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Halloween Event

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Nov 3, 2020.

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    Scary Pumpkin Rewards
    Ignorance Talic
    Favor Talic
    Talic’s Crystal
    Orange Armor Fragment
    Red Armor Fragment
    Orange Weapon Fragment
    Green Weapon Fragment
    Blue Weapon Fragment
    Red Weapon Fragment
    Part of Ancient Jewelry
    Part of Citadel's Jewelry
    Part of Rare Jewellery
    Armor Fragment Box
    Weapon Fragment Box
    Jewelry Fragment Box
    Talic Box
    Elemental Box
    Leon Box summoning Pack
    Consumable Box (3)
    The Event weapon and armor modifiers grant the weapon and the armor a unique look and also gives it special stats.

    In order to modify a weapon, shield or armor it has to be at least +3.
    Only Crimson, Leon and Relic Weapons and Ancient Armor and Shields can be modified.

    Weapon Crimsom Modificada Halloween:
    +1 movement speed
    +10% HP
    Cannot break when upgraded to +4

    Weapon Leon Modified Halloweenl:
    Negative attributes are removed
    +10% HP
    Cannot break when upgraded to +4

    Weapon Relic Modified Halloweenl:
    +1 movement speed
    +10% HP
    Cannot break when upgraded to +4

    Armor Ancient Modified Halloweenl:
    +3% Attack
    Cannot break when upgraded to +4

    Shield Ancient Modified Halloween:
    +3% Block
    Cannot break when upgraded to +4

    Other details:
    The weapon and armor perks will continue for as long as the modifiers are equipped. Yes, yes, even after the event ends.

    Modifiers and modified items are untradable.

    Modified weapons cannot be upgraded further than +4. Removing the modifier is necessary if you want to go further.

    For removing the modifier there are two options, a regular cleansing scroll or a secure cleansing scroll. Both are available in the shop. The regular cleansing scroll can be used only once and the modifier is destroyed after the removal. The secure cleansing scroll lasts for 24 hours, does not destroy the modifier and can be used as many times as you want within the aforementioned 24 hours.

    Pillar Event and Seasonal Mobs:

    An Evil Scarecrow will visit every race’s headquarters twice a day starting from 22:00 today!
    To loot from it you will have to have a holymental scanner.

    Also Evil pumpkins can be found in the territories of pieces of the world with a special loot. (Holymental scanner needed)

    We hope every one has a good time and enjoy the event!
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