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Reterning Player Questions

Discussion in 'Community' started by Lorgend, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Lorgend

    Lorgend User

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    Hello i am and old player of skelth and i got some questions. So first of all i read about kamel, is that for real? And auto haunting system, like boting is legalized now or what? xD Finally can someone talk me through the big changes and if it is worth coming back? I stopped playing like 2 years ago around the antharas update. Tnx in advance :D.
  2. Fast.

    Fast. User

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    Yeh, kamael is for real. Yeh, your char can use legal macroses and don't lose items if someone drop you because of clan skill.

    You'll still need to invest a plenty of time here to get anywhere, so you'll discover everything for yourself in time.

    Main big changes for you is that it's much easier to get to high lvl now than it used to be for all old players here and it's great isn't.

    Main big changes for myself = it's not L2 classic anymore.

    I have the same main question to be honest. Like, I don't have epics, but I have more than adequte OE gear on Skelth and I have all supports I need to easly lvl up anything I want to or just keep playing my current chars.
    However, do I want to play here? Spend at least 3-4 hours in game everyday on low population server?
    Maybe it's because of my prime time during EU night time this is why I have this issue?
    Or rather, knowing what's happening around the world and just stay indefferent to just lvl up here instead of real life, that's the main question for me. Sorry for offtopic...