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[21.10] Update of the week: Mad Bunny Sets, Guild Master Change Coupon and New Constellation Season

Discussion in 'Weekly updates' started by CM GodFather, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. CM GodFather

    CM GodFather Ragnarok and Rising Force Innova Group

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    The maintenance has been finished, the server is online. Changelog:

    — A New PvP Constellation Season is here, please welcome the season of Scorpio

    — Madness is here as Mad Bunny Sets become available in 4game Launcher Shop.
    Guild Master Change Coupon is available in 4game Launcher Shop

    Finished activities:
    The Steamfunk Box Treasure is no longer available in 4game Launcher and in the Shop.
    Change Name Card is no longer for sale at the 4game Launcher.
    The Black Market Auction was a success and will be out of the server for a short while.
    The Unknown Area is no longer accessible.
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