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[20.03.2018] An update on a tournament. + need more ideas on items.

Discussion in 'Team Blog Archive' started by CM Fragola, Mar 20, 2018.

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    I want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts on the tournament pros and cons in the prev thread. The team has decided to organize a tournament for the main version this year as well.

    At the moment our target period is summer after the update.
    As stated before, it will be 7v7, the same choice of gear, equal levels -> all on a separate server.

    The requirements for participation will be to have a character of a certain level on the 4game servers (thinking of 100 either main or dual).

    There will be restrictions on setup, but the final list of them will depend on the update. But you will be able to select another class for the tournament server. So let's say you're an Othell lv.100 on Core, so you can apply to participate because your char level is enough according to the planned requirements, but you can choose to be a healer in the tournament party if you want.

    Current ideas on the setup restrictions are: 1 tank max, 2 healers max, 1 othell max.

    The supposed tournament level is 110 (for the full AP)

    The supposed system is:
    1) Group qualification round
    2) Play off with Double Elimination
    All matches BO3, final matches BO5.

    The locations are still in discussion.

    This is the hardest part. Initial thoughts are: no BR or agathions, +10 PvP sets, +14 weapons. No brez scrolls. The rest is open to suggestions.
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