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Special Offer: Easter

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Mar 31, 2021.

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    To make your easter celebrations much better we bring an exclusive range of offers for this special holiday.

    First and foremost we present you the star of the show, the Easter Luckybox that brings you the chance of getting many exciting items including the event exclusives, the Easter Bunny Set and the Lollipop Sword. You can get this Luckybox individually or in discounted sets.

    Minor set of Easter
    Easter Luckybox x10
    Hissy Potion x5

    Medium set of Easter
    Easter Luckybox x50
    Adrenal [Attack\Critical Attack x5
    Adrenal [Attack\Evasion x5

    Large set of Easter
    Easter Luckybox x99
    Quick Revival Potion x5
    Battle Instant Movement x5
    Battle Summon x5
    Neutralizing Potion x5

    We also bring you the Golden Egg Set that offers you the opportunity of restarting the event quest!

    Golden Egg Set
    Teleport Potion x20
    Summon Potion x15
    Original place revival potion x15
    Adrenal [Attack\Critical Attack x15
    Golden Egg x3

    Easter Luckybox
    Сoupon of Lollipop Sword
    Coupon Easter Bunny Set
    Battle Instant Movement
    Battle Summon
    Quick Revival Potion
    Location Tracing Scroll[Dagnue]
    Location Tracing Scroll[Dagan]
    Location Tracing Scroll[Dagon]
    Location Tracing Scroll[Dark Sign]
    Location Tracking Scroll[Ringleader-BloodAxe]
    Location Tracking Scroll[FlameDraco]
    Location Tracing Scroll[SoulSinder]
    Location Tracing Scroll[CalianaQueen]
    Location Tracing Scroll[CaliBoss-Charm]
    Location Tracing Scroll[CaliBoss-White]
    Location Tracing Scroll[SoulSinder]
    Neutralizing Potion
    Adrenal (Attack and Defense)
    Adrenal (Attack and Crit)
    Adrenal (Attack and Evasiveness)
    Adrenal (Attack and Speed)
    Adrenal (Attack and Accuracy)
    Adrenal (Attack and Invisibility)
    Adrenal (Attack and Debuff)
    Adrenal (Attack and HP)

    Easter Bunny Set
    Cute ears and tail of the Bunny. Gives the following bonuses: cannot be broken when upgraded up to +4, +5 to the Anti-Critical parameter. For the period of the event from 31/03/2021 to 14/04/2021, addtitional bonus characteristics are provided: +20% HP.

    Lollipop Sword
    Sweet lollipop. Increases running speed and HP. Standard: x1.7 run + 15% HP. For the period of the event from 31/03/2021 to 14/04/2021, additional characteristics have been increased: x2 running + 20% HP.