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Event: Firework Festival

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, May 18, 2021.

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    The Annual Novus Firework Festival is upon us. Are you ready for the brightest party on the Planet?
    Let’s make this one an unforgettable one.

    Even though the festival is celebrated by all races, it does not diminish the rivalry between the races. Defend your race’s firework launchers and destroy the ones of your enemies. The objective is to help your race have the best firework display.

    1. On Novus, preparations for the summer Fireworks Festival are in full swing. Your task is not to let the enemy races get ready for the holiday. Find and destroy the Empire and Federation firework launchers.
    2. We just received a request to assemble launchers and prepare fireworks for the holiday. Can you help launch the most beautiful fireworks in all of Novus?
    3. Cartella Lab has prepared a special gift for the holiday! Travel to Ether, clear out the rebellious Caliana squad and gather stocks of rare ore. You will receive a very valuable reward for your efforts, hurry up!

    Assembling the Firework Launchers

    Instructions to help your race and assemble the firework launchers:

    • Coal, Sulfur and Blue Powder can be gotten in the Crag Mines by killing Monster.
    • Sulfur Deposit, Coal Deposit and Firework Launchers can be found using the Boss Scanner.

    A Gift from Cartella

    Reward: Firework Shield Converter
    Allows you to turn your Ancient Shield into Firework Shield at the Hero of your Race. Grants +8% Shield Block. Non-transferable For the period of the Firework Festival 12th of May 2021 till 26th of May 2021 grants additional 10% Shield Block.


    Adding Elements to you Shield
    The shield gotten from the event quest can be modified with elements. To get the Elements you need to kill the bosses Commander Sirius Gale, Commander Leon Volcove, Commander Trashoo and Strayer.

    Assembling the Shield:
    Shield (Ancient lvl 50 or superior, Modification +3 or superior) + Converter + 500.000.000 = Firework Shield
    Shield (Ancient lvl 50 or superior, Modification +3 or superior) + Converter + 2 Elements + 500.000.000 = Firework Shield (Element)

    Ps: Different Elements will add different glows to the shield.