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Update Patchnote: War of Emperium / Super Novice

Discussion in 'Game Updates' started by Ah_Alicel, Nov 22, 2019.

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    The Wars of Emperium (WoE, Guild Wars) is the most crucial and long-awaited update for Ragnarok Online.
    We prepared a description of this update to help you understand what WoE is and how the guild wars are conducted.

    Wednesday, 20:00-22:00 CET
    Sunday, 18:00-20:00 CET

    Guild Wars (WoE) is the weekly battle for castles between guilds. Conquered castles allow guilds to get access to special dungeons and treasure chests.

    After thousand years of peace, monsters noticed how poorly castles defended and claimed them in all major cities, becoming a serious threat to the citizens of the Kingdom.

    "The castles and the treasures on them are properties for those who deserve them. And whoever control the castles with the legendary Emperium stone, will be considered the kingdom Knights of honor." King Tristan III

    And that’s how the new era of war begun in Rune-Midgard…

    The castles in Rune-Midgard are spread across 4 locations, 5 castles in each, making 20 castles total. To conquer a castle, a guild must destroy the Emperium stone in the center of the fortress. When the castle is conquered, the guild has to protect it from competing guilds during the war period. Since WoE is a weekly event, the guild owning the castle has access to its benefits until the next war.

    Guild Dungeons

    Guild Dungeons are the special instances available to the guilds owning the castle depending on the region. These dungeons are considered as the best way to progress, since the local monsters are extremely strong and dangerous. Furthermore, these dungeons have PvP mode turned on, adding an additional threat from other guilds owning castles in the same city.

    Treasure Chests

    The guild leader has access to the special room in the conquered castle, where treasure chests spawn every day as long as the guild controls the castle. The more developed economics the castle has, the more chests appear (drop modificators affect these chests too).

    Unlike PvP Arenas, Guild Wars are focused on team play, so make sure your guild is prepared for coordinated actions.

    • Guild Leader with a castle has the ability to summon Guardians via NPC in the castle. The Guardians will attack anyone who doesn’t belong to the castle guild’s alliance (“Guardian Research” skill must be obtained).
    • Guild Leader can invest Zeny into castle’s economy, increasing the amount of treasure chests appearing every day. Every 5 economy points add 1 chest.
    • Researched “Kafra Contract” skill allows to place Kafra in the castle, giving access to the storage from the castle.

    Castle rules

    It is possible to enter a WoE castle without a guild. Characters from the same alliance or guild can’t attack each other on the castle’s location. Guild members can’t be kicked out of the guild while they are on the territory of the castle. An alliance can’t be broken on the castle’s territory. Members of the guild owning the castle can use guild flags for quick transportation through the castle.

    WoE mechanics adjustment

    • Flee reduced by 20%;
    • Range attacks reduced by 20%;
    • All damage is reduced by 40%;
    • Hunter’s traps have 4x duration;
    • Characters can’t prevent cast interrupting effects (with Phen Card, for example).
    Following skills are blocked on WoE:
    • Assumptio;
    • Basilica;
    • Ice Wall;
    • Plant Cultivation;
    • Snatch;
    • Warp Portal;
    • Teleportation.

    Other WoE changes:

    • /noctrl is disabled, players need to hold LMB to attack;
    • Damage indicators are disabled;
    • /mineffect is turned on by default;
    • Guild insignia is displayed above the character’s head;
    • Death experience penalty is disabled;
    • Characters are invulnerable for 5 seconds after entering the portal, as long as they don’t move, use skills or items.

    Emperium is the crystal located in one of the castle rooms, usually the furthest one from the entrance, attacking guilds must destroy it to conquer the castle. If multiple characters are attacking the Emperium, the castle will belong to the guild which delivered the killing blow.


    A Super Novice is a special kind of class which exploits nearly every first class skill. Super Novices also sport highly effective armor and shields which reduce elemental attacks.


    Super Novices are the most versatile among all classes have "true freedom" in build and skills. The downside to this freedom of skills is very low HP and SP, just like a regular Novice. Super Novices lose the use of the Play Dead skill and also lose exp upon death with 1 HP remaining, just like a regular first class. Super Novices only can equip anything a normal Novice would be able to, including specialized Novice only equipment.

    To become one, head to Al De Baran, the southwest Windmill (116 63), enter the left room ant talk to Tzerero.


    Class features:

    Never give up! — According to hearsay, when a Super Novice's HP reaches 0 when he she is 99.0%-99.9%, their Guardian Angel may appear to refill his HP and cast Mental Strength on the Super Novice. This will not occur again until you relog or get another level.
    Undying Love — A Super Novice wife will give +1 for every stat when she uses the marriage skill Undying Love on her husband. Also, the husband's SP recovery will double. However, the wife's stats will all be reduced by 1. This however only occurs randomly and temporarily.
    The Power of Love — A Super Novice's wife will heal her husband for 2x the normal amount.
    Really Super — If a Super Novice can manage to avoid even a single death until Job 70 and onwards, he/she will get +10 for all stats. If the Super Novice dies anytime afterwards, that bonus will be lost. This death record can be cleared (and the bonus stats recovered) using Super Novice Spirit.
    Super Novice's Cart — Super Novices get their own special cart for an extra fee (1900z) in Al de Baran behind the Kafra Headquarters in the Northwestern corner of the map.
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  2. HiHaasi

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    That's all Secret Features of Super Novice ?
    * NO Guardian Angel ??
    * NO Fury ??

    Super Novice Spirit without Soul Linker ??

    Question to you
    when start the 'Death Record' for 'Really Super' ? with Job-change to SN or before (with Character-Creation) ?
    if there are Fury, how are the correct sentences?
    if there are Fury, it's random or not?
  3. P1R1GU3T3

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    Question to you:

    On Ragnarok RE: START server there was a BUG in Guardian Angel (Fury) that upon reaching the maximum level (99) the Super Novice class was unable to use this ability. Even the Warpportal company aware of this BUG has never been fixed.
    Is there a possibility this problem could be permanent in Revo -Classic and happen in this update?
  4. BardBun

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    No Intimidate, the most important skill for Rogues/Stalkers, gg.
    What a stupid decision to make.

    Why not also disable Storm Gust, Guillotine Fist, Sonic Blow, Bowling Bash and similar skills as well?
  5. Endstation

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    Yeah just allow hunter traps only. They aren't overpowered at all....:D
  6. Ji-Jing

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    This server is sooooo special hahahah
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    I don't understand why i can't use deluge in WoE.
  8. Oyka again

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    It was switched off to prevent abuse