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[Special Offer] - Pirate Treasure! Yar-r-r

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by Ah_Alicel, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Ah_Alicel

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    Ho-ho-ho! Me, old Captain Joe Wooden Hand is presenting you glorious and shiny Treasure. Many Pirates died for this booty, but for now, anyone can get it. Look at this! Look at these fancy hats. Every hat is better than mine! Go and get it!
    But because I'm a pirate - gold first.
    O-o-o-or you can try to win it for free(I might have let it slip), but who know in which mood miss Fortune will be today...​
    The item is also available at Silvervine Merchant for 119 Silvervines.
    Special offer will continue till 16.10. Don't miss a chance to get it

    Moon and Stars

    mooon star.png

    A strong feeling of being one with the night skies.
    Type : Costume
    Position : Mid
    Required Level : 1
    Job : All Jobs


    Bloody Beard’s Hat


    A hat that belonged to a pirate captain infamous for his cruelty. One can still see blood stains on its flaps.
    Class: Costume
    Location: Headgear (Upper)
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All


    Pet Raven

    gossip raven.png

    A pet raven that sits on your shoulder. Wow, now you look almost like Odin!
    Class: Costume
    Location: Headgear (Mid)
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All


    Pet Parrot


    This parrot can talk! More precisely, chat. Incessantly, without end... Somebody, shut this bird up!
    Class: Costume
    Location: Headgear (Lower)
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All


    Pet Pigeon


    It seems that this pigeon has confused you with a monument, so better not feed it. Moreover, it looks capable enough to find its own food.
    Class: Costume
    Location: Middle
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All


    Corsair Captain Hat


    A big hat of the legendary pirate captain. Looks rather worn out, but still impressive.
    Vit +1
    Max HP +3%
    [If refined to +7 or +8]
    Additionally Vit +1, Max HP +3%
    [If refined to +9 or higher]
    Additionally Vit +2, Max HP +7%
    Damage from Demihuman monsters -1%
    Class: Headgear
    Defense: 10 Weight: 50
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All


    Captain Cap

    captain hat.png

    Once owned by a famous captain, this cap is now a symbol of leadership and courage.
    Resistance to Water +5%
    Class: Headgear
    Location: Upper
    Defense: 8 Weight: 50
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All


    Gym Pass

    A Gym Pass that can begiven to a special NPC to learn a skill
    that will increase your Maximum Weight
    Capacity by 200 for each skill level.
    This special skill can only be learned up to Level 10.

    HE Battle Manual

    This well written, detailed manual explains the most efficient battle methods.
    Exp rate +100% for 15 min.
    Replaces the effect of a Battle Manual.

    HE Bubble Gum

    Account bound
    A High Efficiency bubble gum that packs double the punch.
    Item drop rate +200% for 15 min.
    Replaces the effect of a common Bubble Gum.

    Bloody Dead Branch

    An ancient gnarled branch with a contract written in blood upon its bark.
    Summons stronger creatures than regular Dead Branches.
    Weight: 20

    Enriched Elunium

    Account bound
    An enriched oridecon that can be found only deep underground. Used as a material to make stronger weapons.
    Increases weapon's upgrade success rate.

    Enriched Oridecon

    Account bound
    An enriched oridecon that can be found only deep underground. Used as a material to make stronger weapons.
    Increases weapon's upgrade success rate.

    Battle Manual

    A manual that explains effective ways to fight. It is very detailed and well composed.
    Exp/job exp rate +50% for 30 min.
    The item effect stacks with that of Job Battle Manual.

    Job Manual

    Job Exp rate +50% for 30 min.
    The item effect stacks with that of Battle Manual.

    Bubble Gum

    Account bound
    Sweet tasty bubble gum.
    Item drop rate +100% for 30 min.

    Convex Mirror

    Account bound
    A clean convex mirror that can be used to detect Boss monsters.
    Shows the time when a Boss monster appears.
    If a Boss monster is already in game, it shows its location.
    Duration: 10 min. (cancelled if the character goes to another map or logs out)


    A fruit from the Yggdrasil tree which brings life to our world. Its fantastic taste is full of life.
    Fully restores HP/SP
    Weight: 30

    Kafra Card

    Account bound
    A card issued by the Kafra Headquarters.
    Allows to open the Kafra storage.


    A ripe Silvervine fruit.
    Can be exchanged for various valuable items from the Kafra shop in Prontera.


    Account bound
    A trumpet-shaped device that seems to amplify sounds.
    Allows you to broadcast your messages to the whole server.
    Note! A message for broadcast must be entered in 3 min. after the item is used, or the effect is cancelled.

    Gold Pill Extra

    A pill made by preparing various herbal medicines and herbs in a specific combination.
    Only one of Eastern religious groups can create this.
    MaxHP +5%, Natural HP regeneration +10% for 1 hour.
    Weight: 1

    Glass Of Illusion

    Account bound
    A potion made from morning dew from an Illusion Flower. Creates an illusion that makes it harder to hit you.
    Perfect dodge +20 for 1 min.
    Cooldown: 5 min.
    Weight: 0

    ASPD Potion

    Account bound
    Increases Aspd for 15 min.
    The potion stacks with other potions that increase Aspd.
    Weight: 0

    Energizing Potion

    Account bound
    A potion that improves general condition.
    Atk/Matk +2%
    Healing items/skills' efficiency +10%
    Duration: 2 min.
    The effects is cancelled after death or buff removal.
    Weight: 0

    Sparkling Candy

    Account bound
    A candy that feels like it's jumping in your mouth when you eat it. Don't forget to brush your teeth afterwards!
    Atk +20
    Aspd +25%
    Enables [Endure] effect
    HP -100 per 10 sec.
    Duration: 1 min.
    Cooldown: 3 min.
    Weight: 0


    Account bound
    An abrasive used for sharpening weapons.
    Crit +30 for 5 min.
    Weight: 0

    Life Insurance

    Account bound
    A life insurance certificate issued by Kafra Headquarters.
    Loses its effect once the character receives its benefit.
    If the character dies within 30 minutes after using this item, there will be no EXP loss penalty.
    Weight: 0

    Speed Potion

    A potion which increases the moving speed of a character for a set duration.
    Weight :10

    Blessing of Tyr

    Account bound
    A potion that possesses the spirit of Tyr, the god of battle.
    Atk/Matk +20
    Hit/Flee +30
    Duration: 5 min.
    Weight: 1

    Steamed Tongue

    Account bound
    The epitome of Louyang cuisine. Its ingredients may be hard to find, but culinarily speaking, it's a masterpiece.
    Str +10 for 30 min.

    Steamed Scorpion

    One of the four best dishes of the Sograt Desert, this scorpion dish is cooked using the heat of the desert sands.
    Agi +10 for 30 min.

    Stew of Immortality

    A stew with a funky smell that looks quite suspicious, but it really does give the feeling of immortality.
    Vit +10 for 30 min.

    Dragon Breath Cocktail

    A cocktail with an unforgettable flavor as impressive as a dragon's breath.
    Int +10 for 30 min.

    Hwergelmir’s Tonic

    Named after the legendary spring believed to be the source of the world's rivers, this beverage is famous for its amazing taste.
    Dex +10 for 30 min.

    Cooked Nine Tail’s Tails

    A rare specialty dish from Payon that bestows luck on those fortunate enough to eat it.
    Luk +10 for 30 min.

    Light White Potion

    Account bound
    A white potion that has been condensed to reduce its weight and increase effectiveness.
    Restores about 325 HP

    Blue Potion

    Account bound
    A potion made from ground blue herbs.
    Restores about 60 SP
    Weight: 1

    Universal Golden Catalog

    The latest invention of the Geffen Magic Academy!
    A magical scroll that allows not only to search items on sale, but also to buy or sell your goods wherever you want.
    Conducts the search only among vendors on the same map.

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    Lawl were dead
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    Because ?
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    I soooo want one of those pets and Moon&Stars is sweet too ...
    But let me say it: I hate all you luckers! :)
    Guess I try to make rather some money, since I'm never lucky with opening those chance-thingies :p
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    Come here
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    Sorry, no OP headgear... i don't buy it! :014: