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EVENT Don't be late for a double rate!

Discussion in '2019' started by Artchem, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager Innova Group

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    We are getting closer to the Secret of Empire update, where high-level locations, monsters and raid bosses will be waiting for you. It's a good chance to catch up and gain maximum xp and adena before the update installation in order to start exploring new content. From the 27th of February till the 13th of March all your basic XP, SP points and adena (except for those you get from quests, fishing and Attribute XP) are doubled!

    For example, the basic value of XP from Lillim Shaman previously was 56,752, the new value will be 113,504. Accordingly, all subsequent XP bonuses will be calculated on the basic value – 113,504.


    Before event
    56,752 (100%) + 28,376 (XP Rune 50%) + 28,376 (Irene's Hourglass 50%) +17,025 (Rice Cake of Flaming Fighting Spirit 30%) = 130,529 exp

    After event
    113,504 (100%) + 56,752 (XP Rune 50%) + 56,752 (Irene's Hourglass 50%) +34,051 (Rice Cake of Flaming Fighting Spirit 30%) = 261,059 exp

    But wait... there's more!
    Get the most of your exping with special server settings:

    • Free teleports via Gatekeepers (Only chaotic character can't use this free service),
    • Free augmentation of Life Stone cancelling via Jeris' Anvil/Jeros' Anvil (Cancelling Augmentation Price is 0 Adena)
    Look at XP/SP Bonuses Table and find out how to spend game-time with maximum benifits:

    Sleepless nights await, adventurers!