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[Skelth] kleming - main Cardinal (just ingame :D )

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by kleming, May 17, 2019.

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    My name is Alex and i just started stream few months ago for fun (English/Spanish language)

    Later gonna put picture here, wait for it :D

    My first steps on this game were on old C1, testing it with some Spanish real life friends.

    Together we all decided to start on Franz official L2 server. This was September 2006 if I remember correctly, and at the same time they added C4 to all servers.

    My side? RussianMafia then Revenge. I was a noob shilien elder on a little mage group, and then played a necro subbed to cardi till the merge between all European servers into TEON. At TEON played for some time an EE on dragonhutners/silenthorrros side, but quitted for some time till Core opened his doors on 2011.

    There as XeLa i made an ISS enchanter coming from OL. Played with BeMyFrag and OOC, to finish later on elders. Got lvl 95 i think and quitted as game wasnt what i was looking for, i liked "classic" Lineage 2 (top chronicles for me are Interlude- Hellbound, max Gracia final)

    Let's go to the important part. SKELTH. Lets' go step by step for my history (worth to read) and with my different eras.

    1. Starting era: Started the 22nd of December of 2015 (first day of server) with some friends as an archer CP. I was going for bishop main. Char? kleming ofc
    2. M0t0r/Madpro era: After struggling for sometime, i ended with some old friends I met on madpro side, to end in M0t0rhead CP. I remember him from old FRANZ and TEON fights. Was a great time and we had some nice pvps. i finished around 60.
    3. M0t0r/united era: Server was likely to dead Madpro was just owning all, i had some real life issues and didnt played for 1 month. When i was back surprise, my old pt decided to leave madpro and joined a new side between apex, united, dreamteam and some others to fight madpro mafia. We ended joining United clan and as my old cp had a new bishop i went to create my own PR for the CP (after 59 we realized that PRs were op :D ). xkleming born, kleming was taken so went the easy way with xkleming. We managed to finish with madpro and a new war was coming.
    4. Ginto/United vs Apex era: M0t0r CP took a break. Some of us kept playing and i went to play with ginto group. I was bishop and there and we managed to rule server for a lot of time. Things started not beeign fun for me, some people i rly dislike joined and started to rule in a bad mode.
    5. Eternity era: some of the friends with whom i started in point 1 joined back, and after spending some time on DreamTeam, they went to a "new" clan ruled by Valkyzer called Eternity. Asked me to join and help (they were around 60) so i joined them with my PR (it was lvl 6x). With Eternity, spectre,apex,revenge, isforce as main clans, we managed to get some wins vs united, that made them join Pufa to create DOTA. Probably one of the best time for server with daily pvps with 120+ ppl in both sides.
    6. United/DOTA era: the ally done vs DOTA was having a bad time, and after some disagreements, this made me leave Eternity to join iBBs cp, as bishop (still 6x as didnt touch it a lot since we left madpro). Getting nice exp from raids did 78 pretty fast. Then NA servers came and server was pretty dead but.
    7. NOW: When DOTA left and a lot of pts did when NA started, untied remaiend solo vs spectre, we made a new ally with 4od, where i met again few Spanish people like Waffle, Harraps and others. Right now my CP consists just of Spanish people and we are located in 4od. My first stream was still with iBBs CP some sieges ago. I really liked it so i wanted to keep it going.

    The situation right now is most likely Darkside and allies having double of our numbers. Our little ally consist now of 4 pts vs 10+ that Darkside have. I played in "Spanish Armada CP" lets call it like this? hope we won't sink like the real one.

    My goal with stream? Server announcement, make community to enjoy the server and share opinions.

    I will show how i farm with some lowbie chars and help what i find around my level. When there are any Ally activites such as Sieges, Raids, epics, instances, i will stream to show newcomers that the server is alive and how high lvl places looks like. Hoping to have some fair pvp and fun, put some good music and make people cooperate.

    I leave my youtube channel too where i have some pvps uploaded on a list (even old ones when i was lvl 50)

    I am pretty active and a good spammer in discord, looking to help and give some extra info there too.
    You can join us in: https://discord.gg/ea3ee9
    and find me as: kleming#1982

    My next step will be to get some video editor and make good ones with a Healer PoV.

    Last edited: May 17, 2019
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