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New Adventure for an old italian player

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Italianomedio, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Italianomedio

    Italianomedio User

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    Ok, after some months i want to try again.
    I always love Skelth Community, probably the best Community i never found, i hope is as i leave it... Some months ago.
    Around the L2 World i can see several newcomers...
    Its a pleasure, i hope all can find the "way of fun" as an old player as me.
    I hope found again my old friends (Delray, enereS, Budina and all mates that help me in past) and i hope to found new friends that, as me, love L2.
    HF mates

    P.S.: per tutti gli italiani, provare Skelth per un mese costa 2 euro e la settimana prossima vi regalano anche un'altra settimana, inoltre la strada per i 40+ è facilitata dai newbie gift. Tentar non nuoce ed io ci provo.
  2. IceAge

    IceAge User

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    Welcome back :)
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