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New Year Event 2020!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM_Leon, Dec 29, 2019.

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    New Year Event RF Online!

    Dear Friends!
    We would like this New Year to become special for you in our game. During our NY event, you will be able to create perfect New Year weapon to fight your foes. This weapon will not only help you in PvP, but also will bring perfect New year mood to you.

    Snowball Launcher (Temporary – 5 days) (All Races)
    All 4 parts of it you can acquire from Home Location Bosses:

    - Sirius Gale
    - Leon Volcove
    - Commander Trashoo

    Drop chance is 10%
    Also, during this Event, you can get Ice Crystall for finishing some Dungeons

    Ice Crystall
    Can be acquired for finishing Territory dungeons with 25% drop chance

    - Past
    - Present
    - Future

    Crystal can be exchanged at your race Hero. Rewards:
    Weapon Shards, Jewelry Shards, Armor Shards
    An Exchange can be done with 1, 5 or 10 Crystals at a time.
    Special New Year weapon will be available for everyone interested.

    New Year Weapon (Temporary – 5 days)
    Stats of this weapon will be equal to 50 lvl Relic +6

    Recipes (combine at you race Hero):

    • Recipe “Staff” + Ice Crystal = New Year Staff
    • Recipe “Sword + Ice Crystal = New Year Sword
    • Recipe “Machinegun” + Ice Crystal = New Year Machinegun
    • Recipe “Bow” + Ice Crystal = New Year Bow
    • Recipe “Flamethrower” + Ice Crystal = New Year Flamethrower
    Recipes can be crafted by Specialists
    Magic New Year Box will be added to the Shop. You can get New Year Decoration out of it with a random chance

    New Year Decoration
    New Year Decoration allows you to turn your Ancient armor into New Year Armor, enhancements will stay (must be +3 or higher!). Each element of New Year armor has unique look and adds 2% Attack. New Year can’t be traded, you will be able to re,ove New Year look from your armor after the Holidays ( 2nd part of January). If you remove New year look from Armor, it becomes tradable once again.
    Event Armor can’t be disintegrated with Hammer, modded with mods, you can’t change it’s attribute, it cand be thrown away or traded. After New Year event, you can turn it back to it’s original look or leave it as it is (for sake of memories)

    New Year bosses and Monsters:

    Santa’s Little Keepers appear every 5 minutes in these locations:
    • Sette
    • Vulcano
    • Beast Mountains
    • Exile Lands
    • Ether
    • Cartella Lab
    • +25 Gold Points Capsule - 100%
    • New year Candy +7000HP - 100%
    • Gold Bar Box - 25%
    • Weapon and Armor Shards - 1% to 15%

      Please, keep in mind, that you will have to get Holymental Scanner to be able to loot Little Keepers.

    Santa Chooty will appear at you race HQ every 12 hours
    Various consumables and Craft Materials.