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Snipe buff - char moving randomly

Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by Nimiriel, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Nimiriel

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    With new update the selfbuff "Snipe" got a speed reducing stat instead of can't move state.

    Fact is now sometime, while in range of a mob, our char randomly try to go closer of the mob (like if wasn't in the range).
    Of the course the mob is an open space where we can hit (no "cannot target monster")

    this can be easily seen when fighting a raidboss (cause lots of HP).
    - HE in range of raid boss, using snipe
    - HE shooting from initial range, since in range of raidboss, not moving
    - raidboss not moving at all (usually, hitting the destroyers)
    - snipe still *ON* (selfbuff bar), HE moving a bit closer to raidboss

    When this happen i usually move back to initial spot, use /attack shortcut, and HE starts hitting again.

    It's a bit annoying cause for some raids with snipe you are on a perfect range of raid where you ain't hit by his AOE's attacks, but with your char randomly wanting to go closer ... meh.

    Not only happening on my char/computer, Troy noticed the same.
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