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Big sale

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by izzek, May 29, 2019.

  1. izzek

    izzek User

    Likes Received:
    WTS Karmian set 2x --
    Plated leather set --
    Avadon robe set --
    Doom Heavy set + doom shield
    BW Heavy Set + FP shield
    DMG ISS 6,
    Demon dagger othell 6,
    Crystal dagger +4,
    Mithril Tunic set
    Demon Robe set
    Blood crystals
    Sealed phoenix jewel set,
    Top C grade jewels
    Top b grade jewels
    Zubei gaiters, sealed zubei boots, zubei shield
    Got a lot of random spellbooks, CDL, Haste, Etc
    Aereo 9
    Othell 6
    Brigandine Set
    Zubei heavy set + zubei shield

    i only sell full sets,

    Most has been sold Or Blown away, ;)
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019