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FAQ - Preorder

Discussion in 'Team Blog' started by Mehashefa, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Hey-hey! You have questions - we have answers! Check this FAQ ^3^
    (You can already read it at our site, but anyway)

    If I buy Deviling pack will I receive Drops and Poring packs automatically?
    No. Packs are not connected and don’t include each other. You will receive contents of all packs you’ve bought if you buy more than 1 pack. For example, if you buy Poring and Drops packs - you’ll get items from both of them. Remember, you can have only one pack of each kind.

    Technical Requirements
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 32/64 bit with last updates, Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, Microsoft Windows 10; Processor: Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz/AMD Athlon 3000 and above; Memory: Above 512 MB RAM; Graphic: Graphic Card 32 mb and above with DirectX support: Internet browser: Internet Explorer version 11 and above; Internet connection: Availability of internet connection (preferably use of a broadband internet connection).
    Testing mode of an operational system on the User’s PC or other mode different from the standard one may prevent the User from use of the Game Service.

    In what version will the game be released?
    Revo-Classic — the combination of best Renewal and pre-Renewal game mechanics

    What content will be available during CBT and OBT?
    CBT will give you access to the same content as OBT except cash shop, which will be closed until OBT.There will be available 2-1 and 2-2 classes, but extended and advanced classes will be added with upcoming updates.These cities with adjacent territories and dungeons will be open to visit: Prontera, Geffen, Payon, Alberta, Morroc, Aldebaran, Yuno, Comodo, Izlude, Umbala, Lutie, Jawaii, Glastheim. Other territories will be also opened in updates which will come after the OBT start.

    Which specific EXP and Drop rates are to be planned?
    We will have Basic rates: 100% for EXP and 100% for drop.

    And how about Death Penalty?
    Death Penalty will be 3%.

    What nickname restrictions do you have?
    -maximum nickname length is 17 symbols
    - all special characters are forbidden, including whitespaces
    - only English characters are allowed, both uppercase and lowercase, in any combination
    - numbers are allowed only as part of nickname. Nicknames created using only numbers are forbidden.

    How much characters can I create per account?

    When will the game be released?
    The game will be released in early autumn after the CBT.

    When is the CBT?
    We plan to launch the CBT in the beginning of August, and the OBT will start in early September.

    What business model will the game use?
    Free-to-Play with premium and cash shop..

    What does the crossed-out price for pre-order packs mean?
    Crossed-out price is the total cost of all the items from preorder packs if bought separately when the OBT starts. So don't waste time!

    How many pre-order packs can I Buy?
    You can buy and activate three packs: Poring, Drops and Deviling.

    How many times can I spin the Win-Win Machine?
    You can spin the Win-Win Machine for as many times as you like.
    Maximum number of spins for one round is 50.

    How can activate a gift code for a pre-order pack?
    A gift code can be activated on the pre-order page. After the activation the pack will be added to your account. Take note that the code can't be activated if you already have such a pack. Items from pack can be collected within a month after the OBT start.

    What do I do with a gift code if I already have a pack?
    All three packs can be added to one account, but only one of each. First of all, check what pack exactly you have. For example, if you have the Poring Pack and your code is for the Drops or the Deviling Pack, don't worry and activate it right away. If your code is for a pack that you already have, you can always create another account and get your gift there.

    When will I get the pack items?
    You will receive everything with the start of the OBT
    Is there any way to get a pack for free?

    Yes! Until the game is released, we will raffle the pre-order packs and access keys in our social networks and through our partners' resources. Subscribe to the game news in Facebook and Twitter, so you won't miss anything!

    Can I get access to the CBT without buying a pack?
    No, the CBT access can be gained only from the pre-order packs.

    What will become of my characters and progress after the CBT?
    After the CBT everything will be reset.

    What about my characters' nicknames?
    You will have the possibility to save your characters' names in the designated time period after the CBT. The amount of nicknames saved depends on the owned pre-order packs - 3 for the Deviling Pack, 2 for the Drops Pack, and 1 for the Poring Pack. If you have several packs, the number of saved nicknames is summed up.

    What is the Premium?
    The Premium will give you some in-game bonuses:
    - XP +30% while hunting
    - item drop rate +15%
    - inventory +300 slots
    - death penalty reduced to 1%
    You can buy Premium using Silvervines from NPC Silvervine Merchant at Prontera. But remember that all Silvervine Merchant items' prices are increased by 20%.

    What is Costume Headgear?
    Costume gear is purely decorative. It gives no bonuses and is equipped in special costume slots. The pre-order costume items are available only from the pre-order packs.

    How do I get my prizes from the Win-Win Machine?
    The same way as the pre-order pack items - by the RoDex mail after the OBT start. You'll be able to open mail with any character on the account..

    Can I make a refund for the Win-Win Machine spins?

    Can I transfer my Win-Win prizes to another account?
    All items obtained from the Win-Win Machine are sent only to the account from which the purchase has been made. But if you get 2 Blessings of the Sun - not worry! All costumes from Win-Win Machine can be traded with other players. Other items that can be traded:
    Seed Of Yggdrasil
    Guyak Pudding
    Guyak Candy
    Sleepy Box
    Box Of Grudge
    Sesame Pastry
    Honey Pastry

    Can I launch the game if I don't have 4game installed?
    No, the game can be launched only from the 4game platform. But don't hesitate to install it, as it will allow you not only to play your favourite game, but you will also be able to stay up to date with the latest news of our projects and take part in all online events, even if you don't have any social network accounts.

    Will there be any discounts for the pre-order packs?
    No, their price will remain the same throughout the whole sale period.

    What is CBT, pre-OBT and OBT.

    CBT: During Closed Beta Test we will perform stress test of servers, check users interactions with game platform and anti-cheat system. We will collect information about bugs and errors and fix them.

    Pre-OBT: Polishing fixes after CBT, nickname reservation and assessment of pre-order packs and items from Win-Win machine.

    OBT: During Open Beta Test gamers can just login to game without be afraid of wipes. All further progress will be safe.

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  2. Maugrey

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    So, reset after CBT and possibly during CBT.
    No wipe during OBT.
    But what about after OBT ? Will there be a reset before the official start ?
  3. Ambition4l

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    You can read right?! During Open Beta Test gamers can just login to game without be afraid of wipes. All further progress will be safe.

    Open Beta is kinda the official start. Only means, that can have some minor bugs, thich can be fixed as they found during the game.
  4. Maugrey

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    Yes i can read, but since it's not clearly written, it's not clear.
    Usualy on other games, a beta is just a beta. Not an official start. And data are wipped before the official start.
    That's why i asked the question.
  5. Oyka again

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    Let me explain the way it will be implemented.

    CBT - any technical or ingame problem shall occur will not be considered as terms of service violation; any complain shall occur will be ignored or considered as bug report; game progress and all game assets obtained will be erased upon CBT ends.
    OBT - everything's the same, but game progress and all game assets obtained will NOT be erased upon OBT ends. Publisher MIGHT show a good will and grant a compensation for failures and major bugs.
    Release - supposed, that everything runs smooth, and in case any major technical or ingame failure shall occur, a publisher HAVE to grant compensation for service terms violation. Unless they prove, that the failure is beyond their control.
  6. Maugrey

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    Thank you.
  7. peakpeang

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    Can I open the game with 2 monitors at the same time?
  8. RattuS_IL

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    You can press ALT+Q in the 4game launcher to switch between accounts. This way you can start the game for multiple accounts/windows. And yes, dual-clienting is explicitly allowed on this server. Someone from Innova might want to quote me here to confirm this.
  9. peakpeang

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    OK, I will do as you say. Thank you so much.