can't resummon the pet. This is not a sure thing tho as any decent summoner will resummon the moment you get a CC off on the pet.

    Buffers (Warcryer and Overlords)

    This match-up is in your favor as you have Mental shield which will protect you against their CC. Root them and nuke them. If you get feared don't worry as the root will prevent them from chain fearing you, just make sure you position yourself in a manner that you will be feared into the open and not into a wall.

    Daggers (all types)

    Get yourself in the corner with your back to the wall and dont leave for any reason, Most daggers will try to bleed and poison you so clean it as soon as you can. Try to inflict some damage before they hide, to force them to come to you again. After their initial hide wait about 10s and pop benefaction to negate their burst and and nuke them as they try to front stab you. Use Battle heal if a blow lands and keep nuking him.

    Very important to never move your back from the wall as they will one shot you with backstab.

    Have a macro to target the dagger, as they will be making you lose target throughout the fight and you don't want to misclick while trying to retarget again.


    8. Important Skills

    You should learn all the passives at this range, they gonna help you with MP Recovery, Cast Speed/Attack Speed. Don't worry about the SP, until level 40 you gonna have all the SP you need.

    Active Skills:
    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Self_Heal_-_Dark_Mystic - Very important skill that will be used even at high level, give a decent heal if you get a critical and costs almost no MP.

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Heal_-_Shillien_Oracle - Another important one, you gonna use it at high levels too because of the MP cost being low and providing a good heal. Use it whenever you just want to top off the hp on someone.

    Every 5 levels you get, you gonna get more and more buffs, remember to take them. At this range it will be Might and Shield that will help you in case you are exping alone.

    Max out your https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wind_Strike_-_Dark_Mystic too, you gonna be using it to kill mobs, useful too later on for the damage/mp cost, go on PvP and kill some people with it! If you are having trouble exping at this range you can also learn https://l2wiki.com/classic/Vampiric_Touch_-_Dark_Mystic, will be more costly on mp but will get you HP back while also damaging the mob.

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Group_Heal_-_Shillien_Oracle should be learned as well, it will be useful even at high levels considering one crit on this skill can heal your party for a decent amount of HP and half the MP cost.

    Same as before learn all masteries except the light Armor one, for this you want only one level in case you decide to go solo with Light Armor. Every bit of stats will help you later on and you gonna have enough SP to learn them at this range.

    At level 20 you gonna have access to https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wind_Walk_-_Shillien_Oracle, https://l2wiki.com/classic/Concentration_-_Shillien_Oracle and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Eva's_Kiss_-_Shillien_Oracle, keep learning all the buffs and level them as you level.

    Every heal should be maxed out the moment you get them. Learn https://l2wiki.com/classic/Disrupt_Undead_-_Shillien_Oracle if you plan on hunting Undead mobs, but this is not mandatory, it will only be useful if you decide to solo, wont be used later.

    You also have access to https://l2wiki.com/classic/Resurrection_-_Shillien_Oracle, SE is not good on that skill since you only get 2 levels which does not provide much XP back, but it is important to have it, people might ask for it during PvP and with a broken heart you will give it to them and say sorry right after!

    For debuffs skip Sleep, you can level it on higher levels and the cast time is very slow. Use your SP on https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dryad_Root_-_Shillien_Oracle instead, you will keep leveling it during your entire journey and will be really good in every part of the game, including Olympiad.

    Level 25! This is where you get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Empower_-_Shillien_Oracle, you are the only class with this buff, so its one of your trademarks, so be proud of it! Every caster in the game will want this skill so learn it and keep it maxed out whenever you can.

    You are also getting https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mental_Shield_-_Shillien_Oracle, one of the most important defensive buffs. It will protect you against most forms of debuff (Root, Silence, Fear, Sleep), always have it on the entire party and yourself.

    Hey! I forgot about https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wind_Shackle_-_Shillien_Oracle… But don't worry same thing happened in-game! I thought it wasn't important but guess what… It is! Learn it and cast on raid bosses on the Field or on opponents on Oly to remove their Attack Speed! Very useful against archers.

    The next buffs you gonna have are https://l2wiki.com/classic/Focus_-_Shillien_Elder and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Vampiric_Rage_-_Shillien_Oracle. The later one melee fighters will beg you for it, it is a really good skill.

    Level 28 will give you your most important skill ever - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Recharge_-_Shillien_Oracle, just make sure you dont level it past level 75, it will increase the cost but not the amount. And to end it off i'll remind you one more time! Buy all passives you can, you won't be doing that for a while from now on!

    Alright, now you can forget about learning passives, focus only on those which give you casting speed and MP Boost. Level 40 is a good level for you, your adventure with https://l2wiki.com/classic/Might_of_Heaven_-_Shillien_Elder starts now!

    At 40 you are also getting access to https://l2wiki.com/classic/Stigma_of_Shilen_-_Shillien_Elder and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Death_Whisper_-_Shillien_Elder, if you were lucky enough to get the SpellBook drop! If not try to find some for sale… It will save you a lot of time.

    Keep learning all the level of skills i listed before, your next set of important skills will come at level 44 and 47.

    At 44 you will get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Purify_-_Shillien_Elder, Very important skill as it can clear paralysis, poison and bleed. At higher levels will also clear Petrification effects!

    At 47 you will get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Greater_Heal_-_Shillien_Elder which will be from now on your main healing skill. At 48 you will get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Greater_Group_Heal_-_Shillien_Elder, and this gonna be your main group heal from now on.

    Keep leveling the skills as you level up. If you start to get SP starved avoid hp Recovery Passive. At 58 you get access to https://l2wiki.com/classic/Holy_Attack_Resistance_-_Shillien_Elder, buy it if you want, this skill is mostly used during oly against Elven Elders, Bishops or Shillien Elders. Me personally i got level 1 of this skill and maxed after hitting 76 where you start to pile up SP.

    At 62 you get your first level of a very important skill - https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wild_Magic_-_Shillien_Elder. This will boost the crit rate of both mage nukes and support heal.

    And this should be it for this level range!

    Welcome Shillien Saint!

    Leveling now will be very slow, but every skill that you get is really good and worth it. Around this time is also when you start getting more SP then you need, so buy the passives and skills you left behind. Around level 77 and 78 is when i maxed out my weapon mastery, anti magic and etc.

    A point of note is to not buy Recharge above 76, there is no point in doing so. The skill will cost more MP and the amount recharged will be increased by 1, making it not cost effective.

    Ok! At 76 you will get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Prophecy_of_Wind_-_Shillien_Saint, Gives +10 speed, Debuff Resistance +10 and Critical Damage +10. Really good skill for oly, allowing you to kite most classes.

    At 77 you are going to get access to https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mass_Purify_-_Shillien_Saint and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mass_Cure_Poison_-_Shillien_Saint.

    Honestly i didn’t buy Mass Cure Poison. Mass Purify clears bleeds so both skills overlap, the cooldown on it isnt long and the mana cost is similar. If you have free SP laying around, go for it!

    At 78 you will get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Enlightenment_-_Shillien_Saint. One amazing skill that will give you a clarity effect of 70% for 20 seconds, also increasing your cast speed and critical rate by 50! Versatile skill that can be used to boost your healing in a pinch or to expand your MP pool while recharging. Has a long cooldown, so use it on the right time!

    At 79 you get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mana_Gain_-_Shillien_Saint. This skill will solve a lot of MP issues of your party, boosting your recharge by a flat 85 MP on top of the regular amount. Very good to be cast on Bishops, Warcryers, Overlords and even little spoilers and crafters! When you get this skill you become the best recharger ever!

    Up until this point i listed the skills based on my knowledge from my own character, i will talk a bit about the next level but keep in mind i haven't used it yet.

    At 80 you get https://l2wiki.com/classic/Lord_of_Vampires_-_Shillien_Saint, can you imagine this skill on a tyrant or destroyer doing a Raidboss? Cmon, no heals will be necessary as it will give you 80% Vampiric Rage for 30s. I really hope this skill is as good as it sound, 80% VR is useful in many situations.

    At 82 you get your next level of https://l2wiki.com/classic/Prophecy_of_Wind_-_Shillien_Saint, increasing all values a bit. Speed 15%, Critical Damage 20%. Basically makes this good skill even better! Watch a tyrant on Rabbit Totem run as fast as a mounted character!

    And this is it for all SE Skills, but look forward for our next patch as it will introduce Mass Recharge (I can't wait to get this skill!) and some other skills, hopefully we will get it soon!

    9. Common used macros

    Recharge Macro
    You don't have to add several lines of Recharge on the macro, add one and put it on a loop

    Purify Macro
    It is good practice to tag your bishop with a token so you can do /target token1 and cast purify on him as he is a priority target and can also help cleanse other players

    Self purify Macro
    Have a macro to target yourself and cast purify. While this won't help with instant paralyzes like lighting Strike, it will remove the paralyze effect of Anchor (Necromancer)

    Self Heal Macro
    Quality of life for a SE, giving you a fast heal whenever you need. Target yourself and cast Battle heal.

    Macro for different sets of equipment
    It is common to carry two sets of armors, so it’s useful to have a macro to fast switch between the two, starting with robes for the mp pool and once you use your mp switch to light armor for the added PDEF and it won't hurt your mp pool.

    Potions Macro
    Make a macro to use all different types of pots at the same time (Quick healing potion, Major healing potion, CP potion). This will save you in a pinch giving your Bishop time to save you.

    Fast Sit/Stand Vendor macro
    This macro will cancel the animation of sit/stand allowing you to take action instantly instead of having to wait the 2s animation. It is common to be sitting with a SE for the mp regen and if an enemy appears or a heal is needed, the fast action is very important.

    Assist Stigma Macro
    The basic /target main assist, /assist, /useskill stigma. Depending on party set up you always gonna want stigma on your target, be it PvE or PvP.

    UseSkillForce macro
    This is a matter of preference but if you have issues holding ctrl during pvp, use /useskillforce “skill” instead of your basic skill to allow it to be cast without having to hold it. Just be aware this can cause you to flag in unwanted situations, so use it at your own discretion.

    Social Provocation and SocialBeauty looping Macro
    If you wanna provoke someone and show him your boobs at the same time it's the perfect macro. Be aware, enemies might have conflicted feelings regarding this. Allies will love it.


    10. Points of note

    One of the most common things heard in game is people saying that Shillien Elders are just a box, hopefully with this guide i can show you Shillien Elders are not just a box and bring a lot to the table both in PvE and PvP! Hope to see more Shillien Elders in the future!

    11. My impressions of the class

    When i started on this server everyone was telling me “Hey SE! Come and play with me!” so it felt a little bit like heaven ^^. Always had a party ready and someone who would help me, that's for sure.

    Playing SE was a lot of fun, my job was mostly healing and recharging but that changed as i got more levels.

    During my adventure i had some problems finding the Death Whisper spellbook, and it was really expensive at the start, but i was lucky to have some good friends who got it as a drop and gave it to me, and until today i'm very grateful to them.

    After a while i started noticing that a lot of people started thinking about SE as a box character only and that made me angry. Ever since then i’ve been trying to show that SE is not just a box, but a good support that can help the party in all corners, even solo healing if you are good enough!

    These last few days doing stigma and root during pvp became my favourite thing! It is so good to assist your damage dealer, give the enemy stigma and root and watch him die in just a few seconds… Ahhh so good!

    SE is very complete, all skills after 76 are important and helpful, it's a good class for olympiad (as i said in the oly section). I really like this class and i really hope more people start playing it live!

    Sometimes i think people only box it so they can look at that sexy dark elf, but trust me! Playing it is even more fun!

    I wish that all of you thinking on playing SE find good people along your way that will help you XP your awesome character and become really good in PvP/PvE/Olympiad and even PvF! (Fishing). SE’s make really nice sounds when they Fish and at 76 dont forget about your best friend! A growling panther that will never leave your side! RAWR!


    Thank's for reading it. Hope you enjoy!


    Author: @Wiśniaa
    Co-Author: @Rickz
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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