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New arraival, some questions

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Vaeaelen, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Vaeaelen

    Vaeaelen User

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    Hello all!!

    I'm a really old player, looking forward to come back to game, missing the good old hardcore farming!, just have some questions, hope you can give me a hand on this.

    Is https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page a reliable updated source of information in regards to skills, drops and quest?

    I was looking to make a tank, i read on the forum that the DA is a good choice, may I ask why? is it because of the panther? what about lvl 83 skills like pain of shillien, are not implemented? Are tanks looked for partys?

    Is subclass system implemented? and subclass skills?

    In regards of spoiler, it seems it has provoke, is it possible to AoE with spoiler +EE/SE Duo? is it worth?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. BillyCarter

    BillyCarter User

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    the exp curve is different, many players are yet to reach 81 and most of them are 79/80
    most real players here tend to lose exp due to pvp

    so its very slow progressively speaking

    as for the link, yes, best reliable source, there is also a discord if you google l2 classic discord eu

    dark avenger is a great tank, mainly cos its quite offensive. dark elf tank is more offensive.
    whatever class you pick, id advise to have a buffer alongside

    if you're going for spoiler, yes it is a viable aoe machine. i think after 60 you will need a tank or warlord since it cant handle that many mobs
    but up until catacombs/necro you're fine

    for that combo i highly advise spoiler, warcryer and a se
    after 60 you can do 1v1 pve instead of aoe
  3. Vasto

    Vasto User

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    Most CPs will look for tank because of party UD.
    DA is good choice because of fear (overpowered status that it's very hard to resist against) and lvl 80 skill (insane crusher)
    No level 83 skills implemented.

    No such thing in classic.

    It's possible, but not optimal. You need a dedicated buffer also (wc or PP).
    Also, dwarfs have some nice self buffs that work very well in AoE.

    As a final note, i would suggest you join the official L2 skelth discord. It's way more active then the forum
  4. FryderykChopin

    FryderykChopin User

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    I'd say with just SE, he'll be fine for some basic farming. There isn't that much that you'd be missing on without PP. Once he gets some basic Othel rune, SE's Focus+Death Whisper will be just about enough to rock'n'roll.