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Guild development short guide.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by CM_Leon, May 13, 2019.

  1. CM_Leon

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    Hello there, our fellow players!
    Many of you are concerned about the guild development system.
    Following many requests, we have decided to create a short guide , just to make it clear how Guild Development System works in RF Online.
    Guild grade (level)
    depends on Guild Power points.
    The formula is following:
    The sum of all player levels in the Guild+sum of CPT, divided by 10000.
    For example: If player is 69 level, the guild gets 69 Guild Power points thanks to him. If the Guild has 70000 CPT, it means that it is equal to 7 Guild Power points.
    To get the Grade (Level), Guild will require the following amount of points:

    Grade 2 - 50 points
    Grade 3 - 2500 points
    Grade 4 - 2800 points
    Grade 5 - 3000 points
    Grade 6 - 3250 points
    Grade 7 - 3350 points

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    So many points for grade 3+ eheh, we'll need more players to join the guilds