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NEWS Skelth Clan Leaders Council 2019

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Artchem, Sep 11, 2019 at 12:20 PM.

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  1. Artchem

    Artchem Community manager Innova Group

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    Dear players,

    We try to do our best to improve the game and you are precisely the ones who can help us with that. One of the methods to receive timely feedback is a direct dialogue with clan-leaders, who can represent on regular basis majority opinions upon the most important matters on server (critical server issues, satisfaction level of events, updates, etc). In order to get an effective feedback from clan-leaders, we want to reorganize Skelth Clan Leaders Council that has been created 2 years ago.

    We are looking forward to actively involved in server politics and caring clan-leaders from Skelth. Have you recognized yourself? We will gladly invite you to our Discord channel, if you fit additional terms!


    • The language of the conversation: English;
    • Only one representative from one clan is allowed; if clan leader cannot participate on a regular basis, he can send a representative;
    • If clan leader or his representative are inactive, they will be deleted from the channel;
    • Offensive language is prohibited;
    • There is no exact or fixed agenda of the conversation, it may vary in accordance with the needs of players and administration.


    1. Check if you fit conditions from the requirement list below
    2. Join our Discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/l2classiceu
    3. Fill the following admission form for Council 2019: https://forms.gle/KCkyQczWF1Nw9hX6A
    4. Your submission will be examined and if you fit conditions, CM @Artchem will add you to the necessary discord channel within 5 working days. Important: we reserve the right not to add a clan-leader to the channel without explanation.


    • You are a current active clan-leader*
    • Your clan level is 4 or 5*
    • Number of active clan members is 30 or more*
    • Average level of clan members is 58 or more*
    • Your clan has battle status
    • Possession of Clan hall
    • Participation in sieges
    • The existence of heroes in the last month
    • Points that are marked with * are necessary, the rest are optional, but they can influence the final decision.

    P.S. It must be pointed out that it is only one of many ways to gather player’s opinions. Clan leaders can represent even those who are not active on Forum or Discord, also they meet specific issues, which other solo players might not find important. But all constructive opinions from all players are equally valuable for us regardless of being clan-leader or not. Not clan-leaders can still discuss important questions on the forum, special discord channels and support service, so none of you will miss relevant issues.
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Thread Status:
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