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From RFO Brazil: 4game EU HELP US!

Discussion in 'Community' started by PyccknnRF_BR, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. PyccknnRF_BR

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    Dear comrades from EU, greetings from Brazil.

    I would like to gently ask the 4game EU team to pay some attention to what is happening on the brazilian RF Online server.

    We have close to none administration from the brazilian 4game team. No in-game GMs, no in-game events, no forum activity, no response on community demands, sparse technical support, poor staff communication and many other faults...

    Our servers are emptying and the majority of players agree that the number one reason is brazilian 4game's lack of responsibility towards the community and the game itself.

    Hence, in the name of the brazillian RF Online community, I would to give a shout out to the EU's 4game team to intervene.

    Yes, we can and we are hopeful to communicate with 4game EU. Language should not and will not be a problem.

    Thank you and cheers from the brazilian community.