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(suggest)In Comunity Manger we trust

Discussion in 'Tavern' started by Kitsunashi, Dec 2, 2019 at 7:53 PM.


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  1. Kitsunashi

    Kitsunashi User

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    I suggest that you see the community manager or another representative of the game masters in the game once a month at a live chat session where you can discuss any problems, learn something about the game(30 minets-1hourse). The meeting will take place in one of the Protera buildings.

    After the meeting, the community manager or another representative of the administration holds a live event: an event game of dice, event-prtals, event-find me and others, where symbolic prizes will be distributed in the form of pot's|food on GW, hats and cash items out of fashion.
    After that, answers to the most exciting community questions will be published on the forum.

    During a live chat session will be severely punished: Discussions of the third software, incl. bots are prohibited. Violation of other game rules is prohibited. Spam is prohibited.
  2. Djiriod

    Djiriod User

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    I don't really think an ingame event is the right location to discuss topics, that are important for everybody. Thats what a forum, or certain channels of the discord are for (like news, information channel)

    I would like ingame events hosted by GMs, but they should be seperate of discussions of problems.

    I would like to have GMs be more present ingame, thats right. I recall something like /gm <message> to contact active ingame GMs, for example like bot hunters, etc.
    Even though they tell us, that there are working on our problems, it's all behind closed doors. That sometimes feels like nothing is done at all.