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Looking for an updated spoiler guide for classic 2.0

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Xavfire, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Xavfire

    Xavfire User

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    Hey there as the title says, LF an up to date guide....now i play on NA servers but the state of the official forums is flaming complaints that our drop/spoil rate is pointlessly low, most mobs that should drop 2+ mats drop 1...and i've made peace with that and i'm told 60+ spoils become somewhat worth it...currently i'm 46 but plan to make a sub 40 spoiler for recs i missed & need later. I've been poking around these forums spoil guides just to get a feel what to set as goals but am coming up short, so if there's a guide/post i missed or some advice is appreciated cause we aren't going to get our own wiki database & the community is rather toxic. mostly play by myself & chat with EU players who play on NA servers so i want to grind out important items & mats even if it is only 1 at a time...& cruma tower drop/spoil was destroyed due to bot auto farmers & grinding out raw adena for market price items is silly cause gear is rare and my server is rather empty...but i do have access to most mob spots without too much traffic problems which also means giran is only got 1 corner of shops, so basically all mats i get are 100% mine n not worth sale...so perfect for soloing! anyhoo...please help XD
  2. VaBybi

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    best tip i can give you: quit NA
  3. NeoTiger

    NeoTiger Global moderator

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    We don't provide support for NA servers, there is the NcWest forum for it.

    Look into the archives or use the search button, you might find some relevant information about spoiler.

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