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St.Valentine's Event (Defenders of Love)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Feb 10, 2021.

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    The brave Bellato warrior rescued the seer of the Сora race from the attack of Accretian squad in the Sette Desert. They fell in love with each other at first sight. The couple decided to run away under the cover of the night.Each race sent the strongest mercenaries on their trail! Cora and Bellato want to break the forbidden union and kill lovers who don’t respect the laws and traditions of their ancestors. Accretians want to prevent an alliance between representatives of the enemy armies so that they don’t interfere in Accretian plan of world domination.

    Main Quest (Non-Repeatable):
    Help the lovers: slay mercenary bosses.

    5000 PvP Points
    500 Status Points
    Converter of Cupid Hat:
    Converter of Cupid Hat


    When combined with an ancient Headgear with a Hero of your race allows you to get Cupid Hat - symbol of the protector of Love.
    Gives the following bonuses:
    Safe Upgrade ut to +4
    +5 to the Attack parameter.
    For the period of the Day of Love event from 10th of February till 17th February 2021, bonus characteristics are increased: it gives + 14 Attack parameter.

    After completing Main Quest you will be garnted an additional quest.

    During the preparation for the Day of Love, the children of the colonists of each of the races made a large number of paper hearts so that everyone could share their feelings for each other. However, when the representatives of the Cartella collected all future Valentines, a sudden hurricane swept away all the collected Hearts. Help the feelingss of the inhabitants of Novus reach each other.

    Additional Quest (Repeatable):
    Collect Paper Hearts and take them to Ether Coordinator Casper Silverwind.

    Paper Heart (transferable item)
    An ancient symbol of love and loyalty. Proves, that it's owner can accomplish everything in the name of his loved one.

    You can acquire hearts at:
    • Gate Terrtiory;
      • Past
      • Present
      • Future
    • Pieces of the world for the Bosses;
      • Sealed Belphegor
      • Sealed Teledun
      • Sealed Hora Blade Pawn
      • Sealed Taraven
      • Sealed Hora Baal Hamon Guard
      • Sealed Calliana Queen
      • Sealed Soul Cinder
      • Sealed Dagon
      • Sealed Dagan
      • Sealed Flame Draco
    • Sette Desert from Portal Guards;
    • By completing the quests.
      • Bronze collection
      • Silver Collection

    • 500 PvP points
    • 500 Status Points
    • Blue weapon Shards
    • Orange Weapon Shard
    • Green Weapon Shards
    • Red Weapon Shards
    • Red Armor Shards
    • Orange Armor Shards

    Event will last: from 10.02.2021 по 17.02.2021