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Event: BBQ Season

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Apr 14, 2021.

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    Barbeque season is officially declared open!
    On this occasion our chef has created a real

    gastronomic masterpiece and named it “Meat Talic”.
    The dish turned out to be so delicious that it
    conquered the hearts and stomachs of all the inhabitants of Novus in no time.

    The chef is in no hurry to reveal the secret recipe, however he
    is ready to share it in exchange for the necessary ingredients.
    Challenge the dangers, bring the food and get paid for it with
    valuable rewards and improvement of the characteristics of the brand new sword-skewer!

    Meat Talic
    Mmm ...! Delicious talic made from Meat, Crystal Shrooms and Fresh Greens. Can be changed with the Hero for a piece of barbecue to upgrade the Skewer Sword by +1 . Each improvement adds purification and shield block , for a total of 7 improvements. After the end of the event, the purification will be halved and the shield block boost will disappear.

    Skewer Sword Mods

    It is time to start cooking!
    • The event quest was sent to all players of level 45 and above.
    • The quest is repeatable.
    • Bring the ingredients to Garulung in Sette Desert


    Bag of Coal
    Can be created with the race Hero. Costs 99 rare wood and 1bi of race currency.
    You can also get it from the quest Defenders of Novus (66+) [Master]

    Rare Wood
    Can be dropped from the mob tree that will pop in: Crag Mines, Exiled Land, Ether and Destroyed Novazan Fortress.
    Can also be gotten from the quests Bronze and Silver Collection.

    Fresh Greens

    Can be dropped from the mob fresh greens that will pop in: Crag Mines, Exiled Land, Ether and Destroyed Novazan Fortress.

    Crystal Mushroom
    Can be gotten from the gate territories. After defeating the boss, the mob Crystal Mushroom will pop.

    And more!
    During the event Ice Crystals will be dropping from the Gate Territories, these can be exchanged with the Hero for Prizes. Small Keepers will also be in the Gate Territories.