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Classic Patch 29.03 [description]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM_Eva, Mar 29, 2018.

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  1. CM_Eva

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    [MAU] Def corrections
    [Mob] Lower lazuvardins
    [Mob] Removed high exp from Assassin Builder
    [Loot] Lower the possibilities to get Izid and Force Reavers in Sette
    [Loot] Blessing removed
    [Loot] Cupons farm removed from Sette Desert
    [Loot] Taliks and gems drop removed from pb HQ
    [Loot] Removed 45+ lvl weapon and armor mob drop
    [Loot] BD keys added to Strayer in Sette Desert...
    [Loot] 55 lvl crimsons drop in Locations 53+
    [Loot or mob] Elven Removed
    [Quest] 55 lvl cap established
    [Box] Removed runes
    [Box] Rare Ore boxes include 40% dopings att\def
    [Box] Chaos Potions removed from boxes
    [ini] Possible farm 2 lvl higher than you
    Monster Higher on 10+ lvls - 20%
    Monster Higher on 9 lvls- 30%
    Monster Higher on 8 lvls - 40%
    Monster Higher on 7 lvls - 50%
    Monster Higher on 6 lvls - 60%
    Monster Higher on 5 lvls - 70%
    Monster Higher on 4 lvls - 80%
    Monster Higher on 3 lvls - 90%
    Monster Higher on 2 lvls - 150%
    Monster Higher on 1 lvl - 130%
    Monster of your lvl - 110%
    Monster Lower on 1 lvl - 100%
    Monster Lower on 2 lvls - 90%
    Monster Lower on 3 lvls - 70%
    Monster Lower on 4 lvls - 60%
    Monster Lower on 5 lvls - 50%
    Monster Lower on 6 lvls - 40%
    Monster Lower on 7 lvls - 30%
    Monster Lower on 8 lvls - 20%
    Monster Lower on 9 lvls - 10%
    Monster Lower on 10+ lvls - 5%
    [ini] PvP points can be received from 40 lvl
    [loc] Crage Mines have unlimited ore
    [Craft] Crafting 1-55 lvls. Crafting is now 100% with the possibility to make B type.
    [T.W.] All Battle Dungeons became classic (classic loot)
    [N.P.C.] All odd NPCs removed
    [N.P.C.] NPC pots cost maximum 4k
    [N.P.C.] Reworked NPC items
    [N.P.C.] Removed Elite Magic
    [Guild] Guild cost ~250kk
    [Guild] Guild lvls
    1 lvl - at the creation moment...
    2 lvl - 1 person of 50 lvl...
    3 lvl - 50 people of 50 lvl…
    4 lvl - 50 people of 53 lvl...
    5 lvl - 50 people of 55 lvl...
    6 lvl - 50 people of 65 lvl...
    7 lvl - 50 people of 67 lvl...
    [Map] Clone mobs removed
    [Map] Outcast Land rework \ Hero Naroom replaced by Royal Guards \ Kukra Hero replaced by Cremul Hero \ Hellarsremoved .
    [Ore] Sacred metal removed
    [Animus] Corrected Animus parameters (mortal Inanna, corrected Isis, Peymon)
    (votes) 50+ (will be corrected later)
  2. CM_Eva

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    Several comments on the patch.

    1) Guild price 250kk
    Maximum possible number of guilds on the server is 500.
    If the price is low, guild appear 50 in a day.. everyona make a guild with it's own name and several alts.

    2) Gems and taliks can be received in the Crage Mine

    3) You will be able to buy chaos potion from NPC hero (we will make corrections soon)

    4) CP reset to 5k every week is made to give the opportunity for the new gamers to take part in politics and hierarchy. Otherwise, one day the TOPs become unreachable.
    CP+Guild: guild lvl = sum of all lvls of all chars in the guild + (sum of all CPs of all chars in the guild / 10 000)
    GuildGrade2 = 50 guild power points
    GuildGrade3 = 2500 guild power points
    GuildGrade4 = 2650 guild power points
    GuildGrade5 = 2750 guild power points
    GuildGrade6 = 3250 guild power points
    GuildGrade7 = 3350 guild power points
    Removing the growing of the total CP amount of the guild a guild lvl automaticly depends on the number of the players in the guild.

    On the RU servers TOP 8 of the hierarchy were taken by the same gamers who had 20-50kk CP and that's why new gamers had never opportunity to get in the politics.

    5) ETS.
    We are still working to turn them off.

    6) Mobs drop armor and weapons 45+
    Now you showd use crafting for this.
    Crafting is now 100% with the possibility to make B type.

    7) Rare tool vendor will be returned. With reworked items.
  3. CM_Eva

    CM_Eva User

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    30.03 corrections:
    - return of NPC vendor with radars
    - removed ETS button from the Hero
    - exp corrections from mobs
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