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Making new threads: before you ask

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by krege, Mar 3, 2018.

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  1. krege

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    This category is devoted to resolving technical issues.

    Before you make a new thread make sure you fulfill the following steps.

    1. Check common solutions.
    * Instructions
    * News and Announcements
    And dig through Archive and current technical issues.

    2. Thread title must represent the main sense of the issue.
    I.e. "Game loading error, status 1073". Threads with nonspecific titles could be deleted.

    3. Thread must contain all sufficient data.
    * The main description. It must be a technical issue of some kind.
    * The environment of issue: conditions, time, etc.
    * Actions leaded to issue appearance.
    * Media data: screenshots, video, if applicable (use spoiler tag).
    * All steps and recommendations you have already done to resolve the issue in details.
    Remember: technical category is under strong moderation.

    5. Questions related to restoring items, bans, violation reports, restoring account access, account hacking or changing account data can't be solved on Forum. Been created such threads could be deleted immediately.

    6. Avoid posts like "me too", "works for me" please.

    7. If you were provided several solutions and one them helped please quote it in thread.

    8. If you already have a ticket in Support with the issue discussed you are forbidden to create a thread with it.
    If Support answers in more than 10 working days you are allowed to create a thread containing the complaint, short description of issue, full ticket number and time of nonrespondence.

    In threads of this category you can and encouraged to share your observation about problem, specify and ask for details of the issue, suggest possible solutions!

    In case you have a ready solution related to any issue and you want to help in developing of tech section please PM to anyone from Forum tech team:
    • casillias - Technical specialist.
    • krege - moderator of Technical category.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.