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71+ upgrade [first overview]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM_Eva, Aug 13, 2018.

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  1. CM_Eva

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    Maximum level 71
    • Obligatory 50 lvl quest
    • Obligatory 56 lvl quest
    • Monsters and enemy autotarget

    Patriarch Votes
    • from 50 level
    • • (if the voting level is 50, and there are 300 gamers of 55+ ур более 300, the 55 lvl will become the voting one)
    • • (if the voting level is 55, and there are 300 gamers of 60+ ур более 300, the 60 lvl will become the voting one)
    • Every week CP will be reset: for gamers lower than 56 lvl - to 5 000 CP; for gamers higher 56 lvl - to 35 000 CP
    • Automatic weekly guild assignment to the Honor Guilds

    International championships
    We have the unique platform to make international championships between Russian and European servers.
    International guild tournaments are possible in different categories:10х10, 20х20, 30х30, 40х40, 50х50
    As the rewards we provide unique in-game items and bonuses.

    Seasonal event-server
    Seasonal event-server with specific versions and different fun rates, with unique prizes to the main game account.

    7 Guild Levels
    The guild price is of the race currency
    1 level - при Создании...
    2 level (50 Guild points) - 1 person of 50 lvl...
    3 level (2500 Guild points) - 50 people of 50 lvl...
    4 level (2650 Guild points) - 50 people of 53 lvl...
    5 level (2750 Guild points) - 50 people of 55 lvl...
    6 level (3250 Guild points) - 50 people of 65 lvl...
    7 level (3350 Guild points) - 50 people of 67 lvl...
    Calculations: 1 Guild points = 1 lvl of personage in a Guild or 10.000 CP points of a personage in a guild.
    (The sum of all lvls + CP of all guild members) divided by 10.000 = guild power .

    From monsters of the lvl lower than you can get 100% of loot. Free farm.

    Sette Desert.
    • from the guardians of the enemy portals you can receive:
    • sharvings A B C to be able to put turrets
    • parts of "C", "C", "R" uniting which you will receive CCR coupon of 25.000.000+ race currency.
    Crag Mines
    • from lazuvardines you can get ore+1 - that gives the ore stability if you don’t have the Mines control.
    Actual Rare Ore loot:
    • Def and Attack dopings
    • Teleports to the Holy Keepstone Keeper

    PvP points
    • from 50 lvl
    • don’t depend on the personage specialization, the calculation is made only depending on the lvl of the killed personages.
    • The developed system of PvP points spending for the temporary and permanent equip:
    • talics upgrade included (will be soon)

    Personage leveling
    • Simple content before 65 level
    • Increased experience at: Ether, Elan, Vulcano, Beast Mountains, Outcast land, Cartella laboratory.
    • High experience from Hero Monsters.
    • From the heroic monsters you can receive the gold points, Gold bar Box and potions +45% attack/def, Elf's Blood, Elf's Tear.
    • • Gold points are needed to get equip and consumables from NPCs Golden Pigs.
    • • Golden bars are used for the high-level crafting 65+
    • In the home race locations there are additional Heroic Monsters for the leveling before 65 lvl.

    • Armor and weapon before 65 lvl can be bought from NPCs.
    • Equip from 65 lvl is made only by crafting
    • We provide full content of weapons, armor and shields to 70 lvl! Int, Leon, Crimson, Relic, Superior

    • Inanna is immortal
    • Isis become stronger on every level to 71 lvl max

    • MAU blessing can be received from home Bosses
    • Alternative blessing is in shop but can be applied only from 60 lvl
    • Def is increased
    • Key stays after MAU destruction
    • Experience is received inside MAU!

    • Daily and weekly quests

    In work:
    • 71+ lvl content in work (weapons, armor, jewelry, anti-graves, MAU,mines, animus)
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  2. CM_Eva

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    Additionals after Maintenance 21.08.18

    Loot Boss Rates х2

    Without Premium
    Item Loot Rate = 2.0
    Mine Speed Rate = 1.0
    Force Liver AccumRate = 2.0
    Mastery Get Rate = 2.0
    Animus Exp Rate = 25.0
    Player Exp Rate = 2.0

    Premium Service
    Item Loot Rate = 10.0
    Mine Speed Rate = 2.0
    Force Liver AccumRate = 4.0
    Mastery Get Rate = 4.0
    Animus Exp Rate = 50.0
    Player Exp Rate = 4.0

    ***MAU blessing from shop will be back in autumn - at the moment you can receive it from Bosses at HQ Bellto & Colony!

    ***In the city you can meet Stocker Lava - from him you can get temporary ancient elven weapon for 4 hours.
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