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Fresh start

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by TwoTouchdowns, May 18, 2019.

  1. TwoTouchdowns

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    I am long time lurker first timer poster here. I've tried to play in Giran server when it was lunched but the ignorance and disrespect to players by NCSoft made me quit within a few days after launch. Some time has passed and I've started to feel like it would be cool to start playing again, so I have finally decided to return to L2 and I think Skelth is the only viable option.

    Question 1: I am not hardcore player and usually playing 2 - 3 hours a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, but it depends on many various things. Question is how active is casual gamers community here. Is there any active/semi-active clans without CP system? I am looking to spend days chatting about ****ty stuff like eurovision, basketball and etc on clan chat instead of getting bald worrying about waking up for baium spawn time at 3AM.

    Question 2: I don't really care about servers population at this point, as server is 3(?) years old, but other thing that concerns me is how active is russians community here? They are the most ignorant and disrespectful players I have ever encountered and who usually takes this game as business and as this server is managed by Innova, I believe there should be quite a bunch of them, but what's the status by the players point of view?

    Thanks and looking forward to starting playing as soon as I am done with my exams :)
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  3. Anax_

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    Skelth is a pretty casual server, where casual players can even be somewhat relevant(most CPs would recruit you with 3hrs playtime). The only issue is, you're gonna have a hard time catching up with just 3hrs of playtime. The server is 3 years old now and a lot of people are high level. Not that it's impossible though.

    Your best bet would just be to take the 7 days trial and then the first 2 euro month and see for yourself. As for NCSoft's disrespect towards players, well, all I would say is don't expect the grass to be greener. What makes this a better server than NA in my opinion, though, is the business model. 10 euro monthly subscription + a very well balanced cash shop.

    Check it out, you don't really have much to lose.
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  4. Electroism

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    1. I too play for about 2-3 hours a day and I've been leveling up quite decently. I am currently in 33 ish area on my characters Phantom Summoner/SE/PP would be way faster if I didnt have to level all of them haha. I am just taking my time and in no rush. If you are worry about catching up or not finding groups basically your time schedule I have a family too so I prefer solo and group when I can and Summoners are the best class for me and maybe yourself too. Clan part is unknown to me most people chat on the official lineage 2 EU discord for Skelth (Info is in game).

    2. In the beginning there were lots of Russian players and everything you say. But now it is more of a EU population with some Russian players. I think a lot of them left for RU Lineage2 Essence servers. Quite popular there. Use the 7 day trial and if you like it sub for the first month 2 euro. Just like what Anax_ said.

    Tip. Towns are empty. Everyone is selling stuff at the Monster Derby for convenience since you can teleport there in any town for free. If you wish to buy stuff/sell you can use the discord, better and faster results.

    LIke I said above base on your time I would go with Human Warlock/ Elf Elemental Summoner/Phantom Summoner. All 3 are decent solo classes without an extra buffer accounts but having a PP/SE will benefit you a lot. If you want to take on big *** monsters alone and melee than go with Phantom Summoner (no self recharge so melee early on like 40's and can't heal due to that) while a Warlock and ES are more flexible. They can heal/damage/melee. Reason why they can heal better because of infinite mana from pets... Warlock gets one at 20 from one of the kats I think.
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