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[29.12] Update of the Week: New Year Event, Exp Boost and Shop Sale

Discussion in 'Weekly updates' started by CM GodFather, Dec 28, 2020.

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    The maintenance has been finished, the server is online. Changelog:

    — Our New Year Event is here. Santa is late and needs help delivering his presents. But which Santa belongs to this reality?
    — A 10% EXP boost will be active until 13.01 and can be boosted even higher with the Special Event Hat.

    — The Shop is on Sale now! Discounts go up to 40% until January 13th.

    Continuing Activities:
    The Daily Attendance event continues gifting players every day this Holiday Season. And if you missed any days, be sure to get a Daily Premium Coupon;
    The ultra promotional Snowball Treasure and The Christmas Sets are also still for sale, be sure to check them out.
    And if you haven't gotten our gift for you, do not waste any time. The Santa Hairband won't be there forever.

    Finished activities:
    — The Black Market Auction was a huge success and will be out of the server for a while.
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