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Constant game freezes plus disconnects

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Zymed, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Zymed

    Zymed User

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    We are group of friends wanting to play/return (for some of us) to skelth. Issue is just one thing, 2 out of 4 of us are having major issues within the game.

    For me it works fine just like it did when I played on skelth last year. The problem for my friends is as follows: they log-in to the game, and it MIGHT run smooth for a couple of seconds but, most of the time, freezes; character standing still, not reacting to movement (either by WASD or click to move) and all in all just like having 2k latency or so. And after a little bit the game freezes for them and one of them or all of them disconnects.

    Me being on the side (with a working client) they server seems to respond to the fact that they are trying to move. They might seem a little laggy, but I do see them moving IE: to attack a wolf, while it doesn't happen on their own screen.

    Our own thinking/troubleshooting:

    - One of them (encountering the problem) did play on skelth last year with me, and had no problems back then on the same computer as of today.

    - Pinged 4game.eu and was the same for all of us; between 30-50ms all around.

    - Network should be fine, people with the problem having speedtests with 500/50Mbit connecting and up to 10ms to servers in own country.

    - In general not having issues in other games, NAClassic Lineage 2 client, WoW, Division, CS:GO what ever the game might be.

    I hope someone can be able to spot what our minds have been cracking on the latest couple of hours - we are empty of ideas at this point

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Ramondra

    Ramondra User

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    Same problem her. For example - no chance to sell at RT - 3 or 4 disconnects per hour. Killing mobs is hard while freezing in action. I hit mobs and sometimes the mobs are dead - sometimes I am dead... This was the reason I quit L2 the first time. I hope that this problem will be solved soon, otherwise I will quit again.