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knight magic skills and spiritshots

Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by Ombre de Lune, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Ombre de Lune

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    I'm currently playing a shillien knight, and noticed something that doesn't seem right :

    when i enter game, my weapon load a soulshot and a blessed spiritshot (that's what i use)

    When i hit a mob in melee, i do additionnal damage, and the weapon loads a new soulshot. Everything is normal

    When i use a magic skill, like drain life, or life leech, i have increased casting speed, i do additionnal damage... And the weapon doesn't load a new blessed spiritshot. and next spell, i still have the effects of a weapon loaded with a bsps, but it doesn't consume the loaded bsps, and the number of bsps in my inventory stay the same.

    I did a few experiment, deactivated auto spiritshots, but weapon kept doing added damage with higher casting speed. To unload the weapon, i need to deactivate the auto spiritshot, the unequip the weapon, re equip it, then if i cast a new magic skill, i do it with normal casting speed and damage.If i reactivate the auto spiritshot loading, the weapon load a spiritshot... Then stay loaded without consuming spiritshots again.

    To be honest, it saves me a lot of adenas since my spiritshots are never consumed, even though my weapon have the corresponding effect. But i have the feeling that it's not working as intended....

    I'm level 41 and use C grade equipment, i had the problem both with temporary black samourai long sword duals, and with genuine sword of whispering death.