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Item Recovery Card

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Apr 14, 2021.

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    A new service item was added to the cash shop. From now on, in order to recover items that were mistakenly sold to the NPC or dropped on the floor you will need to have a Return Card, instead of excelsiors.

    Return Card
    Price: €14

    In which cases can you use this card?
    • If an item was accidentally sold to an NPC or dropped on the floor with the condition that it wasn’t picked up by any other players.

    • 1 Return card grants the restitution of ONE item, or ONE stack of items (given that the item is stackable) that was either sold to an NPC or dropped on the floor and not picked up by anyone afterwards.
    • The card cannot be transferred or put in the bank

    How to get an item back?
    • By the Return Card in the account in which the item was lost.
    • Contact support to request the recovery of the item.

    • When writing your ticket to support, briefly inform what happened (Sold or lost), describe the item (name, type, improvement level) and the approximate date and time you lost your item.
    • On the support page select "I can play but i have a problem -> Lost item restoration"
    • The item recoveries will be performed during the weekly maintenance
    • After the item recovery ticket is accepted, there is no way of cancelling it or changing it to require the restitution of another item. Make your mind before sending the ticket.

    • This service is NOT available for accounts that were blocked or banned
    • There are no limits for how many times the service can be used.
    • Tickets sent from other accounts will be ignored.
    • In case the item was dropped on the floor and it was later picked up by another player, the item cannot be returned.
    • The name of the character should not be altered from the time of the request until the restitution of the item.
    • After the restitution the return car will be deleted.
    • Only items that were lost up to one month before the request can be returned.

    The list of items that are to be returned on each maintenance is closed on Tuesdays at noon. Any request sent after that will only be returned during the maintenance of the following week.
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