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Event: Time to Start!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Jan 21, 2021.

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    You participate of the event by joining from 20.01. to 03.02.

    Adventurer, the Cartella company has a mission for you. This is part of a training course that will help you adapt to new conditions and acquire all the skills you need to survive in Novus. By completing tasks you will receive rewards that will make your path to glory easier and faster. To the battle!

    When you create a character, you will receive an item. For the duration of the event:

    • Increases the gained experience;
    • Allows you to use items 5 levels above yours;
    • Speeds up PT gains.

    Rookie Jade
    Duration: 30 days from the receiving the item.

    Additionally, you will receive the Temporary weapon
    of Rebel:

    • The weapon Strength is lvl 45+;
    • standard weapon;
    • Can be used from lvl 1.
    Duration: 30 days from the receiving the item.

    You will also receive quests every 5 levels up to lvl 60.


    • The character must be new, created during the event.
    • Consumables will wait for you at each level.
    • All items are non-transferable.
    • Items can only be used on the character they were obtained.