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EVENT Pumpkin commotion

Discussion in '2019' started by Artchem, Mar 22, 2019.

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    It's not only on a paper. The only thing that stopps after 10th of Aprile is Nectars dropping.

    Option 1:
    If you are a bussinessman type of a player. Yyou could gather 10-20 k nectars while event is on.
    The price of the nectars while they was dropping was 17-22 k. After they stop dropping price magicaly jumps on 25-27 k. ( here you a sample , how events continiues for some ppl )

    Option 2:
    While you opening pumpkins you get Pumpkin sweets and flower sweets. After 10th aprile , those 2 type of sweets will remain for more 2 weeks. So if you are smart enough , you will gather enough of them while they dropping and actually after nectars stop drops, the price of those will jump.

    So you can use them and xp with them more 2 weeks with 20 % xp and 10 % stats boosting ( i would say that is a nice event )
    Or you can sold em to another players for double the price.


    Events in Skelth are like 1 event per 2-3 moths, so i dont beleive there will be another event for the easter.
    Events are classified more like with the Seasons, not with the Hollydays.

    Spring event, summer event, autumn event, winter event.

    I hope that helps you.

    Have fun and all the best.
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  2. Doggeh

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    I've been here 5-6months and seen more than 2 events!

    Santa buff/Santa girl (can't remember if this was one event or 2)
    Banana buff/fishing
    Valentines buff/Sweets
    2x Rate

    I wouldn't put too much money on there not being another event soon :)