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[Guide Contest Winner] Hypnocrits Spectral Master / Phantom Summoner Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Hypnocrit, Feb 28, 2018.

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    This guide is not quite done yet. Leave feedback if you want.


    The Spectral master is a hybrid class designed to do a little of almost everything. It is a capable of long solo grind without the need for taking a break. It is a reasonable PVP character but ultimately top PVP junkies will prefer another class like Phantom Ranger or Elven Summoner. The Spectral Master is a powerful Olympiad char capable of beating many classes when played and geared well. This guide is written to give you a realistic expectation of what you will experience when playing the Spectral Master. This class is not for everyone and its important that you are OK with its positive and negatives.

    The positives of the class is that its
    - Quite Tough and tank like
    - Tends to grind quite well without the need for top quality gear
    - Multi purposes including healing, damaging and debuffing
    - Fits in many party types.
    - The Pet hits like a truck. People will talk about how hard it hits on a some what regular basis.
    - It is a quick starter without the need for more then one box character in PVE.

    The negatives of the class are
    - Tends to be a little bit of a loner in clan life.
    - It is not the best choice usually for most party setups unless you are extremely twinky.
    - It is mostly a single target only class.
    - It’s an uncommon class and due to this many won’t know exactly what it can do for them.
    - It is often not chosen for party pvp situations due to other classes being a better fit.

    Layout of this guide
    While I could go through every single skill and when you get it, I want you to look at the actual skill tree on the WIKI.


    The rest of the guide will detail how these skills are used in conjunction with the overall objective rather then what they actually do. It should be relatively self explanatory what they do, we will now talk about what they are used for in daily play on Skelth.

    The Spectral Master is both capable in groups and in solo play. Spectral Masters often prefer solo play as in many cases the experience and adena gain will be better then with a group. Solo grinding for long hours on your own can be a very tedious affair however and eventually you will want some group play. Often this class does well in medium and large groups for a variety of purposes including raiding, and general exp. This class needs minimum a Prophet, Warcryer or Shillen Elder duo friend or box to make reasonable xp. It is recommended to bring many of these classes with you because eventually having a prophecy will be very important for fast XP at level 77+.

    Spectral Masters when setup with the correct gear do manage to get PVP groups but it is not often chosen specifically for PVP due to other classes overshadowing it. It is also a very capable Olympiad farming character.. The class itself is quite damage resistant due to leather armor and transfer pain. Often this class will not be targeted because it is seen as a lower threat as a result lives through many PVP’s that other damage dealers would not. If it is targeted you are going to very often be able to move away from the attacker before death to a safe location to heal and then rejoin the action. Not withstanding of its ability evade it has incredible ability to unleash short term burst damage with the nukes. It is not quite as efficient as a nuker but still very powerful when paired with the mobility and defensiveness that the spectral master provides. You will spend a large portion of your time in PVP just finding targets. Being able to switch from one to the next has great advantages due Mage and Warrior Banes being so fast casting. Being able to give targets is also where the Spectral Master shines because you will need to target the primary healer, and primary dd's both with and against the groups current main assist target.

    The Spectral Master excels at quick starting, and fast solo grind. You will not need to wait for people to get online to get going. You can login, load a buffer and other applicable support and start immediately. Due to this major pro this would be a great class for somebody who has large amounts of short burst availability due to family, work or other concerns that restrict a long-playing session.

    In PVE you can share the damage between yourself and the pet allowing yourself to gain maximum VR bonus. This is one of the keys to maintaining a long solo grind if you are struggling. Start first with the pet, let it take damage, then attack with the summoner, on the next mob change the order and attack with the summoner first then the pet. When done this way you will find you can often not need to heal either the pet or yourself should you only pull one mob at a time. You can also try things like targeting two different mobs, one with the Summoner and one with the Servitor. It can sometimes lead to faster kill speeds due to less travel time.

    Leveling Guide
    The overall objective is to kill green/white mobs the entire way up. Remember that you want to choose mobs which are lower in physical defense. You will want minimum 1 prophet preferred box (due to berserker’s spirit) but having a blade dancer with Dance of Fury and a Shillen Elder for mana recharges is also going to be a huge asset. If you do not have a Shillen Elder you are going to need to buy VR pots from fishing rewards. If you have a WarCryer you will want to buy berserker spirit level 1 pots.

    It is not uncommon for spectral masters to bring an army of support chars with them as the class itself like many of them really thrives once it has the full buff in a single player setting. You will want to nuke likely until about 58 but those of you who do not have access to a full SE/PP/EE combo will have to use the pet. Be very careful about letting the pet die as you will not be able to re-summons it until your level 40+.

    If the Phantom Summoner is your first character on the server its recommended that you do not choose double hit point monsters that drop no adena/loot and stick only to mobs that drop the highest amount of adena. Look on the wiki to find the spot applicable to your level. Try not to overthink your leveling spot. Its normal to want to try all the places. Choose the one that is safe, and the mobs are going down in 3-6 seconds. Before level 58 you're very likely going to want to just vendor the vast majority of weapon/armor parts that you get dropped to you as they will end just sitting in your warehouse unused.

    The Spectral Masters best DUO partners are likely going to be the Shillen Elder or the Shillen Knight. The shillen elder is very useful due to Stigma of Shillen and also recharges with proper mage damage buffs. The Shillen Knight is very useful because it brings single target hex and lightning strike which will allow you to easily duo in a place that is usually designed for an entire party. The Phantom Summoner class also provides many of the little extra things both of these classes need like basic healing, and raw damage.

    It will be difficult to get a party with mages, and archers as often these classes will do better in solo or duo and if they do form a group usually they will see your damage or contribution to the group to be lesser than that of a properly suited char for there style of xp/pvp.

    It is recommended to use the Shadow or Soulless for leveling until you get to the Spectral Lord at 77. You will want to experiment with both of them to figure out which one you prefer to grind with more. The advantage of the shadow is that it has a natural vampiric rage additive which compliments its lack of actual skills... as a result using this pet can in some cases allow you to maintain in a zone that you would otherwise have to rest in. The Soulless is better in general for pvp and for pulling... this is because it has a poison on it that allows you to chain mobs better and get an overall faster rate of kill. It is slightly slower at killing monsters then the shadow in some cases but overall it is going to be quite similar.

    You do not need to use pet shots at the early levels. While they do speed up your rate of killing considerably, you may decide that going slower is OK at the lower levels in favor of getting yourself a proper weapon that will allow you to progress faster at the higher levels.

    At the lower levels your going to want to work towards getting yourself into a plated leather set with a c grade dagger or sword. You will do just fine with luxury shop jewelry until you reach your 60's at which point you will want to invest in a proper black ore set before you go deep into the antharas lair where you will find you can duo and trio with an both an SE and SK with out of party support and do so without bringing a full party. You can stay in your C grade until the mid and possibly even late 60's. Focus on making money and selling your items when away from the game. You will get there if you work hard at it. Do not BUY pet shots, summon them!

    Before you go to far, save yourself some headache and make a second character. I recommend a prophet. Its a human mystic at this point! Bring it to you in Dark Elven Village after you get it to 25 and then begin leveling your summoner :). Give your self some basic buffs like Acumen. Another great choice is going to be a Shillen Elder also by the way, two supports are better then one, level them both :)

    In terms of level brackets I would go to the following locations:
    1-7 - Stay in your starting area and kill mobs that are green.
    7-14 - Venture out of town on the way to the School of Dark Arts. You will find mobs, kill them.. rest as needed. You will be nuking as your still a mystic.
    14-20 - Work in the School of Dark Arts with a friend or around it on the slow moving rock monsters :)

    Do your Questing and turn into Dark Wizard. You can now summon a pet. Ya!

    20 -> 28 - This is a great time to go to Abandoned Camp, or optionally stay in School of Dark Arts until about 23-24. Nuke, Melee with a sword breaker if you can afford it.. and send the pet.. dont let it die
    28 -> 32 - This is a great time to try a number of places around dion. Open your XP zone locator and give them a try. It will depend on your support. If your really kicking butt with those you can try stuff as hard as Partisans Hideaway.
    32 -> 40 - At this point you can actually go into Cruma 1 if you have the support. If you do not, Execution Grounds is quite good, probably the better XP choice.

    Do your Questing - Ya now your a Phantom Summoner. Dont forget to do the 3 in 1.

    After 40 you have piles of options.

    I personally went until my mid 40's at the plains of lizardman.
    If your wanting to level quickly but make no money you will probably want to go to Shaman in Forest of Mirrors.
    You can stay in forest of mirrors moving onto tougher mobs as needed until almost level 60. There is a good mix of Shamans and other mobs that drop adena also.
    If you want to make pure adena at these levels try some of the many zones around giran or south of aden or oren.

    At 60 Doom Knights for fast xp.
    You can go outside of aden west gate to the silenos for making money... its quite good adena drop and great for solo... its quite easy.

    Skill Leveling

    I personally would recommend you focus on your skill points spending into several skills before getting the other one and always remember to bank skill points when you are nearing your level.
    - Weapon Mastery (do not underestimate how hard your class hits with a melee weapon!)
    - Pet of your choice at Max level always
    - Pet healing should be kept at least a few levels behind. (efficiency!)
    - Armor mastery can be kept a few levels behind
    - Magical Resistance Passive can be kept a few levels behind.
    - Transfer Pain at maximum available level
    - Twister at max level only if your going nuking style… its often totally fine to leave this skill several levels behind until your ready to PVP.
    - Do not level your buffs unless you actually need them to supplement your secondary support character.
    - You probably wont want to level poison until you need it for Olympiad.
    - I would recommend keeping your Phantom Cubic and Spark Cubic one skill level behind. In some cases its very good for PVE and in some cases you will find its wasteful because of things like the mob dieing before then go off on a regular basis.
    - Spirit Sharing always leveled first when you have the opportunity. It’s amazing.
    - Always level up your Power Supremacy. Its Amazing. Possibly the best addition to this class in Classic Lineage.

    Tattoo Setup Options and Scenarios
    You will want to setup your character to give yourself an edge in whatever it is you are attempting to do and often it is well worth the money invested. I will recommend you do one of the following depending on what your trying to do:
    For PVE You will probably want to run +STR, -CON and optionally -DEX instead of con for some of those slots. Depending on your preference you should add in some +WIT -Men or -Int depending on if you intend to nuke at all for leveling.
    For PVP You will probably want +WIT -MEN.

    The nuking discussion
    You can nuke effectively and level. This is going to be quite good if and only if you have the proper nuker setup of minimum an EE and SE support chars. You are a Dark Elf and you do have a pile of Int. It is reasonable. That being said; You do quite well with a dagger also and you will likely find that nuking is more of a pain in the *** then worth it. It adds lots of additional overhead to the multi boxing equation. Optionally you can run just those two buffers and do relatively OK in combat also you will just give up your ability to have haste on the summoner while using the pet haste buff to allow your pet full damage.

    The spectral master is not as gear dependent as some other classes because the servitor cannot be seriously impacted by weapons and armor until reaching level 80. Common choices for gear include leather armor with a one-handed sword or dagger. Less common builds may include a robe set and nuking weapon. Daggers specifically can be the most expensive in shots but they are probably the fastest at killing monsters. One handed Swords and Duals are going to be less expensive but sit just behind the dagger in raw damage. One must make a decision to make money vs make faster exp when choosing the weapon. It is not recommended for XP to ‘just let the pet do the work’. This is because summoner itself when geared correctly can hit quite hard and gets the same bonus to atk speed and patk that the pet gets from spirit sharing. It is recommended to get an othell 6 through 9 depending on your party situation. You will cap crit rate with an othell 6 if you have a swordsinger. If you do not have access to a sword singer friend or box you will need to get an othel 8-10 super for cap crit rate. (50% - 500 crit rate).

    Having a good set of jewelry is very recommended. Many of the xp zones that you will go to have at least a few monsters that do magical skills and often your ability to sustain a long grind will be tied to making this skills do very little damage because you're properly defend with enough magical defense.

    Having a +6 armor if you can afford it. Having mana regen will help you sustain for longer periods of time without the need to rest.

    Macro Recommendations
    - macro to target yourself and heal.
    - macro with battle heal on it. (Use as primary heal key).
    - macro with heal and body to mind in it.
    - macro that primes a spirit shot and then uses servitor heal.
    - macro for assisting in a group. It will target your Main Assist, Assist that character, Attack with the Pet, then Attack with the summoner. It can then optionally also summon shots. You can/should have two of these macros with the difference. :)
    - macro for summoning shots

    The Spectral Master is a very capable Olympiad farmer. While in the current patch (Antharas) it is not the top farmer, it still finds itself in the top 5 classes. Just strong enough to farm well, but not strong enough to dominate.

    It tends to be strong vs WarCryer, Overlord, Prophet, Shillen Elder, Elven Elder, Temple Knight, Paladin, Mages, Archers.
    It tends to have a good even match with Shillen Knight, Tyrant, Necromancer, Warlock.
    It tends to struggle with Dark Avenger, Light Elven Summoner, Titan.

    It is recommended for Olympiad with a Phantom Summoner to have the following additional gear items
    - Secondary Weapon with Yul Windwalk
    - Primary Weapon with Casting speed (Wynn, Super ISS).
    - A robe set (Doom!) for buffing, and the occasional match vs some classes that you will need movement speed.
    - Grey and Yellow Talisman of Guard.
    - Grey talisman of Benefaction.
    - Talisman of debuff removal. (Denial, Liberate)

    Your going to want to work towards several augments
    - Active/Passive Skill Reflect
    - Active/Passive Skill Wild Magic

    The important skills for winning matches are:
    - Transfer pain https://l2wiki.com/classic/Transfer_Pain_-_Phantom_Summoner - This skill is extremely good. Being able to mitigate half the damage given to you onto your pet allows you to heal two targets, receive group healing to two targets and gives you considerable toughness.
    - Summon Pet https://l2wiki.com/classic/Summon_Spectral_Lord_-_Spectral_Master - Resummoning the pet is very useful to keep yourself alive. This will help you use transfer pain to the maximum, remember that when a pet is out of health you no longer transfer damage to it.
    - Pet heal https://l2wiki.com/classic/Servitor_Heal_-_Spectral_Master – This like summoning the pet again is going to help you transfer damage. While costing more then resummoning you also do not have to replace prophecy, or haste buffs on it when it comes back up.
    - Twister https://l2wiki.com/classic/Twister_-_Spectral_Master – Do not overuse this skill. Most matches do not require that you use it. It has its place, it is important but try to use your brain before your twister key. Often avoiding the enemy and being patient while your pet does the work is a better play.
    - Spark Cubic https://l2wiki.com/classic/Summon_Spark_Cubic_-_Phantom_Summoner – Stunning your enemy while kiting is the biggest reason to love this class in Olympiad.
    - Phantom Cubic https://l2wiki.com/classic/Summon_Phantom_Cubic_-_Phantom_Summoner – Who doesn’t like wind shackle, powerbreak and hex all in one? I mean really.
    - Warrior https://l2wiki.com/classic/Warrior_Bane_-_Spectral_Master / Mage Bane https://l2wiki.com/classic/Mage_Bane_-_Spectral_Master – You have the ability to remove acumen and windwalk/haste in Olympiad. Use first and while you have your talismans up so you can then start kiting! You should even use warrior bane on mages to prevent them from moving faster. Keep in mind there is also a small chance the skill does not strip the buffs when it goes off. In some cases having a friend watch the match and call out when this occurs is a huge asset.
    - Poison from summoner https://l2wiki.com/classic/Curse_Poison_-_Phantom_Summoner / some pets – The difficulty with this skill is that often in Olympiad for the first 20 or so seconds of the match the person will be immune to debuff due to guard talisman usage. Try to land this between them, or after them and kite until they are off.

    General Tips
    - Do not level your servitor heal past level 72. It tends not to be worth the MP efficiency after that level and the amount of healing received is inconsequential for the amount of mana spent.
    - It is often better to resummons the pet then heal it. Yes it costs adena, but when your without clarity and proper vampiric rage you might find its better to resummons then heal.
    - Get comfortable with your movement keys and keyboard layout. Put skills that you use often near each other. Experiment with enter chat enabled and decide if you prefer that to F1-12 keys. Most prefer to keep enter chat enabled. Some will prefer using the AWSD movement system and some others still will prefer to set their primary action keys to QWERASDF.
    - Depending on your daily life routine you will have to work in some time to summon shots. I personally do this before I am going to bed after I finish with XP and while I go to work. Put your armor, weapon and other heavy items into the warehouse quickly and find yourself a big stack of soul stones from the giran grocery. I personally have a character that is on the same account that I send adena to, which buys the soul stones and then mails them back to my summoner. This allows me to not pay the porting fee and stock up cheaply. I usually buy more Soul Stones in packets of 30k and this will last me about 15 sessions of 2 hours each. Leveling quickly will depend on your ability to be effective with your time, running out of shots when you need them is going to really hamper your ability to be effective with that time.
    - Becoming good at Spectral Master is all about pushing very small bonuses into a much bigger advantage. It is a much more complicated class to play then most people are ready for initially so do not be discouraged if you die a lot to begin with. Its not an ‘easy’ class... it becomes much easier after you get used to it.
    - Don’t forget about your Transformations when you get them. Your pet gets them also! They give huge bonuses in damage output to the servitor. Often you will find that scheduling your xp session with breaks so that you always have a transform up will lead to the highest xp/hours ratio. Take regular breaks!
    - Do not underestimate your body to mind. Yes its from level 35. And no its not a lot of mp. You can use it often however and over time it does allow you to net even in many cases so you do not need to rest for MP points.
    - At lower levels do not forget to use Vampiric Touch. Yes again its a low level skill but if you are tanking with your summoner this skill will allow you to spend a few MP points and will often give you more HP back then your heal until about level 60.
    - Corpse Life Drain has its uses also. It ends up allowing you tank an extra hit at the cost of one tick of MP. This can allow you to net mp over time instead of healing. Efficiency!
    - In many cases you can use the above skills without soulshots, this is why many of your skill macros will have a spirit shot in them.. So you can disable your spirit shots by default.
    - Your going to end up at one point thinking.. How cool the silhouette summon might be. Then your going to waste your skill points leveling it. Skip it, if you don’t like it at level 40 when you get it, it only gets worse. Save yourself that SP.

    Some additional content

    Closing Thoughts
    Summoners in general share many common elements to there style of play. While each one has its own nuance they do share a very common method of getting things done. All of the pets hit hard, they all can self buff, they all can grind for hours without stopping. What separates the Spectral Master from the Elemental Master or the warlock would be that the spectral master hits harder with single target nukes due to its higher MAtk, you are better for kiting because you can poison/stun your enemy while still moving and additionally your pets are slightly more capable of catching up to the enemy because you have assassin servitor where as the other summoners get another specialized prophecy. The Spectral Master also has the power break, wind shackle and hex providing cubic which will often less then 15 seconds into most pvp have completely covered your enemy with debuffs that prevent him from killing you while he also takes more damage when your pet gets close to him!

    I recommend you check out Laby's guide to summoners for additional multi purpose tips.
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    Thank you so much for all the info! This is exactly what I was looking. I was in a tough situation on deciding to play a PS,ES, or Warlock. I will be mainly solo until higher levels and have more time to play.