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Adventure Dagger, Guide by the God's.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Japarzo, Jul 20, 2018.

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    Hello boys and girls, today we will be talking about the mighty dagger of all three classes, the Adventure. The guide will be divided into categories, Farm and PVP.
    Levelling 1-20.
    There is no secret and I do not recommend you do any quest, every newbie starts with a kit with soulshots and blessedSpiritshots.[INFO]
    Levelling 20-40.
    There are many places where you can exp but I will mention at least 5 including group exp.
    Solo: [AC]; here you can stay until level 32, you can start killing mobs outside and go further inside the camp depending on your buffs.
    Solo:[Ant Nest] here you can go solo, duo or even tiro. You can stay until level 40 "be careful mob some mobs have poison"
    Group:[FT] here you can exp with full party or least 4 people, there are 2 sides; fire and water I would recommend going to the waterside. there you can stay until level 35 then move to [AI][Cruma] both full party.

    I based this using [moonset] where you can do the quest level 25 also the newbie kit will give you a dual D grade After level 20 and a C grade after level 40, you can use for 30 days.
    Lv:40-52 Dungeon is located in Aden near to Wapon&armor shop, I do recommend you do this dungeon because of the items you might get if you have luck: [suply box weapon C/armor/ jewellers/books and enchants) in case you get [Dimensional Blessing] try not to use straight after if you are level 45 because you can do the dungeon 2 times at this level.
    40-56 Solo:[Fom] the mobs from FOM give lots of exp but no drops, after you hit level around 49-50 you can move to [ANGHEL WATERFALL]
    Small group :[CT2] you can exp until 52 with 3 or 4 people good drops and exp. Extra 52-62 [EV] "decent exp and Adena farm.
    60-70Solo:[Seal Of Shilen] again a good place to exp solo, Doom Knigtht gives lots exp.
    Group: Since they added Catacombs on classic there is [ Forbidden Path ] where you can have lots exp and Patric's Necropolis. However, there are more places where you can exp as a group. [LOA] [TOI]
    65-76 Solo:[Blazing Swamp] You can start killing [Glow Wisp] left side of the respawn is the best spot after you hit 70 you can move to shamans spot.
    Group: [Cata Witch] Here you can level up until 78 with your party but also can be managed with 3 people depending party gears and Supports.
    [DI] I haven't done exp in DI so I can not say much but people do recommend this place as well just be aware of Zaken curse "it makes bleed and does lots damage".
    78-80 Group:[GC] I would say it is hard because there aren't many parties exp there. ( for sure if you want to exp there to reach the maximum level you and your party need to be well geared ) However we have an upcoming patch, so new areas to explore.
    Bonus Comments:
    *1 Lack of SP until certain level will make you journey hard.
    About [CA] and [BI] I would not pop those scrolls so soon if you were below 76. Why? Because of your lack of SP the scrolls will rush your level but not give you SP. Dagger mastery is an essential passive skill if you want to exp solo as well as Light Armor Mastery.
    PVE Dyes/Gear
    Let's start with the basic, you will not need any dye until u hit level 40. If you exp in a group don't use dyes for a while you will save some adena.
    Recommended dyes for solo exp [ +4STR -5DEX] yes, yes I know it will affect your skill land rate but trust me you will hit hard. (do not use dyes -con if you whiling to exp solo)
    Set: You can use Plated set, it gives (+4str) or you can go for a Heavy set; Full plate, Cristal dagger with othell's rune 6 would be ideal but as you might not have much adena you can use least othell's Rune 4. From level 52+ you can change your set to Doom Light or BW heavy " I used Doom Light until level 65 then I started to use Blue Wolf heavy". The weapon you can still use your Cristal Dagger or Demon Dagger and until you hit level 52 I think you will be able to buy an Othell 6.
    Before I start talking about Skills, buffs and PVP Dyes. I want you to take note about a few things; Treasure Hunter is the most stable stats character between all 3 classes but you ask me why? As you might know, humans classes have the better stats [STR, CON, DEX, WIT and INT] they are well balanced Different of Elves, with high DEX but lack of STR or Dark Elves, with best STR stats but low CON.
    If you have played as a dagger in previews chronicles you will feel the difference because in preview chronicles dagger use to have dyes +DEX-STR but in Classic, some people believe daggers are based in STR stats although in next updates it might change
    Focus power, backstab, deadly blow, lethal, Critical wound, Hide, Shadow step, Throw Dagger in Wrist and Mirage, Vicious Stance, trick, Clear Movements and switch. So, what has changed? if you have never played any chronical after Interlude you probably don't know some of these skills. I will explain some of this skill.
    1. Mirage, you can learn this skill at 79 and it is a bit powerless, I would say 3/10 to cancel any target.
    2. Critical wound, very useful debuff for farm and PVP, it decreases 10%. Vital points attack resistance.
    3. Hide you become invisible for 15sec enough time to sneak.
    4. Clear Movements, resetting Cooldown of the most important skills.
    Dyes PVP
    So, it is a really sensitive subject to talk about because there will be always Pros and Cons about which dyes you are using. [+4WIT- 4INT/ +3STR-3DEX/+STR-2CON] First at all I used those dyes because the status I had in my items could let me use, some people can have different Dyes but if you have some items such as TOI Talisman VI, Bracelet Lv.5, Agathion Bracelet - Lv. 4, your Dyes can be more manageable. I will not suggest any Dyes for your game style but hey, I will give you some help. There is Dyes experimentation that you can check: Gear
    There is no secret you can use Doom Light, Blue Wolf Light or simply go for Blue Wolf Heavy. Why heavy? BW Heavy has great stats and mostly of dagger use it, However, I am not saying Light sets are bad. By the way Never forget to have a bow with you.
    Super Othel 10 or higher, this rune will give you additional land rate in the vital spot of your enemies.
    Extra items: as I mentioned before some items can help you a lot, items such as TOI Talisman VI/Baium, Bracelet Lv.5 and Agathion Bracelet - Lv. 4.
    I haven't forgotten about the epic jewellers, I can say that Refined Queen Ant's Ring pretty much worth with 10% of P. Critical Damage, I can't say anything about having Baium Ring because I have never had one, however, we all know Baium ring gives P.critical damage and P.Skill Power, so not much to say.
    *First of all, you don't need to have all those items to have some decent PVP as long as you are level 78.
    Daggers in Classic has a terrible evasion you cannot run to one and another without taking some high damage and there is no half kill but comparing to previous chronicles Dagger here has the highest skill power I have seen. You might feel disappointed with your dagger but it is just a matter of time you get used to. I know the struggle of seeing your blows not landing or having low damage before you hit level 78 and have skill focus power that in my opinion need a bit more of improvement comparing to Focus death.
    There is many experiments made by Innova about Dagger classes; take some time and check :
    Adventure's Game Play

    PS: It was based on my knowledge and forum info if any Adventure has some opinion DM me, I would like to improve this guide.
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    I can tell it will be horrendous even before you post it
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    :D :D :D dead
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    Good work! :)
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    so between super yul and super othel, what would you use? yul its just 300 more flat dmg, and othel its 37% more land rate on blows. dont know what to do.
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    The post is quite outdated nowday but more or less things are the same.

    As he said about dyes, your setup may change based on ur play style...BUT judging from how dagger is played by most of the top-tier daggers, you should go for the Super Othell Rune which increase blow land rate. If, as tests seems to state, STR increase critical rate of skills (2x dmg) and DEX increase blow land rate, then you may go for dyes -4 DEX and up +2 CON and +2 STR to not lose too much stat. As last dye you may get +4 wit -4 int to cast faster magic skills (if you're an AW you will need it for Hex or Freezing strike).

    Weird, but STR here increase 2x chance of blows and DEX (for real this time, in the live server it was just a "Myth") increases land rate of skills.
    The reason why i'm telling to remove a few DEX is 'cause with that super rune you wont get malus from it...also, if you're WR or GH, with Focus death, you cap the chance anyway (80%).
    Also DEX will decrease atk spd and crt rate, but a -4 wont be such a deal, just don't go too low on it.