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February 25th. New servers are opening!

Discussion in '2021' started by Senny, Feb 10, 2021.

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  1. Senny

    Senny Community Manager Innova Group

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    Hello-hello, brave mages and warriors of Elmoreden! You've been waiting for so long and here we come with great news. As we all know on February 25th the new update "Sylphs" will be installed to our servers. And together with this, two new servers - Pink and Rose - will open their doors to everyone wishing to play! Let's go into details of both.
    Sylph update

    We're already preparing for the new update which is called "Sylph". What will it bring?
    • New class - Sylphs. They are the sons and daughters of the Einhasad, empowered to rule the element of wind by the God Syaha. But what is more preculiar is that their main weapon are... guns!
    • Hell Bound. New dimensional zone for all those brave ones who aren't afraid to fight not only monsters but also slowly working into your health poison.
    • Collections. Now everyone in Elmoreden can become a notable collectioner. For sets of different items you'll get special bonuses to your characters!
    • Purge. Kill monsters for a week in certain locations and at a certain time and get rewards! And at the end of the week, make a rating - best ones receive unique weapons.
    • Class change tickets. A new event starts together with the update. All of you who are tried from playing your class will be having an amazing option - to change it while saving you level! More details on that particular event will come out on later.
    And that, of course, is not all that awaits us in the future update! Full patchnotes will be uploaded a bit later.

    Two brand new servers

    If you have long wanted to start from scratch then feel free to mark this date in your calendar. On February 25th, two new servers will open their doors for everyone - Rose and Pink.
    • Chronicles. The new servers will have the same update as the existing servers. At the time of opening, it will be Sylph.
    • Rates. On official servers, there is no concept of "rates". Korean developers set the experience, SP and Adena settings at their own discretion at the time of development of major updates. The localizer cannot change any settings. In terms of game mechanics and content, the new server will be absolutely identical to the existing servers.
    • Monetization model. Free-to-play, which means that access to all Essence servers is absolutely free. There are also two stores - In-game Store and L-Coin Store.
    • The Olympiad and Castle Sieges. These events require a certain level from the participants, so their start will take place a bit later on the new servers. The additional announcment will be made, stay tuned.
    Follow the news!
    More details will come soon.
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